If you’re after a new car key but don’t want to pay the crazy dealer prices, this is for you. A company has developed a new type of car key that can be configured to suit many of the latest cars. This means that at long last, new car keys are much more affordable.

The great thing about this new system is you get to choose what your car key looks like, instead of settling for the style given to you by the manufacturer. The system is called KeyDIY.

New Car Keys with a choice of styles

Firstly, the style of key can be one of over ten different designs. The current range is shown below and new designs are being added to all the time. Unfortunately not all the keys come in both two and three button varieties, but I expect this will happen in the coming months. So choose what style of key catches your eye, then you need a key blade.

new car keys

Choosing a blade.

Get the correct blade for your car. You must have the correct blade that fits into your car lock, otherwise you’ll not be able to slide it into the lock. The good thing is that if you have a Mazda, but like the look of the Peugeot style remote, go ahead, it’s up to you! Or you have a Citroen but have always fancied having a VW style remote, now you can.

new car keys

Making the new car keys compatible with your car.

Now it’s time for the magic, which make new car keys much cheaper when you use the KeyDIY system. This new type of car key comes with a remote control circuit board that can be configured to suit your type of car. You’ve got a 2011 Vauxhall Astra? No problem. Or maybe you have a 2015 VW Caddy van? Again, the electronic circuit board can be programmed to be compatible.

Does the new car keys still need to be programmed?

Yes. Up to this point you’ve simply made a car key that is compatible with your car. The programming of the remote circuit means that it’s now ready for a professional to cut it and then programme the immobiliser and button functions.

How do I find someone to cut and code the key?

Hopefully you’ll live nearby to a professional Auto Locksmith who has the equipment and knowledge to help you.

Click the following link to find out how we recommend you find a local expert. https://thecarkeyman.co.uk/key-news/how-to-find-local-car-key-man-auto-locksmith/

When you’re looking for a quote ask them whether there is a ‘KeyDIY’ option. You should also ask the price difference between this and the genuine dealer key. Sometimes, such as some of the Skoda and Nissan keys, the dealer keys are very reasonable and so you should buy the real deal.

However, most likely if you’re after Peugeot, Citroen, Kia and Hyundai keys, you’ll save a small fortune with KeyDIY. Click here to read about another brand of Peugeot and Citroen keys that is a money saver.

We hope this helps you. We’ve been experimenting with the KeyDIY system and are very pleased with the results. To find out more about the system click here

Sometimes cheaper car keys are very poor quality and we’d advice against them. However, we believe you should look seriously at the Key DIY option, or at least get a quote for this style of key.

We hope this helps, any questions, just leave a comment below.






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