Every week we’re sent emails, and answer questions from our local customers in Lincoln. They ask us this simple question. Can you fix my broken car key?

This is a fair question, but it’s not a simple answer. 

Of all the car keys we see, what one owner will call ‘playing up’, another will call ‘ruined’.

So we’ve put this simple guide together in case your wondering ‘should I have a go and fix my broken car key?’

Should you take your only key apart, and try and put it into a new case? Will I be able to save money instead of buying a new key?

We understand.

Some car keys can be fixed easily. Others require the calm hands of a brain surgeon, armed with the full procedure. Even though you want to make things better, imagine if you made things worse? So instead of asking can you fix it, the question is, should I try and fix my broken car key?

We think you should be able to. It’s hardly your fault that manufacturers have messed up so badly with cheap design. But it depends on the make of car.

So to save you from getting stranded somewhere, here is our guide to the easy and the hard. Which to avoid and when we’d encourage you.


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