5 Worst Broken Car Keys

It’s bad news I’m afraid. We’re seeing more and more broken car keys.

Years ago, most of our work came from lost or spare car keys. However recently, we’ve seen a big change. Broken car keys are leaving our readers stranded all over the world, and we’re seeing a pattern.

The problems are many. Blades that no longer flip out, keys that split and fall to pieces. Worst of all there are chips that give up sending a signal and buttons that won’t unlock the car. Broken car keys are such a problem, we wanted to list the worst offenders for you.

5 Worst Broken Car Keys

Vauxhall Insignia, Astra J and similar.

If your car key looks like this, it’s a ticking clock until it breaks I’m afraid. With this key, the most common car key problems are the blade holder fracturing and the blade falling out.

broken car keys

Can Broken Vauxhall car keys be fixed?

Most car key cutting shops will be able to take all your broken bits and put the expensive electronics into a new key shell. Once the key blade is cut to the car, then the key is as good as new. We fix and post our around the UK every week.

Should I fix my broken Vauxhall key myself?

Yes, you can also fix this key yourself easily. They break open without any problem as long as you use the correct tool and follow our video.

Next you need a replacement case, just make sure you get the correct 2 button or 3 button version.

Have you seen the new Vauxhall upgraded key case? Take a look at how to upgrade your broken key.

broken car keys


VW, Seat and Skoda Broken car keys

German engineering used to stand for something. Strength, reliability, and the highest quality design and manufacture. Something has gone seriously wrong with broken car keys from these brands.

In 2010, they changed the design, and then problems began. Again, the flip blade holder, the piece that keeps the key blade in place, fractures and the pin gets lost. Most common on VW Transporter and VW Caddy models, we believe the ignition lock feels heavy to turn to the ‘crank’ position. Look out for this if you have one. We’ve written at length about this problem.

Can broken VW, Seat and Skoda Keys be fixed?

Yes, but a word of warning. These keys have a sensitive transponder chip. Our advice is to get a spare car key made, before you start getting your broken car keys fixed.

Also, if the key chip breaks when the key is opened, there’s trouble ahead. When you have no car keys that start your VW, Seat or Skoda car, made after 2010, it can be tricky to get a replacement made easily.

Should I fix my broken VW, Seat or Skoda key myself?

Again, yes, we show you how to do this. You just need a good quality case, and open it with the correct tool know how to do it. But again, there is a chance that the chip will get damaged if you’re heavy handed, so take care.

Damaged chip = No Key Detected = Big trouble

Hyundai and Kia Broken Car keys

We have a YouTube channel and this is our most watched video. Soon to break 450,000 views, there’s a worldwide problem with Kia and Hyundai broken car keys.

Again, the same thing happening. The blade is held into the key by a small metal pin. The blade holder isn’t strong enough. It cracks across the pin hole, then the pin gets lost and the blade falls out.

broken car keys

Even on the newer type of key, the one that replaces the really badly designed key there are similar problems.


Can Hyundai and Kia Broken Car Keys be fixed?

Yes, the repair cases are readily. When we fix these by post, we always cut the blade fresh and replace the key battery. We think it’s a better job, and our machine measures the key and then cuts it like new. However, other companies may swap the blade.

Should I fix my broken Kia or Hyundai key myself?

Yes, although quite a lot of care is needed. Inside the key there are two important things. The first is the green circuit board, which does the central locking. The thing that is often missed is the transponder chip.


Unlike most new car key, Kia and Hyundai use a separate chip and it is often glued in place to stop it coming loose. To remove it, you need to carefully melt the plastic around it. You can also use side cutters, or a saw, but these are more risky. So just take care if you fix your own key.

Take a look at how we do it in our video.

Ford New Style Broken Car Keys

We used to give our Ford keys a lifetime warranty, they were that good. However, these days it’s almost painful to sell them. Why are the keys so bad? We all like a key blade that flips out, but they are troublesome. This is one of two reasons why Ford broken car keys are so common.

broken car keys

The main culprits are the Ford Custom style flip key. They’ve introduced a weak flip design, and given it to builders, couriers, and tradesmen and women all over the country. In our experience, they last 3-4 years maximum, which is similar to the other brands mentioned above.

Can Ford Broken car keys be fixed?

Tricky one this. We regularly fix the Ford flip keys that are used on the Ford Mondeo and C-Max. The reason these can be done is because they have a simple CR2032 battery inside. This can be replaced easily during the repair. They open easily if you have the correct tool

However, we’ve had issues when we used to offer the postal service on broken Transit and Custom keys. Fixing broken car keys by post always carries a risk that the key won’t work afterwards, and this is what we found.

The key battery is different to any other flip key. It’s soldered into the circuit board and charges as the van drives along.

However, they’ve been poorly designed and manufactured, and we’ve written so much about this stupid idea over the last few years.

To fix the Ford Custom or Transit key, it needs to be broken open with the correct tool. Once it’s open, it should have a new repair case and the blade cut. Of course there’s the problem of changing the rechargeable battery. Click here to watch how we fix these.

Sometimes, after the repair is completed, the buttons still don’t work, and we don’t know why. This is why we no longer offer this service out as part of our broken car keys postal repair service.

Should I fix my broken Ford Flip key myself?

Do you have a spare car key? Can you risk trying to fix it and the van not starting afterwards? This can happen, as with all broken car keys. If you’re happy with soldering and have a good quality soldering iron, then yes, have a go.

If you can’t solder, avoid is our advice, Either use a local repair service or invest the money in a new Transit or Custom key. It will be money that’s better spent.


Peugeot and Citroen Broken Car keys

Last but by no means least. Peugeot and Citroen keys were the first we filmed and wrote about. At one point a few years ago, we were fixing 10-15 every week at our shop in Lincoln, completely ridiculous.

broken car keys

Again, the problems include flip blades that wobble and buttons that stop working. However the worst problem with these keys are when the transponder chip dies. Of all the keys we see, Peugeot and Citroen keys of this style are the worst.

Can Peugeot and Citroen Broken Car Keys be fixed?

It depends what’s wrong with the key.

If the blade is wobbly and the case is falling apart, yes it can be re-cased and the blade cut to turn the locks. Choosing a case can be a bit tricky because there are over fifteen variations to choose from.

Our video explains the difference

The next problem is that when the the soft rubber wears, often the electronic switch is broken. On most other brands of broken car keys, the switches can be replaced.

broken car keys

However, we’ve given up replacing switches on these keys because they are so tiny and we had lots of issues. Once the keys gets damaged inside, we recommend a new key.

The last problem, already mentioned is the chip failing after time. You will get a warning about the key becoming unreliable.

broken car keys

As soon as you see this message, get the key fixed, because after a few days or weeks the key will fail altogether and you’ll be stranded for the sake of broken car keys.

Again, although this problem can be fixed, we don’t recommend it.

Should I fix my broken Peugeot or Citroen Flip key myself?

If it’s just a case, go for it. If the buttons still work even though the key is falling apart, you can probably save the key. Watch our video to explain the difference between all the cases.

If there are deeper issues with the buttons or chip, then we’d recommend spending the money on new key before it dies altogether.

How do I find someone locally to help me with broken car keys?

Not all Auto Locksmiths and key cutting shops are equal. Some will be happy to take it on, others will refuse. More importantly, does the company know what they are doing?

Click here to read our guide on how to find a local expert that can help you.

The future isn’t bright I’m afraid. Broken car keys are with us for a while, so will ‘keyless’ cars solve the problem?

Well yes, there are no blades that can break. However, ‘keyless’ cars are the easiest car to steal, so a broken key is the least of your worries. Want to know more about cars getting stolen? Click Here.

Good luck and we hope this has helped you.






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Fix Broken Hyundai Key Loose Blade

At the last count, 400,000 had watched our YouTube video on ‘how to fix a broken Hyundai Key’. It’s our most watched video so this shows around the world there’s a problem. So here are step-by-step instructions on how you can fix your own broken Hyundai key.

The problem is a hole.

Broken Hyundai Key


The key blade holder has a hole, where the locking pin slides in and out.

This design has been used  since the mid 90’s without any problem. However the latest batch of car keys are just not strong enough. Poor design means there’s not enough metal around the pin hole. After a while, the hole cracks, opening up and letting the pin fall away.

This is when the key blade wobbles, the key blade holder cracks and you’re left with a broken Hyundai key.

The good news is they can be fixed!

Four Stages in fixing Broken Hyundai key

There are four stages when fixing your key.

  • Getting the new blade ready to turn the locks
  • Opening the old key case up
  • Removing the transponder chip and electronics
  • Rebuilding the new case

Before you start to open the old case, you want to get the new case ready. This means you need to sort the new Key Blade out.

Stage 1 – Getting a blade to turn the locks

We believe that you always need to think ‘what if?’

So, if you only have one broken Hyundai key, you’re working with the only programmed  key you have. This is why you need to get the blade turning in the locks, before you start breaking open your old key.

However, if you have two keys, happy days. You have the luxury of a back-up which is great, so you can fix the key in whatever order you like!

So let’s look at getting the blade sorted on your broken Hyundai key.

Option 1

Get the new key blade cut. This is the simplest option. It will save you messing around swapping the blade.

This is what we do, because we have the key machine already. A good Auto Locksmith or key-cutting shop should charge about £10 to cut the key blade. However, you may find that other shops won’t cut it because they haven’t sold it to you.

Option 2

Is to swap the key blade over from your broken Hyundai key into the new key.

There are a couple of things to take notice of.

Removing the pin and uncut blade from the new key


Before you start taking the new blade out of the blade holder.

Broken Hyundai key

You may need to modify the old key blade to fit onto the new blade holder. This is usual, and is because the factory that make the new blade and case have it slightly differently to the original broken Hyundai key blade.

First things First – Broken Hyundai Key

If you’re going to swap the blades, this is what you need to do.

Open the new repair case and remove the blade and blade holder.

Next you need to remove the pin that holds the blade. Sometimes it will only come out one way.


Choose a work surface that can get marked or damaged. When you knock the pin through, it will need to come out the other side and will mark the work surface. So, don’t choose the best kitchen side, or dining room table! Find somewhere, uncluttered and can get marked when working on your broken Hyundai key.

Broken Hyundai Key

You also need some room for the pin to pop out on the other side. When you knock it through it can feel very tight but it will come out.  Also, keep an eye on where the pin goes, don’t lose it!

Once the pin is out of the new blade holder, then you need to remove the original blade from your broken Hyundai key.

Fitting the old original blade into the new case

It may need some modification.

Sometimes the tang is slightly oversized, so you’ll need a small needle file to dress it off. Try it first, it shouldn’t need a lot. Once you have the old blade sliding in and out of the new holder, then have a look at the hole and slot.

Do the holes line up?

Broken Hyundai Key

If they don’t, then you’ll need to enlarge the slot in the blade so that the pin can be put into the key.

It may need widening out as shown.

Broken Hyundai Key

Here is a guide to show you how much the slot needs to be opened

Broken Hyundai Key

Just take it easy until you can see daylight and have room to replace the pin, don’t make it too wide, otherwise the pin will not stay in!

Getting the pin back in!

This can really test your patience. It does us up here in Lincoln if we ever need to swap the blade.

The problem you have is that somehow you need to hold the pin upright and knock it back into the blade holder. We’ve tried all sorts of ways and now use two methods.

Method 1

Blu tack is useful. To keep the pin upright, put a blob of Blu tack around the hole and stand the pin upright. This means that you don’t have to try and hold the pin.

Or, you can find some very thin pliers or tweezers and hold it upright while you knock the pin back in.

Method 2

The Blu tack still comes in handy, but this time, instead of knocking the pin in with a small hammer, you can squeeze it into the hole using pliers.

It’s fiddly either way.

This is why we recommend getting the new blade cut when sorting out your broken Hyundai key. However, if you don’t have that option, then this is the next best method.

Once you have the old blade in the new blade holder, well done!

You need to make sure it’s held firm and then you can move onto stage two.

Stage 2 – Opening the broken Hyundai key case up

These old cases are usually lightly glued shut. We’ve found the best way of opening them is to use a pair of circlip pliers.

These work opposite to a normal pair of pliers

When you squeeze the handles of the pliers, the jaws open instead of shut, and they put pressure on the case. They’re perfect to open up old keys and we use them every day in our Auto Locksmith business.

Place the jaws in the hole near the flip blade.

Broken Hyundai Key

Broken Hyundai Key

When you open it, the spring, blade and button may shoot off somewhere, but don’t worry, this is normal. Other ways to open your broken Hyundai key up is with side cutters, or a hacksaw.

Just take it slowly and be very careful not to damage the electronics inside, this includes the transponder chip.


Stage 3 – Removing the transponder chip and electronics from broken Hyundai key

Once the key is apart, you need to look out for two important things.

Broken Hyundai Key


1   The green circuit board. This is obvious, and just needs gently taking out and putting to one side. Don’t put it into the new case yet.

2   The transponder chip. This is not so obvious. It can also be a bit tricky to get out.

It is hidden underneath a black or white cover as shown below.

Broken Hyundai Key

The chip looks like this.

**** VERY IMPORTANT take care. If you damage this chip, the car will not start. ****

It’s brittle and you need to be careful when removing it. Sometimes it just falls out of the key, like on our video. However, a lot of the time it’s glued in, and needs carefully removing.

We’ve found the best way is to gently heat the plastic around it and we use a soldering iron for that.

Broken Hyundai Key

However, if you don’t have one, you can just cut away at the plastic with side cutters, or a hacksaw

You just need to be careful and not force it out, or saw into it! Don’t heat it up in an oven or microwave, otherwise you’ll see fireworks! And the key chip will stop working.

In summary, just take your time. It takes a while to carefully get it out, and it’s important you don’t rush.

Stage 4 Rebuilding the new case

This can feel tricky at first, simply because you haven’t done it before. However, don’t worry, you can do it!

Glue the chip into the new case so it doesn’t move about, or use some Blu tack

Broken Hyundai Key

Broken Hyundai Key

Place the chip into the new case

Broken Hyundai Key

Place the circuit board into the new case

Now the fiddly bit in for you Broken Hyundai Key

Fit the metal button into the blade holder ( it will only go one way) until it drops through to the other side as shown. Then fit the spring

Broken Hyundai Key

The next bit can be fun! You have to place the spring end, over the plastic spigot and then wind the spring around twice anti-clockwise. If it all falls apart, don’t worry, this is common! Just start again

Broken Hyundai Key

After two winds, then hold the blade in place

Broken Hyundai Key

Place the cover over the metal button and snap the case shut

Then it should stay together, so you can test the flip works.

Replace the battery

Broken Hyundai Key

Lastly, when you are happy, screw the case shut

Here’s the video


You should have a fully working key now! Just test and make sure it works.

Hyundai ix35 Locked out with Keyless Car Key

It’s ‘Tech Tuesday’ , when we publish our weekly technical guide. This week we’re looking at problems with ‘Keyless cars’. If you have your Hyundai ix35 long enough, there’s a chance you’ll be locked out with Keyless Car Key problems.

Lets talk about why this might happen.

There are a few reasons why you may find yourself locked out with Keyless Car Key problems, so lets have a look.

Flat Battery on the Car leaves you Locked out with Keyless Car Key

Remember the olden days when the ice was thick on the windscreen?  A chorus of  cars struggling to start would fill the neighbourhood. This doesn’t happen these days. The cars won’t turnover once the battery drops to a certain level, they just sit and won’t even crank.

However there are still plenty of cars with flat batteries, leaving owners locked out with Keyless Car Key problems.

In normal use, the car detects you walking up to the car, then unlocks automatically.

However, if the car battery is dead, it won’t unlock. The car is asleep, deaf to you and your keyless car key.

So when this happens, you’ll need to know how to unlock the car using the emergency key blade.

Flat Keyless Car Key Battery

This is obvious, but it needs thinking about.

You get a warning on your dashboard when the key battery is low. We know everyone is busy and you may not have time to get it changed. Did you know you can do it yourself?

Click here to find out how to change a car key battery.

However, if you leave it too long before you change the key battery, you’ll be locked out with keyless car key drama, so you’ll need to know how to use the emergency key blade. Click here for instructions on how to use the blade.

Faulty Keyless Car Key

So you may be to blame for a low battery ( don’t be too hard on yourself) but you can’t help it when the key goes wrong. This still leaves you locked out with Keyless Car Key.

Faulty car keys are leading to owners getting locked with keyless car key problems. When the key stops giving off the special keyless signal, then the car won’t recognise it.

This could be because of several reasons such as the key being dropped and damaged, or getting wet. Water and electronics don’t mix well. Here’s advice if the key gets wet.

Opening the Car with the Emergency Blade

When you find yourself locked out with Keyless Car Key, you need to remove the emergency key blade from the remote. Just press the small silver button.

Locked out with Keyless Car Key

Next, pull the blade away from the remote

Locked out with Keyless Car Key

Place the blade into the door lock

Locked out with Keyless Car Key

Then turn to the rear of the car, anti-clockwise.

Locked out with Keyless Car Key

Then the door will open, don’t worry if there is a bit of noise from the alarm!

You can still start the car if you have these problems, just click here for our guide

We hope this has been helpful




New Hyundai Flip Key – HOW TO repair key

There’s a new Hyundai Flip key. It was the chance for the boys and girls at Hyundai to correct eight years of terrible car key design.  The older style of Hyundai Flip key has been causing problems all around the world. In fact, it’s our most watched YouTube video, with over 400,000 views to date, viewed in over 150 countries!

Unfortunately, the design team missed an opportunity to put things right. The new Hyundai Flip key is already in trouble, and needing repair after just a few years.

To read about the old style of key and watch the video, click here

So we found a good repair case and got on with fixing it. There’s a YouTube video at the end if you’d rather watch, instead of read this. Here’s the transcript, and we hope it helps.

New Hyundai Flip Key – HOW TO repair key

New Hyundai Flip Key

Okay, so we’re going to fix this New Hyundai Flip key today. This is from an i20, the only thing wrong with this key, is the button pads have gone through. Sometimes the blade is really wobbly, this one isn’t too bad and sometimes the flip has broken altogether and it won’t flip out.

So, we’re going to show you how to replace the case on this key. You’ve probably seen these before, they are circlip pliers.

New Hyundai Flip Key

Give them a squeeze and the jaw opens up. You want to place the jaws of the pliers inside here where the blade goes in the hole, stick it in, give it a squeeze, and the key comes opens easily.

New Hyundai Flip Key

That’s the key open, pretty straightforward. Okay, the next thing is to take this board out of the old key and you just need to gently lever it up, just push it out. That’s just falling out there. As you can see, the key’s in pretty good condition, to be fair.  There’s nothing wrong with that at all. Stick that to one side for a minute. And, inside the old case, under here, is the chip.

New Hyundai Flip Key

Removing the chip on the New Hyundai Flip Key

To get the chip holder out, you want to just pop that out, just gently. So, that’s that. Now, the last thing is, here’s the chip. This is what makes your car start, and you need that into the new key shell. Now, the best way we’ve found to get these out, is just to tap the key face down on the bench, they’re not normally glued.

New Hyundai Flip Key

Oh, see that? It came out easier than we thought. So, there’s the chip, we’re going to put this into the new case. Okay, so this is the new case, it comes with a blade, but it’s not attached. We’ll have a go at getting the old blade, and putting it into the new key.

First of all, though, we’ve got to open the new case. It’s the same deal with this, so pop the circlip pliers in there, just gently, it will just pop open. There you go. So, try not to let the bits go everywhere. They’re all going to fall out, that’s no problem. Okay, so we’ve got two halves. We’ve also got this little chrome trim.

So, the first thing we’re going to do is to put the chip into the new key. There’s only one way this goes in, due to the shape.  Just get it in the right place and then push it down in. With the replacement key case, you get a chip cover,  just give that a push down too. Okay, the chip’s not  going anywhere now, so that’s a good thing.

Swapping the blade  on the New Hyundai Flip Key

The next thing, pop the board into the new key, it fits nice. Okay, so you’ve seen this before, this is our tool we use to get key blades out. This is the old blade, and this is what it gets held in, the key hinge. There’s a pin we need to knock through, so we use this, like a little vice. You’ll need to find something to keep the blade still.

New Hyundai Flip Key

We’re going to just knock out the pin, that went through nice and easy. Take the old blade out. Okay, we don’t need this part anymore it’s off the old broken key. We’re hoping this blade is going to fit into the new blade holder they’ve supplied, but it doesn’t. So, this is a problem you’re going to get.

New Hyundai Flip Key

So, we’re going to put the new blade in and pop a pin to keep it in one place, and then we’re going to cut this blade. Now, you could take this and file it down and make it fit. That’s going to make it easy for you, you’re not going to need to get this cut.

Building the new Hyundai Flip key

We cut keys all the time, so we’re going to take the easy option. So, that’s a choice up to you, okay?  We’re going to pop this into here and put the blade in. Okay, so, we’ve got the blade fixed into this blade holder using the pin. That’s fairly straightforward and now we’re going to build it up so we can put the case back together, so just pop this into here. There’s only one way around that goes, so eventually it will drop through so that the bit comes out the back, then find the spring, the spring pops into there.

New Hyundai Flip Key

So, remember you want it to spring, you want it to flick out clockwise, like that. So you have to wind it the other way.  Just wind it round, probably a couple of times will do it. There you go. So, that’s wound around now.

The Chrome Strip

Now, mustn’t forget to put in the chrome strip, we’ve got it here, and it finishes the key off. This piece here, this is the chrome piece, and it comes away in the new case and it needs to be fitted back in, so you’ve got some tabs here. You’ve got one tab there and you got one there and you got one there. Three tabs, and they have to locate into this key. One. Two. Three.  So, the last thing we need to do, now that we’ve got that there, is pull it together and it’s going to be a bit fiddly because this chrome strip just falls off, there you go, it just fell off!

Let’s have a go at putting it like that, and putting the other half of the key over the top and then popping it together, there we go, it sprung out. Oh look at that! I think we’ve done it.

New Hyundai Flip Key

So, now we’ve got the blade that flips open, we’ve got the buttons to click. The only thing we haven’t shown you is that what we would put a bit of superglue all the way around, just to stop that from coming open.

So, we’re nearly there.

Stick a brand new battery in. It is a 2032. We use Maxell. Pop the cover on. That should light up. There we go. You see that light up there. There you go, so all we’ve got to do is get the blade cut and with a three button Hyundai i20 key, you are good to go.

Hyundai Santa Fe Keyless Battery Change HOW TO

Smart keys are everywhere, and it’s really important to have a good quality key battery in the car key. This is because if the car doesn’t detect the key battery, the car will not start. This is such a stupid idea, because one day, the key battery is going to go flat. However, it’s what we’re stuck with, so here’s our guide to changing the key battery on a Hyundai Santa Fe Keyless Car.

As usual, we’ve broken it down into easy stes and there is a YouTube video at the end to help if needed.

Step 1 HOW TO Change Key Battery on Hyundai Santa Fe Keyless Car Remote

So this week, we’ve got a 2015 Santa Fe key. It’s a proximity key with three buttons, and we’re going to show you how to change the key battery. The first thing is, you need to press the little silver button, that let’s you take the emergency key blade out. Put that to one side. So the way that the key opens, is that there is a line all the way around the key. It splits in two halves.

Hyundai Santa Fe Keyless

So the top part comes away from the bottom half. So you need a screwdriver to separate the two halves.

Step 2 HOW TO Change Key Battery on Hyundai Santa Fe Keyless Car Remote

Now, you can see someone before has had a small screwdriver in there, and it damages the groove. It moves around too much in the slot and chews it up. So, I would say, get a nice big screwdriver, one that fills up that gap.

Hyundai Santa Fe Keyless

Put it into the gap, and just give it a twist.

Hyundai Santa Fe Keyless

You’ll hear a ‘crack’, and that is the key opening up. Then, what you need to do, is just gently put a small screwdriver where you see an opening and give it a gentle twist. That just helps the key open. And there you go.

So that’s the key open. Now, just a little warning on this here.

Hyundai Santa Fe Keyless

These are the really delicate components. So if you’re rough with the screwdriver, when you open it, and you damage these components, the car won’t start. So, it’s really important, so as you open it, just to go careful.

Step 3 HOW TO Change Key Battery on Hyundai Santa Fe Keyless Car Remote

So, we’ve got the key apart, and the battery is a CR2032. So, we’re going change that. Okay. So there’s a plus sign there, and you’ve got the writing, and the plus sign there. So just turn it over, so that you can’t see the writing. So, we’re going put the key back together. And, when you do that, it’s a bit of a snap. It’s quite tight, so you think you’re doing something wrong, but you’re not. And, the last thing, is just to put the blade away. And then, so with a three button Santa Fe key, you’re good to go.

Interested in Keyless car key  problems?  More about Keyless Car Keys