Every week we’re sent emails, and answer questions from our local customers in Lincoln. They ask us this simple question. Can you fix my broken car key?

This is a fair question, but it’s not a simple answer. 

Should you take your only key apart, and try and put it into a new case? Will you be able to save money instead of buying a new key?

We understand.

Some car keys can be fixed easily. Others require the calm hands of a brain surgeon, armed with the full list of instructions. Even though you want to make things better, imagine if you made things worse?

We think you should be able to. It’s hardly your fault that manufacturers have messed up with cheap design. But it depends on the make of car you have.

So here’s our guide to which keys to avoid and when we’d encourage you to have a go.

Easy Fixes.

Buttons stop working  – New Key Battery

The simplest problem to sort out is when the buttons stop working. Of all the keys we see at our shop, 50% of the time a new car key battery is needed.

Buy a good quality key battery because cheap and nasty batteries cause so many problems. To help you with this problem, we’ve made over 160 videos that show how to change the key battery!

Click Here to visit our YouTube Channel

Still got problems? Lets look at what else you need to do.

Fix My Broken Car Key – Perished Rubber buttons

Sometimes your key will be just worn out. The good news is although the outside may be tatty and old, inside the electronics may be like new! So, a brand new car key case can fix several problems such as :-

Worn out buttons


Wobbly or broken spring assembly or key blades that are no longer held in with a pin

Normally, as long as the electronic switches are is still working, a new case will fix these problems.

Fix My Broken Car key  – How difficult is my key to fix?

Replacing the key case can range from very easy to Hard


Vauxhall Flip keys, Ford Flip Keys, VAG Flip Keys,

These key cases can be changed with just a few basic tools. You’ll need a Car Key opener, Philips screwdriver, needle file


Hyundai, Kia Flip Keys (separate chip) , Mazda Flip Key ( separate chip)

You’ll need the above plus a soldering iron, to melt plastic and remove chip. Our most watched video is one that shows how to fix a Kia and Hyundai flip key. Half  million views in two years can only mean that there are a lot of broken keys.


Land Rover Freelander keys, Disco 3 Keys, Ford Custom Keys

You need the above plus solder and solder mop


Car Key Repair Problems ( or challenges )

The first thing we recommend is getting the new case to turn your car lock. You have two choices.

  1. Get the blade cut
  2. Swapping the blade to take your new one

Where Can I get my car key blade cut?

This can be tricky. If you read the Amazon reviews of many keys cases sold online, the negative feedback is often that no-one will cut the key blade, which is frustrating. We recommend a good Auto-Locksmith. If they have a shop like we have, then expect to pay at least £10 , which covers wear and tear to the machine and cutter blade.

Swapping the key blade over.






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