.Every week we answer the same question at our shop in Lincoln. Can you fix my broken car key?

This is a fair question, but it’s not a simple answer. 

The real question is, should you take your only working car key apart, and try and put it into a new case? Will you be able to save money instead of buying a new key? Or, will you end up without a car key that will start your car?

We understand.

Some car keys are fixed easily. Others require the calm hands of a brain surgeon, armed with the full list of instructions. Even though you want to make things better, imagine if you made things worse?

Fix My Broken Car Key

We think you should be able to. It’s hardly your fault that manufacturers have messed up with cheap design. But it depends on the make of car you have.

Read our guide to which keys to avoid and when we’d encourage you to have a go.

Fix My Broken Car Key – Easy Fixes.

Buttons stop working  – New Key Battery

The simplest problem to sort out is when the buttons stop working. Of all the keys we see at our shop, 50% of the time, you can fit a new car key battery to fix the problem.

Fix My Broken Car Key

Buy a good quality key battery because cheap and nasty batteries cause so many problems. Watch our YouTube channel with over 160 videos to find out which batteries you need and HOW TO change it.

Click Here to visit our YouTube Channel

Still got problems? Read on to find out what else you need to do.

Fix My Broken Car Key – Perished Rubber buttons

Is your car key worn out? Although the outside may be tatty and old, inside the electronics may be like new! So, a brand new car key case will fix problems such as :-

Worn out buttons

Fix My Broken Car Key

Wobbly or broken spring assembly or key blades that are no longer held in with a pin

Fix My Broken Car Key

Normally, as long as the buttons are is still working, a new case will fix these problems.

Fix My Broken Car key  – How difficult is my key to fix?

Replacing the key case ranges from very easy to very hard. Here is our guide to what to expect.


Vauxhall Flip keys, Ford Flip Keys, VAG Flip Keys,

These key cases can be changed with just a few basic tools. You need a Car Key opener, a Philips screwdriver and a needle file

Click to Fix your Vauxhall Flip Key, Ford Flip key or Volkswagen, Seat or Skoda key


Hyundai, Kia Flip Keys (separate chip) , Mazda Flip Key ( separate chip)

You’ll need the above tools, plus a soldering iron to melt plastic case and remove the delicate transponder chip. Our most watched video is showing how to fix a Kia and Hyundai flip keys. Half a million views in two years means a lot of broken car keys.


Land Rover Freelander keys, Disco 3 Keys, Ford Custom Keys

You need the above tools, plus solder and solder mop.

Fix My Broken Car Key Repair Problems ( or challenges )

We recommend getting your new key case to turn your car locks before breaking open your old key. You have two choices.

  1. Get the new blade cut.
  2. Swap the blade to take your new one.

Where Can I get my car key blade cut?

This can be tricky. If you read the Amazon reviews of many keys cases sold online, the negative feedback is that no-one will cut the key blade, which is frustrating. Contact a good Auto-Locksmith. If they have a shop like we have, expect to pay at least £10 to get it cut. This charge covers wear and tear to the machine and cutter blade, plus a bit of electric to keep the lights on!


Swap the key blade over.

Either easy, or a bit of a pain. It depends on whether your old original blade will fit into the replacement case that you buy.

In general, the Vauxhall flip keys we sell on Amazon swap over with just a tiny modification to the original key blade. However both the Hyundai/Kia cases and the VW/Seat/Skoda cases need more intense work with a needle file before the old blade cab be used in the new case.

For some this is a really simple job because you’re used to using small hand tools. However, if you’re not happy about this, then it’s completely understandable, and you are better off getting the blade cut.

Fix My Broken Car Key – That’s it!

  1. Get the new case turning the locks
  2. Open the old broken key
  3. Carefully swap the electronics
  4. Fit a new battery
  5. Job Done

Any questions, leave them in the comments below





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9 replies
  1. Stuart
    Stuart says:

    Hi , can you give me a price for fixing key case on my Ford Focus mk2 2008. key and chip are fully working just the bit of plastic that holds key ring in place has broke off .

    Thanks Stuart

    • Steve Bulleyment
      Steve Bulleyment says:

      Hi Stuart
      You can do this yourselda case from ebay. Your key is in twoparts, the button part and the flip part. You only have to swap the button part of the key , leave the flip part alone.
      Open the remote part, remove the board and put it into the replacement case.
      You shouldn’t need any programming etc

  2. Car Keys Solution
    Car Keys Solution says:

    Nice blogs!
    Thanks for sharing this informative blog.
    We are one of the top experts in the field of vehicle key repair and manufacture. We have a lot of industry experience and a real love for what we do. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re searching for a one-stop-shop for car key services for all of your vehicles and much more. Our family-owned department is always working on every type of key. So, if you have a really uncommon issue with one of your vehicle’s keys, give us a call and talk to one of our professionals about it. We make every effort to fix your issue as quickly as possible; however, extra time may be required if we encounter traffic on the route.

  3. Edgar Orozco
    Edgar Orozco says:

    I have an 08 range rover sport supercharged and i have one key fob and its an auto charging key fob which has stopped self charging. Every place i have gone to locally has told me it is unserviceable and I was wondering if you were able to and if so much what would be the cost

  4. Justin A Funderberg
    Justin A Funderberg says:

    Where can I buy replacement springs for a 2019 Ford ranger flip key fob. My spring is now bent from tensioning too much ????

  5. Vikki
    Vikki says:

    Hi there, my key case had given up the ghost and split so after watching your vid on how to change the case i thought “i can surely do that” ordered it, got it, whey hey here we go! got the tools i needed, opened the new case took out the blade from my old one and replaced it … simples me thought! then …. i cant get the old vauxhall case opened for love nor money! what do i need to do to get it open without a 20lb weight?


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