Keyless VW Passat Won't Start
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My Keyless VW Passat Won’t Start

This week another bewildered customer called us wondering what to do. He was stranded, miles from home, telling us his Keyless VW Passat won't start, and believing it was something to do with the key. This is the model of car we're talking about…

Nissan Key Stuck in ignition 5 Things NOT to do

Over three years ago we spotted this unusual Nissan key stuck in ignition problem. I was at our shop in Lincoln, cut a new key for a Nissan Qashqai and started to programme it. However half way through key programming, the new key wouldn't come…

New Car Keys just got Cheaper

If you're after a new car key but don't want to pay the crazy dealer prices, this is for you. A company has developed a new type of car key that can be configured to suit many of the latest cars. This means that at long last, new car keys are…
Ford Connect non start
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Ford Connect No Key Detected

Having trouble starting your new Ford Connect van? This week we're looking at a brand new problem, all about the 'Ford Connect No Key Detected' warning message. It's such a simple design issue but is causing big problems already. We've…
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Ford Fiesta Key won’t turn. HOW TO get moving again

Do you have a problem where your Ford Fiesta key won't turn in the ignition? Unfortunately, there is a problem with this popular car that you should be aware of. When Ford switched to this model of Fiesta, they changed the design of the…