Telling the Truth about Car Keys

Steve BulleymentWhy do I write about car keys?

Seeing the same problems every day made me realise that car companies are selling bad quality keys, but no-one is talking about it.

It started with keys getting stuck in Nissan ignition locks, telling the truth about a problem that Nissan completely denied.

I’d get emails from Nissan owners desperate for some honest advice. Their relief at knowing the truth, made me realise how frustrated they were with Nissan.

Now I find and write about car key problems you need to know about.

Seeing three-year-old Volkswagen and Vauxhall keys break, tells me there are big problems coming, whatever vehicle you own.

I’m kept busy in our Auto Locksmith business in Lincoln, UK, which I’ve run for over fifteen years.

If I’m not cutting keys, I’m filming for my YouTube channel or writing my blog, and I love it.

I hope you find something to help you

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