Nissan Ignition key stuck and how we can help you.

It’s a strange problem you have, a Nissan ignition key stuck  ! It happens on Qashqai, Note and Micra models.

We first spotted the problem when a customer asked us for spare key. She wanted a new key for her Qashqai, because she kept getting her ignition key stuck in the lock! When we cut the fresh new key, it was stuck solid, nothing would get it out.

Because we’re locksmiths, we took the car ignition off and stripped it down, to release the key blade from the lock.  Then we managed a temporary repair, so she could drive the car home. This got us thinking about how to solve the Nissan problem.

You’re not alone. Click Here to read about the problems on the Nissan Forum.

The problem is caused by a few of the parts wearing down and one of them getting a sharp edge. It acts like a fishing hook barb, the harder you pull the key out, the more the lock grabs hold of the key. This is why sometimes, if you gently tease it out, it will come eventually.

Because we’re engineers, and have friends that are designers, we had worn parts re-made. We believe they’re far superior to the original part, ours being made of Stainless Steel. We’ve tested the key over 7000 times in and out of the lock, in a single week. After this testing, we stripped the lock back down, there wasn’t any wear, so we’re very happy with the repair.

I’m local, how will you fix my ignition key stuck in my car lock?

Perfect. Just drive the car too us and we’ll do the rest. We’ll put the car in our workshop, remove the ignition key stuck in the lock, strip it down and replace all the worn parts.

What does is cost ?

The whole job costs £170, inc Vat.

Do I get two new keys?

We replace the worn key blades and screw them into your plastic part of the key.

Do I need to book in?

Yes please. We normally have spaces the same day, but sometimes we get very busy. It’s best to call us before coming along.

Will my ignition key be different key to the door?

No, we’ll match the ignition to the door, just as you have already.

I’m not local, is there anything you can do for me?

Yes. Every week we help people from all over the UK and Ireland, with a Nissan ignition key stuck or sticking. It’s very simple, you have two choices.

Yes, I can live without my car for a few days…

Perfect. In that case you can send us just your ignition lock. We don’t need the car. However if you know straight away that you can’t be without your car for 2-3 days, just skip down to the next section called ‘Help, I just can’t live without my car’.  It’s a bit further down the page.

How do I get the lock off?

We’ve made several YouTube videos to help you. It shows very simply, how to carefully take the ignition off. Just look up Nissan Qashqai on our YouTube channel.

Click here to read all about how to remove the lock

Seriously…I wouldn’t know where to start with taking the lock off

No problem. We completely understand. It’s no different from us trying to do what you do every day. So, in this case, do you have a good local garage that can take it off for you? If you do and, you can leave the car with them, just ask them to take it off and then you send it to us. We’ll fix it by post and then send it back. When it gets fitted it will work straight away.

How much does this postal service cost?

We charge £180 in total, which includes special delivery postage. In 95% of all cases, we’ll turn the lock round quickly, sending it back the same day. Not fast enough?  Maybe you need our ‘Nissan Donor Lock service’ below.

Help. I can’t live without my car

It’s fine, we understand. When you’re busy with life, you need to be able to get about. We have a service to suit you.

We can send you a reconditioned lock, by post. It’ll be built to the same shape of key you already have. This way, the key we send you will fit your car door lock.  All you’ll need to do, is have the lock we send you fitted, then your worries are over.

How do you make the key the same shape as mine?

Simple. You give us your car registration number, then we’ll build the lock up to suit your key. It’s the same as idea as when Nissan order a new lock in for you.

Can any garage fit the lock you send me?

Yes. It’s held on with two bolts and is plugged in to three wires. Once it’s unplugged and the shear-bolts have been tapped around with a punch and hammer, all that needs to be done is swap the electronic key reader from the old lock to the new one. Then bolt the new lock on, plug it all in, and the car will run!

Do I need my keys re-programming?

No. it’s the same as getting a new exhaust or brakes. The lock part is metal and doesn’t have any clever electronics at all. The lock has a key reader around it and this just needs to be removed and put on the lock we send you. There’s just one screw holding it on, so it’s nice and easy to do.

Next, you simply need to take the old worn key blades out and put our new ones in your key. You do this by unscrewing a small black screw on the key head. Once you’ve swapped the blades over, just tighten the screw back up.

Do I need new key blades?

Yes. The old blades are worn and if you use them in the new lock, you’ll have problems after a while. By using new blades, in the refurbished lock, everything will line up inside the lock perfectly, it will work like a dream.

Does it cost more if you send us out a lock first?

Initially yes. You’ll need to pay £280. We put a £100 surcharge on the normal price of £180. However, once we get the worn lock back, we’ll refund the £100 back to your card. So really, it’s the same price. The only reason we charge you more up front, is to make sure we get the worn lock back. We then fix it and use it for the next customer who’s having Nissan ignition key stuck problems, just the same as you.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, just like the new ignition from Nissan, it comes with one year’s warranty. However, we’re very happy with this repair and have confidence it will last far longer.

What do I do next?

Just call us with your car registration and we’ll do the rest. 01522 514141

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You can now get your Nissan Lock repaired by post

You can now get your Nissan Lock repaired by post