Ford Connect non start

Having trouble starting your new Ford Connect van? This week we’re looking at a brand new problem, all about the ‘Ford Connect No Key Detected’ warning message. It’s such a simple design issue but is causing big problems already.

Ford Connect no key detected

We’ve already written about the new style Ford flip-keys breaking and you can read about how to fix them by clicking here. However, today’s article is all about the spare key without buttons. You wouldn’t expect a spare key to cause any trouble. However, Ford have changed the design of this key and it’s very poor design in our opinion.

ford connect no key detected

The key is large, around the same size of a remote key which gives a good grip. However, the key is molded out of two parts, with a space for a chip inside so the van starts.

The trouble began when one our customers broke the remote key and got the basic key out to use. This key wouldn’t start the van! When we checked it in out key reader, the chip was missing. The simple act of turning the key in the door lock or ignition lock is enough for the two halves to separate as our photo shows.

ford connect no key detected

On top of this, the chip wasn’t glued inside either half of the key, or this glue had worked loose. As a result, the chip dropped out without the owner knowing.

Ford Connect No Key Detected – Simple Fix

This was an easy enough fix for us. We replaced the chip and then coded it to the van, however, if you have a Ford Connect you should get ahead of the game to stop this happening. Make sure you seal the spare key by gluing both halves together, which will stop you getting the ‘Ford Connect No Key Detected’ message.

Please watch out video below for more information and to see just how easy the keys come apart.

We hope this helps, please let us know if you have this problem as we’re interested to see if it’s nationwide.



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