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Ford Transit Custom won’t start

It’s the last thing you need. With a full day ahead of you and money to earn, your Ford Transit Custom won’t start. Although there are hundreds of possibilities that require expert diagnostic help, we do know about one simple reason that is easy to put right, by yourself. No skills are needed, but read […]

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Cheaper Car Keys now available

If you’ve had a quote for an electronic car key, and it’s made you mad, then this is for you. In recent months, a new range of cheaper car keys have come on the market, saving everyone money. When we first saw these keys we were cautious. In the past we’ve tried out cheaper car […]

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Ford Connect No Key Detected

Having trouble starting your new Ford Connect van? This week we’re looking at a brand new problem, all about the ‘Ford Connect No Key Detected’ warning message. It’s such a simple design issue but is causing big problems already. We’ve already written about the new style Ford flip-keys breaking and you can read about how […]

Car Key Repair How To

If your reading this, you’re not alone! We have 1000 visits to our website every day looking for help car key repair and general help. As well as this, every month we take hundreds of calls from around the country from car owners that are struggling with a broken car key or broken van key. […]

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5 Worst Broken Car Keys

It’s bad news I’m afraid. We’re seeing more and more broken car keys. Years ago, most of our work came from lost or spare car keys. However recently, we’ve seen a big change. Broken car keys are leaving our readers stranded all over the world, and we’re seeing a pattern. The problems are many. Blades […]

Broken Vauxhall Key Fob Help what do I do?

If you’re reading this, and have a broken car key, you’re not alone. Broken car keys are a big problem, and having a broken Vauxhall key fob is really common these days. The problem is the whole flip key thing. We all love a flip key, having a blade that folds away is so important […]