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Car Key Hall of Shame (Part One )

With the Olympics and Paralympics in full swing, I wanted to try and place the worst of the worst car keys on the the podium, so new owners of second-hand cars know what to expect from the keys they are passed on. So in Ist place and in Gold medal position (it’s nothing to be […]

Fix broken car keys – some TLC needed

In an ideal world, when a key starts to break and become unreliable, the best thing would be a brand new key, supplied and programmed. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not cost-effective, simply because the parts are so expensive and the cars are worth so little. We’re going to talk about the growing trend to fix broken […]

Locking car keys in the Boot

  How to avoid feeling stupid – Don’t use the car key boot button This will stop you from doing what our other customers do when they are locked out.  It’s easy to prevent so read on. The most common reason for getting locked out is because of the car key boot button. Most car […]

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Common problems with Ford Keys

  Overview of Ford Keys Ford keys are the most reliable amongst all the makes we cover. This is simply because the quality of build and design are very good compared with many other makes. As well as this, when a new Ford car key is needed, the prices are below the market average and, they […]

Keyless Entry Car Keys

Keyless entry car keys are becoming commonplace on most new cars. The idea is very simple. The car has an electronic keyfob supplied with it. Unlike a conventional car key, it doesn’t have a metal blade that is visible. Therefore, all the owner needs to do is walk up to the car and it will […]