If you’ve had a quote for an electronic car key, and it’s made you mad, then this is for you. In recent months, a new range of cheaper car keys have come on the market, saving everyone money.

When we first saw these keys we were cautious. In the past we’ve tried out cheaper car keys for our customers and passed on the savings. However, normally they are cheap for a reason. Repairs and refunds are no good for us or you. Since finding this new supplier, we’re really pleased with the trials and wanted to tell you about what is available.

What vehicles do the cheaper car key range cover?

Cheaper Car Keys

This article looks at Citroen and Peugeot keys.

In the last 12 months, supplies of genuine dealer keys have at least doubled in price. It’s as if the dealers want to stop independent Auto Locksmiths selling them.

For example, a genuine three Button Peugeot Partner Key, like the one above, used to be available to us for around £55 plus vat. This allowed us to supply cut and code a key for around £120 plus vat. However, in 2020, the cheapest we can buy these uncut is £125 plus vat. This is similar to the dealer price. Once the cutting, coding and security code costs are added on, then a new keys costs over £200.

At this price, you couldn’t get a cheaper Peugeot Partner key, even if you used an independent company such as ourselves, or the hundreds around the UK.

Copycats offer us all some hope.

Let’s be honest, companies in the far east have a reputation for copying a working product and selling a poor copy very cheaply. This time we think it’s different. These copy keys are cheap, AND they work well which is great for all of us.

If you’re looking to save money, ask your local Auto Locksmith whether there’s a cheaper alternative to the genuine dealer key.

Is there any downside of using copy keys?

The quality of aftermarket copy keys vary. Ask your local Auto Locksmith what sort of warranty is provided. There are only two problems we’ve seen with these keys.

  1. When they are ordered online, then there’s a chance the wrong key is purchased and this results in the car starting but the buttons not working. This isn’t a fault with the key, but simply the wrong type of key has been used. If you order through a good Auto Locksmith, they will ensure the correct part.
  2. The ‘flip’ part of the case is lower quality than a dealer key and may not last as long as the genuine version. This can be fixed with a good quality replacement case. The saving of over £100 may make this worthwhile.

Overall, we think these savings are worth the minor problems and we’ll bring you more news in the coming weeks.






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