New Ford Key Battery Change

Need to change your Ford key battery? then this is for you.

Today we’re looking at the newest type Ford proximity key that is used on many vehicles, including the new Mondeo. The key will be similar to this one.

Ford Key Battery

If you’re in America, you may have additional buttons according to the model, but they are basically the same.

To method used to change the Ford key battery is identical, whichever model.

HOW TO change New Ford Key Battery.

The two halves of the key split apart along the length of the key.

Ford Key Battery

Release the two halves by sliding the catch at the end of the key

Ford Key Battery

Pull the two halves of the key apart then place the cover aside.

Ford Key battery

HOW TO Open the Ford Key Battery compartment

Next, the key splits again, and this can be very tight. we’ve found that a penny is good because it’s the correct size and isn’t sharp. Find the slot at the end of the key.

Ford Key battery


Twist the penny and them the case opens

Ford Key Battery

Pull the two halves apart, again, they may be very tight.

Changing the Ford Key Battery

You’ll need two batteries inside this key, which is a new feature on Ford keys.

Ford Key Battery

You’ll notice that you cannot read any writing on the first battery.

Ford Key Battery

Use a thin screwdriver to lever the battery out as they’re held in tightly. Next, you have a piece of paper, that tells us to change both batteries, thanks Ford.

Ford Key Battery

Move the paper out of the way and then you’ll notice that the writing on the second battery can be read.

Ford Key Battery

Again, lever out the battery with a screwdriver, or something thin.

Putting the Ford key battery back together.

Make sure the batteries go back in the correct orientation, with the paper between them.
Next is to join the two halves of the Ford key battery compartment back together. There are two plastic lugs that need to locate in the correct place.

Ford Key Battery

Ford key Battery
Once you’ve done this, squeeze the key back together and it will eventually snap shut. It’s very tight.

Ford Key Battery

Then the two halves of the key need to be re-joined. There is a small curved lug that hooks into the key. You must locate this first.

Ford Key battery
Next, squeeze the key together while. You’ll need to slide the catch while you do this, otherwise it will break. Don’t just force the two halves together.

And that’s it!

We’re not sure how long these batteries will last, the older style Ford Key Batteries last 12-18 months. We hope that helps





Emergency Unlock Keyless Ford Key

If the key battery has stopped doing it’s job, you’re locked out with a key! This is becoming more common as technology creeps into our daily life. Don’t panic. Follow our guide on how to unlock Keyless Ford cars, whichever model you have.

We’re showing a Ford Fiesta, 2015  model, but every Ford that uses this type of key will be the same.

Emergency Unlock Keyless Ford Key

If changing the key battery hasn’t worked, then you must open the car is with the emergency key. This is hidden inside the car key and you may not even know that it’s inside!

Follow these instructions to unlock Keyless Ford get the key blade out.

To remove the blade, you need to remove the key blade cover from the key. Just squeeze the two pads near the key ring holder and the cover lifts.

Gently pull the cover away and you should see the blade. Once the cover is off, then remove the key blade. There’s a special way to use this tiny blade.

If you try to turn it with your fingers, you may not be able to, simply because there’s not much to grab hold of. First you need to slide it into the lock.

The  car key designers at Ford, put a slot into key fob, that fits over the key head.

The trick is to offer up the key fob over head of the key blade and use it as a lever.

Then, to unlock Keyless Ford cars, whichever model, turn anti-clockwise. This is to the rear of the car, and it will unlock.


This video will help if you’re struggling. As long as there’s a key blade inside, then you’re out of trouble.


Emergency Unlock Keyless Ford Key Problems

Unlock Keyless Ford problem 1

There isn’t a keyblade inside the key. This is a big problem we’re starting to see. When keys are made for these, coding the key is pretty easy. However, making the blade, and cutting the wavy line that makes the lock work, is hard. This is why when keys get lost, the electronics are replaced, but the blade is missing, which is a big problem if you have a Ford Keyless Key.

Unlock Keyless Ford problem 2

The blade doesn’t turn in the lock, which is odd. Either the lock has never been used, you have the wrong key blade inside the key, or the lock is faulty.

With either of these problems, you need the help of an Auto Locksmith. Find out out to find a good one by clicking here.

Emergency starting a Ford, using a Ford Keyless key.

So when you manage to get inside the car, well done, you’re halfway there. Don’t worry if the alarm is making alot of noise. Firstly, no-one takes any notice of car alarms anymore, but more importantly, it won’t start the car starting. As soon as the car recognises the car key, the alarm will stop making a noise.

Where do I put the Ford Keyless key?

There’s a special place inside the car that you need to put the car key so it will start. It won’t matter if the car key battery is flat.

Click Here to read our guide on the Ford emergency start system.









Locked out with Secret Ford Emergency key

Stranded because of a dodgy key battery? This story includes an embarrassed gent, a £40 Taxi, a flat key battery and a secret Ford emergency key.

Lincolnshire is a BIG county.

Taxis are expensive, simply because Lincolnshire is a big place.

Our customer was embarrassed, because he didn’t know, what he should have been told. If you have this type of key, and don’t know about your secret Ford emergency key, this is for you.


He was really pleased with his new Ford Cmax, recently bought the car from a local dealership. So, he was a bit surprised when he got back to the car and on pressing the key button nothing happened.

That’s odd!

When the buttons were pressed, the mirrors should have unfolded and the lights flash, but nothing.

So, there he was, stuck in the middle of Woodhall Spa, 15 miles from home. Eventually he got a taxi back home get for the spare fob key.

At this point, his Ford emergency key would have saved him.

Ford Emergency key

But he didn’t know…

Embarrasment, Frustration, and the Secret Ford Emergency Key

Three hours in a taxi and £40 later, (after a frantic search of the house) he returned to the car with the spare key. Nothing. Not a flash, not a sound, the car sat silent. The only sound was the Taxi driving away!

Feeling things were conspiring against him, he finally called his local garage who in turn called us. Fortunately, we were close by so dropped in to see what was happening.

By the time we arrived he was exhausted, frustrated, confused and about to be embarrassed. It all involves his Ford emergency key.

Why was he embarrassed?

For a start, the car had been telling him for a while ‘Key battery low’.

Ford Emergency Key

He didn’t know how to change the key battery.  Worse still, he’d never tried the spare key to see if it worked the car, the one he went home to collect. It didn’t even have a battery inside it, so it didn’t work. But it gets worse.

I asked him if he’d tried the key in the door lock…. nothing.

Ford Emergency Key

A blank expression, what Ford emergency key?

At this point I popped the blade out of the key and unlocked the car.

Ford emergency key

‘How did you do that?’

‘Unbelievable, I was never told about that!’

We can believe that. It’s a small detail that’s normally missed when handing over a £10,000 car to a customer.

Ford Emergency key gets us in the car!

So now we were in the car.

After showing him the emergency start procedure … (more astounded looks) for when the key battery runs out, and replacing his key batteries, he was on his way. Our charge? Considering the day this gent had been through, it was on the house.

Do you know how to unlock your car with the Ford emergency key? Or even the emergency start procedure?

Or are you missing your emergency key blade? If so, here’s how to find an Auto Locksmith to replace them.

Most people don’t do this, but we recommend you get them replaced, before you need it. It’s easier and cheaper to do it when the car is mobile, instead of when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere like this gent.

We hope this has helped

Ford Keyless Key causing problems locked out

If you have a Ford car, with a keyless fob you leave in your pocket, there’s a good chance you’ll have key trouble. The Ford Keyless key, or ‘smart’ key has a key battery inside.

Gone are the days when you can get away with cheap nasty car key batteries and we see problems every week.

Good news, it’s easy to sort out yourself, without a Ford dealer.

Ford Keyless key

Battery Inside Ford Keyless Key

Your Ford Keyless Key works in tandem with your car.  As you approach your car to use it, the key and car have already checked each other out!

Ford Keyless Key

This is why when you press the button on the dash, the car starts, just like magic. It’s easy to use and everyone loves it.

That’s unless your Ford Keyless key won’t work, and you’re locked out and the car won’t start.  When you understand how everything works, you’ll realise this is normal, there’s no reason to panic.

In the Days before the Ford Keyless Key

In the good old days, there was car lock and a car key. When you put the key in the lock and turned it, something clever happened that let you use the car. The key had a transponder chip inside it, much like the one you have inside a cat or a dog.

The car checked out the chip, making sure it recognised it, and the car engine started. Quick and easy. That was in the olden days.

Then the Ford Keyless key came along.

So fast forward and we still have a transponder chip, but it’s different.

Imagine the car sits there, like an obedient dog, waiting for a call from its owner.

We all know that if you have a pet dog and you’ve been out all day, the moment it hears the key in the door, it’s ready to greet you.

The door opens, and it’s all over you waiting for a stroke and some quality bonding time. This is the same as your car.

When the car is sitting there, imagine it’s a dog. When you approach it, or press the buttons on the Ford Keyless key, then the car should come to life. It’s alert and waiting for the next thing to happen, for you to press the big ‘start button’ so you can go out on a trip.

The problem comes when you have a Ford keyless key that no longer works.

This time when you approach the car, or press the key button, it’s like having a deaf dog. It won’t respond and just sits there doing nothing!

Why is the car ignoring you? One of four reasons.

Ford Keyless Key system is faulty

This is unlikely, but we’ve seen it once. The keys are new, with new key batteries, but they won’t work the remote central locking.

It’s a trip to a Ford specialist I’m afraid and a BIG bill. But that’s the bad news out the way, so let’s not think about big bills.

Ford Keyless Key Problem 1 – Key damage.

This is common, for one of two reasons. Maybe the car key has got wet, which is very bad for this type of key. If it has got wet, then click here to see if you can save it!

Or maybe it’s damaged inside for some other reason. This is hardly surprising. There are tiny delicate components inside, with no protection from the elements.

pic of key damage

We believe it’s a good example of Inferior Component Design and are seeing this throughout the motor trade. Hopefully there’s no key damage which leads us to the most common problem, a flat key battery.

Ford Keyless key Problem 2 – Key Battery low

Ford Keyless key batteries last 12-18 months, so sooner or later you’ll start to get the message that your key battery is low.

If you change it, or get it changed somewhere, then the message should go away.

However if you leave it, or use a really cheap battery, then you’re in for trouble.

Eventually it will stop working and the car will not respond and you’ll get this message, which is bad.

Changing the key battery is very easy as long as you’re careful, and have a good quality battery. Here’s a video we made that shows you how to do it.

However, if you don’t fancy changing it yourself, find a good local car key man Auto Locksmith to do it for you. This is how you find a good auto Locksmith.

When we change them in Lincoln, we charge £10. The owner can come back all the time they have the car and we’ll change it again for free. With this type of Ford keyless key, it’s a good deal! So look out for who else offers this deal.

Ford Keyless Key Problem 3  Flat Car Battery

This catches a few people out sometimes. If the car battery is flat, then it’s never going to respond to the car key. The problem is you won’t be able to tell until you get into the car.

ford keyless key

When you get in, put on the hazard lights and see if the flash. If they do, then the car battery is probably ok, but if they don’t flash, you have no power.

So now you need to get into the car, even though the car key buttons won’t work.

This is easy but we’ll need to cover it in another post. Click here to find out how.

We hope this all makes sense and has been helpful





New Ford Mondeo 2010-2017 Common Car Key Problems

If you have a new Ford Mondeo 2010-2017, read on. We’re you looking for a long lasting, high-quality car key? Sorry, you won’t find it here. We wanted to share what you should expect.
Unfortunately, the new Ford Mondeo car key joins the rest of the the bad boys. They’ve trouble designed into them and this article explains why we think there’s trouble ahead.

New Ford Mondeo

There are the two main problems.

New Ford Mondeo 2010-2017 car key problem one

The spring mechanism isn’t up to it. We’re seeing 2-3 year-old key blades that don’t spring out anymore (which is really annoying). We’re also seeing blades that won’t stay put when folded away.

New Ford Mondeo

Unfortunately, when you take into account that many cars are on a three-year lease, it means that annoying and frustrating problem will be hitting the second-hand car showroom sometime soon.

New Ford Mondeo 2010-2017 car key Problem Two

Ford have stopped using the bullet proof, carbon sealed, transponder chip below in the remote keys.

New Ford Mondeo

The older type of chip can be driven over, dropped, and submerged in water, and it normally keeps working. They have left this foolproof design and moved over to the French-style system that integrates the chip into a circuit board.

New Ford Mondeo
Unfortunately, this design is susceptible to damage. Should a butterfly, on the other side of the world, flap its wings, you better watch out. Other causes for damage include being dropped, thrown, and getting wet. Just using it as a car key for more than a few years won’t help either!

This change, from a strong hardy chip, to a delicate circuit board is very disappointing. Ford car keys have always been excellent quality, but now they are the very last manufacturer to mess up. We used to give their keys a lifetime warranty, but we can’t with this key.

What can be done about this problem?

After all this gloom, there’s some good news. Firstly, the keys are reasonably priced. Expect to pay around £150 for a flip key, cut and coded from an independent. The dealers are charging around £200 we understand.

Secondly, there’s now a good fix for the broken flip problem.
A repair case is available and once everything has been swapped over, the repair we’ve seen is good quality.

Watch our video below to see how we fix these.


The only issue is swapping the blade from your original key into the new one. The blade tang (the bit that gets gripped by the key) can be a different shape and might not slot into the new case, or be held securely. If this happens, you’ll need to get the blade cut.

The other good news about this model, is that they still use a non-rechargeable CR2032 battery. This is good because it can be easily changed.

Watch our video on how to change the key battery


On the Transit and custom models, these have gone over to rechargeable batteries, which is a backwards step in our opinion.

Read our article on problems with rechargeable batteries here.

Overall, a disappointment. Ford have always produced high quality car keys, however this is a departure from an excellent track record. Ford keys were the last to hold our lifetime warranty, but on this model, it’s no longer available.

We hope this helps you!

Ford Mondeo 2010-2017 Car Keys Price and Problems

Ford Mondeo 2010-2017 Car Keys Price and Problems

Here is our Ford Mondeo Car Keys Factfile. It’s all our knowledge and experience on the keys that come with the Ford Mondeo 2010-2017. We cover quality, price and how easy they are to replace, when they’re lost.


Ford Mondeo 2010-2017

Basic Information

Ford car keys used to be very good quality, the best on the market. They were so good, we sold them with a lifetime warranty. With the new model of Ford Mondeo brings a new design of car key. It’s not good news I’m afraid. The Ford Mondeo 2010-2017 uses three types of car key, depending on which model you have. There are two different remote key with buttons.

The first type of remote key has a flip blade, the other is a ‘keyless’ key, that works on a proximity signal. This article looks at the traditional style of key. To read our review of the proximity keys on the Mondeo Click Here.  Lastly, they can also have an old fashioned type of key without buttons, one that unlocks the car manually and then starts it.

Ford Mondeo 2010-2017 Remote Key

The new type of key for the Ford Mondeo 2010-2017 is disappointing in terms of quality. The blade design is the standard high security design, no problems there.  However, the flip design is not very strong in our opinion, and we are seeing 3-4 year old keys that are on their last legs. The blades either don’t flip out anymore, or won’t stay retracted. To read all about the problems with these keys click here

Ford Mondeo 2010-2017

Non Remote keys

The standard transponder key can be used on all newer models of Ford Mondeo, apart from keyless types.  However, with the high-spec models such as the ST, the alarm may sound as soon as you open the door. To stop the alarm, simply turn on the ignition with a programmed key. So if you’re after a cheaper spare key, a non-button key will work as a spare, but you’ll have to put the key in the ignition quickly every time you unlock the car, otherwise there may be alot of noise!


Ford Mondeo 2010-2017

Ford Mondeo Car Keys Factfile Scores

Spare Keys


Expect to pay around £150 for the standard remote key and around £75 for a key without buttons. This is becoming the standard price for many car keys.

These are a let down in our opinion. Expect to get 3-4 years out of a new remote key. If your buying a used Mondeo from 2010 onwards, then be prepared to get a new remote key. There is the option of getting it fixed, click here to find out how.

The diagnostic equipment that most Auto Locksmith companies use, programme these without the need for codes, making it nice and simple. However, the key cannot be ‘cloned’ yet, which prevents the simple key cutting shops selling these keys. For this reason, we give it three stars, you’ll need to find an Auto-Locksmith that has high quality equipment, or use the dealer. For a spare key, the key can be cut on a tracing machine easily, without the need for a key code. So for spare keys, there are no key codes needed, just good, expensive equipment.


This job is simple and most Auto Locksmiths will keep the parts in stock, you shouldn’t have to wait long to get new keys. Waiting more than one working day for a spare key is a long time.

Lost Keys


Losing your keys to a new Ford Mondeo 2010-2017 can be really bad news, depending on whether you have a good Auto-Locksmith locally. Ford do not always keep a record of your key number, it really depends of the branch and how professional they are.

The upshot is that key codes for Ford cars are generally not available. The problem is, to cut a key, when all are lost, you need a code. However, unlike the dealer, A good Auto Locksmith can unlock a New Ford and cut a key, without a key number. They should also work out the key number and give you it, which will save you time and money in the future, should you need another car key.

Ford score very low on codes, simply because the lack of codes from the dealer, makes it much more difficult to get a key cut when all keys are lost.



As we’ve already explained, the dealers cannot replace a lost key without a key number. Sometimes, the only way they can get you up and running is to replace all the locks. The good news is, they’re easy to programme compared to other vehicles, as long as the latest diagnostic equipment is used. Therefore, you should expect to pay somewhere between £220-£300 for two keys, one of which will have buttons. This should include the cost of someone coming out to you in a van, which will save you the cost of recovering the car to the dealer.


Ford’s  decision to change the key design is not good for us, as users. We believe the old style key was much better and so sadly,  this key is rated much lower.

Useful Car Key Man Information

Looking for information on other Ford car keys? Click Here to read our guide

How to change the key battery

This video will show you how to change the battery. It’s easy, honest.








Ford Mondeo Flip Key Repair 2010-2017

If you own a new shape Ford Mondeo, there’s a problem with the flip key that may soon cause you frustration. We’re starting to get emails and enquiries asking if there’s a fix for a wobbly blade, or one that won’t flick out anymore, So we decided to show you how to put it right. Our Ford Mondeo flip key repair, returns the key to working order and we hope it helps you.

You’ll need

  • Circlip pliers
  • Hammer and punch (if you need to swap the blade)
  • A Replacement Key Case
  • A New CR232 Key Battery

Our video will show you how to fix it and below is the transcript if you need to refer to it.


Ford Mondeo Flip key Repair 2010-2017

Okay, we’re finally fixing the flip key today. It’s for a Ford Mondeo 2012, and when you press the button, and that’s as far as it (the blade) goes. You have to pull it all the way out with your finger to get it out. A bit sad looking, and not very good, really.

So we’re going to show you how to swap it into this repair case. This is one that we’ve been sent by our postal customer. And this one springs out nice. We’re just going to swap the electronics over. The first thing you’ll need to do is get the key blade out, and we need to open the case, which is really straightforward.

Again, as always, these are our best friends.

Ford Mondeo Flip key repair

These Circlip pliers are the best tool we have for the job.

Ford Mondeo Flip Key Repair Stage 1- Opening the key

These are unusual pliers, because when you squeeze the handle, the jaws open.

Ford Mondeo Flip key repair

This is what we use to open up most keys. So you need to put the end of the pliers into the gap as shown.

Ford Mondeo Flip key repair

Give it a squeeze. And that has opened up the key nice and easy. The key is only glued together, there are no screws or rivots.

Once it’s open, we don’t need these broken parts anymore.  Save the ring, to put into the new key.

Ford Mondeo Flip Key Repair Stage 2 – Remove the electronics

We’re going to take this electronics board out . So rather than trying to get a screwdriver in there and damage something, if you just turn it over and tap it, that will just come out nice and easy.

Let me show you something really important.

Ford Mondeo Flip key repair

This part here is really important. It’s the aerial that allows the transponder to be seen by the car and it gets damaged. When this happens, your Ford Mondeo will stop starting, which is bad. We believe that in the next 3-5 years, this is going to be a big problem.

This is just because we’ve seen a similar system fail in the other manufacturers keys. Okay, so the new case has obviously got to come open. So once again, pliers in those and it should come open nice and easy. Open it up, and the little spring mechanism is going to come out. That’s no problem. We’ll just keep it all safe.

Next thing is to pop the circuit board into the new key case. That should just sit in there nicely.

Ford Mondeo Flip Key Repair Stage 3 – Swapping the blade?

Next, we’ve got the blade mechanism.

Ford Mondeo Flip key repair

Firstly, this part here is different to this. It’s been made differently, so you can’t just put this old bit into a new case. It won’t work, okay? So forget about that. The next thing is: Can you take this blade out and put it into this key?

You might be able to, but the trouble is the little tail that’s in there, is different to the little tail on the end of this one. So if you want to put this old key blade into this new hinge mechanism, you’re going to need to file it down slightly and mess about.

We’re just going to cut this key, it’s just going to be no bother. But you can have a go at doing that if you want. To swap the blades you’ll need to knock out the pins from both.

KEY REPAIR WARNING  This is when most of the key repair projects fail. This is because, we see owners hitting hell out of the old and new cases, just trying to get the blade out. It’s easy to damage the new mechanism, or make the hole too big so that the old blade is wobbly. We think you should find someone to cut it. But that’s easy for us to say!

Ford Mondeo Flip Key Repair Stage 4 – Rebuilding new key

Okay, so the next thing is to build up the flip mechanism, and we just need to pop this flip button into the hinge hole. It’s just a little bit fiddly. Excuse the sight of my hands, I’ve been stripping locks today, and they’re a bit sore.

Okay, next thing is to pop the spring into the flip button. So it’s the end without the tail. That goes into there. Next thing we’re going to take the blade mechanism, and it needs to go onto this half of the repair key. This little spigot here lines up with that hole. So you’ve just got to bear with me while we line it up.

Ford Mondeo Flip key repair

Okay, and then you have to remember that it’s going to flick clockwise, so you have to wind it anti-clockwise. So wind it around. Okay. So that’s all caught.

That’s all good, the next thing is we need to marry the two parts of the key case. It might be easier if you let the blade slightly out. That’s it, flick the blade out. Then give it a bit of a squeeze. Okay, now we’ve got that all together.

The blade folds over and flicks just fine, so that’s good. The only thing we have forgotten is this end here has a ring, and that should be through there. I’m just going to open it up quickly and put that on there.

So all I did there was I just opened it up slightly, and pushed the ring into there and the ring’s in there now.

Ford Mondeo Flip Key Repair Stage 5 – Fitting the key battery

The next thing is to put a battery in. I’ve got a Maxell 2032. We’re going to slide it in, a bit fiddly. That end has to go in first, and then it disappears inside. Then don’t forget, we’ve got a little screw that needs to go into there, that’s going to keep the key together. Don’t have a screw loose. So let’s just screw that. I should have had a decent screwdriver, but anyway.

Okay, so that’s all good. The last thing is these clips need to go into the key. Just pop that one in first. Okay, so that’s that cover on. Just by pushing each tab, eventually it clicks into place.

This video will help change the key battery.


Ford Mondeo Flip Key Repair Stage 6 – Cutting the key

The last thing now we need to do is cut this key blade. Okay, so if you can, get your key cut by someone that’s got a machine that can cut it to code, because you have a better finish and it means that it was as the original key was. Okay, so there we go. The blade has been cut, so that’s all good to go, same as the customer’s blade, and it flips out nice.

So with a three button Ford Mondeo key, you are good to go.

Read about how your Ford Mondeo key compares to others in our key review guide



Car won’t start Ford car key problem?

Ford car won’t start – Do you have a Ford car key problem?

This is a really easy one. In fourteen years, we’ve very rarely seen a Ford car key problem that stops the car starting. The transponder chips are excellent quality.  Therefore, even if you have problems with the key falling apart, or buttons not working, this shouldn’t effect the car or van starting.

Ford Car Key Problem

Standard Ford Remote Key

Symptoms of a Ford Car Key Problem

Does the car try and start? Is the car turning over, or cranking? The immobiliser works by preventing the starter motor, amongst other things from working. Therefore, if the car is winding over, but not firing up, then you can be certain that you don’t have a Ford car key problem. However, if it won’t even try and start, then the key is worth looking at.

There is an immobiliser light on early Fords. It’s always red and it’s normally a red dot, or a red padlock symbol. There are three things the Ford immobiliser light will do.

Immobiliser, or ‘PATs’ Light

Normal operation. With no keys in the ignition, or the car locked up, the red light will flash once every second. This is normal and means the immobiliser is set. When you turn the ignition on, the red light should come on for a second then go out.

If this happens, the car is happy with the key and you don’t have a car key problem.

Immobiliser light flashing. This time, when you turn the ignition on, the light flashes very quickly, about four times faster than before.

If this happens then the car does not recognise the key. We see this when either the key hasn’t been programmed, or the cloned chip has failed. Sometimes, if a Ford Focus or Mondeo has been stood for a long time and the battery has gone flat, the car forgets the keys. This will also display very fast flasing light.

Immobiliser light solid red. We don’t see this much, but sometimes, if there’s a different problem on the car, such as a communications fault, the light stays on red. The car will not crank and this will look like a key problem. However this is wrong. A solid red light needs to be investigated by a skilled technician.

What to look at with Ford vehicles.

Even though Ford keys are excellent, there are a couple of exceptions to look for. About ten years ago, the clever people at the key factories managed to work out how to clone the key, just like Dolly the sheep, remember her?

Read about the problems with cloning keys click here.

Cloning car keys changed things for ever. Cloned keys are what you buy at key cutting shops and are often alot cheaper than a properly programmed car key.

Ford Car key problem

Different types of Cloing chips

There are more Ford cars in the UK than any other make, and so more Ford cloned keys than any other. So we started to see problems with Ford car keys. Cloning chips fail, and whenever we attend a car key breakdown on a Ford, it’s normally a cloned car key problem. We’ve only ever seen two genuine Ford chips fail in fourteen years, we think that is excellent record.

The other exception is Ford Transit vans. These have a new type of chip, that is on all french vehicles and the scourge of the motor trade. When this type of key is dropped and damaged, the chip does fail and the van will not start. Look for a flashing immobiliser light and no crank.

Key not detected

The newer Ford cars do not have an immobiliser light. They have a display that will tell you what the problem is.

Ford Car Key Problem

The increase in proximity smart keys is causing a big problem for owners. These keys are very delicate inside and we are starting to see car key breakdowns, caused by a failiure of the key. The car will display a car key problem by telling you  ‘key not detected’ on the dashboard. when this happens you need a new car key.

Ford Cars Stolen without keys

This is a big problem and is on the increase. If you have a keyless Ford car, you should click here.

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Key battery change – Ford Smart Proximity Key

The Rise of Smart Keys These days, there are more and more ‘smart’ keys from the manufacturers. Many of the latest models have keys that are designed so you don’t even have to take it out of your pocket.  As long as the car detects the key inside your pocket, you only need to press […]

Common problems with Ford Keys

Overview of Ford Keys

Ford keys are the most reliable amongst all the makes we cover. This is simply because the quality of build and design are very good compared with many other makes. As well as this, when a new Ford car key is needed, the prices are below the market average and, they are the simplest for us to supply, cut and programme.

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There are two types of blade that can be fitted to Ford keys.

‘Tibbe’ Blade.

Ford keys

This type of key was fitted to most Ford keys from 1992 – 2006, and later than that on the commercial vehicles. The style of key was ground breaking when it first came out, described as ‘unpickable’! For the remote central locking keys, there is only one style available, being a static blade that does not fold down.


Flat Blade


Ford keys

The later type of blade is flat with a groove cut into one edge. This style of key is similar to all new cars and in considered very secure, compared to the older Tibbe keys. With the remote central locking keys, there is the option to have either a flip out blade, or one that is static.




Problems with Ford Car keys

The most common problems affect the following models

Ford Mondeo 1999 – 2006


The ignition becomes very worn and a sharp edge inside the ignition scratches the key blade and ‘files’ away every time the key is used in the ignition. Eventually the key does not turn in the ignition. If a new blade is cut, then normally the key becomes stuck inside the ignition, due to the sharp edges.

Our Solution

The only answer to this problem is to fit a new ignition. Here at the Car Key Man, we supply a new ignition, built up to the original key shape, along with a new blade. The advantage is that the same key will fit all around the car.

Ford Transit 2006 – 2014


These vans have a blue coloured remote central locking fob. Unfortunately they suffer from several problems. Firstly, the key loop that they have moulded, is thin and not very strong. As a result, we see many that are broken.

This is compounded when the owners try to drill a hole through the remote in order to hang their keys. In most cases, this damages the important electrical components meaning that sometimes the van will not start.

transit-blue-remote-broken resized

Along with this, the batteries are rechargeable and  cannot be easily replaced. We see lots that have been opened by force and the damage caused by doing this often stops the van from starting.

Our Solution

The only solution is a new blue remote, which then will need programming to the van. We can do this while you wait.

Ford Fiesta 2009 – Present


These cars have the new, flat blade type of Ford keys. The most common problem we see is where the blade becomes very worn and thin. When this happens, it will not work in the ignition, leaving you stranded.


Ford Keys

Worn Fiesta blade

Our Solution

This can usually be easily fixed by cutting a fresh new blade to code and we can do this while you wait.

With all these problems, free advice is always at hand, just call or drop in to show us what problem you are having and we’ll see if we can help.

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