It’s no wonder you get frustrated when trying to buy a cheap ford car key. We’ve been looking at all the options for you.

At the end of this post, we’re going to point you in the right direction, and looking at the keys available that you can buy. Hopefully we’ll find a few bargains for you.

As far as we can see, the choice on Amazon and eBay is vast, and the feedback on most varies from ‘5 stars Excellent’, all the way down to ‘one star avoid at all cost!’

We’re not talking about different products either! You can get these two different reviews on the same key! So we decided to buy a few of these and see for ourselves what they are like.

As good as a Ford Key?

Hopefully you’ll agree that if you’re paying under £15-00 for a cheap ford car key from Amazon, it’s not going to be up to the standard of a Ford genuine part.

How much is a genuine Ford Remote flip key?

When we checked in April 2019, the cost of a flip key from our local dealer is as follows. The key spits into two parts.

The Flip Blade

The flip part has the correct transponder chip inside, along with the blank, uncut blade. The price from Ford is *******

The Flip Remote 

The remote has a Ford badge and is designed to fit into the flip blade part of the key. The price from Ford is *******

So if you buy a genuine remote key from Ford, in April 2019, the total price for the real deal is *******

That’s alot! I only want a car key… So we understand why you are looking for a cheaper alternative.

So how can you save money when looking for a cheap Ford car key?

The very cheapest way is to compromise on quality and buy a copy key. The differences will be as follows.

The two parts may not fit together correctly

The electronics for the buttons may not be reliable

The transponder chip ( that lets the car start) may not be the correct one for the car

The blade may be too thick, and not fit into the lock correctly. 

You won’t get a Ford badge!

So it seems like you pay your money and take your chance. Now we see Ford car keys every day. We sell the genuine article, so we know how they should be. However, the aim of this article is to review what’s available and recommend the best out there for you.

Why are you telling everyone where to get a cheap Ford car key?

Let’s be honest, if you don’t want to pay the full price, ( and who can blame you), then you’re going to buy something out there. So we hope that we can point you in the right direction. When customers come to us, we are very clear that we’ll cut and code what they bring to us as far as Ford is concerned.

However, they still need to pay if it doesn’t work. If we’re taking the time and using our equipment, it’s all got to be paid for. This is fairly standard for Auto Locksmiths around the UK. So we want them to bring us something decent, and hopefully by following our recommendation, you’ll get a reasonable quality, cheap Ford car key.

So let’s look at Amazon and what’s available.

When do you want it?

The problem we came across is that if you want the cheapest keys available, you’ll need to wait while it gets shipped around the world from China.  The low price reflects the fact that you’ll need to wait a while.

Lets look at the orders we put in today, 7th April 2019.

The first two, priced at £5.99 and free delivery are due to arrive in 2-3 weeks.

The third, priced at £8.99 is due within 7 days. So it may be worth paying the extra £3-00.

Ford Cheap Car key Review – Who are the sellers?

Ford Flip Key Amazon Seller number 1

Seller ID is Semoic and the price of the key is £5-99 along with free shipping (2-3 weeks).

Good Points – Only the price.

Bad Points – There are no reviews. This doesn’t mean it’s bad, after all, there are no bad reviews! however we all like to buy things that have some reviews. To find out what we though of this item, click here.

Ford Flip Key Amazon Seller number 2

Seller ID is Heart Horse and the price of the key is £8-99 along with free shipping (7 days). The seller is Amazon’s choice and has twenty six reviews, many more than any other seller.

Good Points –  Lots of 5 star reviews. Fast shipping by comparison

Bad Points – A few bad reviews.

To find out how this Ford Flip stood up to cutting and coding, click here to read more.

Ford Flip Key Amazon Seller number 3

Seller ID is XZANTE and the price of the key is £5-99 along with free shipping (2-3 weeks). Looking at the images used, I expect this is the same as seller 1, or at least the item is the same. Nearly every detail is the same on the seller page.


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