Nissan won’t start Key ID Incorrect

If you’re getting the message ‘Key ID Incorrect’ and your Nissan car won’t start, this is for you.

Even though your car is giving you the ‘Key ID incorrect’ message, you can use it if you follow our instructions.

Key ID Incorrect

Why is my Nissan telling me ‘Key ID Incorrect?’

This problem is most common on the Nissan Qashqai, but we also see it on the Nissan Juke, Nissan Note and Nissan Micra models. In fact, if your key is similar to this one,  you need this information.

In the olden days when you turned a car off, it went to sleep and rested until you turned the ignition again and woke it up.

These days, the car sits and listens constantly, trying to detect your smart key. This is why once you are inside the car, it already knows you have the car key, all you need to do is press the start button.

However, when ‘Key ID Incorrect‘ is shown, your car can’t detect the key. For some reason the automatic system that Nissan have designed isn’t working. This is normally one of three reasons

Nissan Won’t Start Checklist

Key ID Incorrect – Reason number One – Key Battery Low

The first and simplest reason is your car key battery. When did you last change it? If you did change it, how good was the battery you put inside the key?

It may be that the car can’t detect the key. It’s calling out to the key and waiting for a response, but your key doesn’t have the energy to answer!

Faulty, cheap, low quality key batteries, are the biggest cause of problems we see in all makes of proximity or ‘smart’ keys. We find it unbelievable that a £15,000 car, has a 99p car key battery fitted inside the car key. So spend some good money on the battery.

Key ID Incorrect – Reason Two – Faulty Key

This could be for a number of reasons.

Obvious Damage to the key

If someone has been heavy handed when changing the key battery, a wayward screwdriver can damage the key.

Key ID Incorrect

You must be careful when changing the key battery, read more here.

 Invisible Damage to the key

What do we mean invisible damage? Sometimes there’s no obvious reason for the ‘key ID Incorrect’ message. Your car key will look immaculate inside, with a fresh new key battery. However, we’re seeing these Nissan remote keys just die, with no obvious damage. Maybe the key has been dropped one too many times?

The only answer is to replace the key with a new one.

Water Damage to the key

If your car key has taken a swim, then it’s bad news I’m afraid. Electronics and water have never been friends, and once wet, it’s a race against time to dry your car key out. You can save it, but you must be quick. If your key has been wet in the past, there will be tell-tale signs.

Normally a white ‘tide-mark’ is obvious. Then there’s a green tinge that will develop and turn into white ‘rust’. Lastly, good old fashioned brown rust is a giveaway. All of these will cause ‘Key ID Incorrect’!

Key ID Incorrect – Reason Three – The Key isn’t programmed!

Did the key ever start the car? We see this a lot, just after the car has been sold. Sometimes you’re given two keys, but you’ve only tested one to to see if it works!

When the key is brand new, it needs programming with specialist diagnostic equipment. What is car key programming? This is a really common reason for the ‘Key ID incorrect’ message. Maybe the car sales have ordered the key from Nissan, but didn’t have time to get it coded, or someone forgot.

Either way, if the key needs programming, no problem. Either the dealer, or a good Auto Locksmith can help you. Need to find a good Auto Locksmith? Click Here

How do I start the car with Key ID Incorrect?

This first priority is to get you moving again, so you can get the car to a garage, or the dealer. This is normally very simple.

Key ID Incorrect

Are you getting the following message?

Key ID Incorrect

The car shows you how to start the car using the emergency method.

Key ID Incorrect

Place the fob on top of the button and wait for the car to recognise it for a few seconds. The press the button with the key fob as shown.

Key ID Incorrect

If the key is programmed, the car will start!

It’s now time to find out why the car key is playing up. Visit your local dealer, or better still, find an Auto Locksmith to check the key out and change the key battery if needed. Looking for a good Auto Locksmith? Click Here









Ford Keyless Emergency start HOW TO?

Thank goodness Ford did something right with keys. We’ve written at length about floppy key blades, dodgy transponder chips and keyless keys not detected. The great news is that by using the Ford keyless emergency start method, you can still get home!

With tiny electronics crammed into your Ford keyless key, once it’s been dropped a few times, the clock is ticking. The car won’t detect the key close by, and it won’t do anything when you press the start button. You’ll also get a warning message.

Ford Keyless emergency start



The reason you have a back up system is that once the smart key stops being so clever, you need a way to use the car.  The Ford keyless emergency start method will get the car running. Place the keys in the correct place, and the car picks up the key signal. Then you put the key back in your pocket as usual and book yourself in an appointment with the garage your local Auto Locksmith, to get it looked at.

Where is the Ford Keyless Emergency Start position?

Different Ford models have different methods of starting the car. The spot is normally marked with a key symbol that will help you find it.

Ford Focus 2015 Ford Keyless Emergency Start Position

In between the front seats is a compartment for CD’s etc. It also has an audio jack. You must place the key on top of the symbol at the bottom of the compartment.

Ford Keyless Emergency Start


Ford Fiesta 2015 Ford Keyless Emergency Start Position

Imagine you were putting a normal car key into the ignition, this is where you need to place your keyless key.

Ford Keyless Emergency Start

Ford C-Max 2014 Ford Keyless Emergency Start Position

The Ford C-Max has a key slot that is hidden behind a round cover. Again, it’s the same place as the ignition lock would normally be.

Ford Keyless Emergency Start

You must slide the key into the slot before you can start the car.

Ford Keyless Emergency Start


If in doubt, look at the manual. Better still, find out where the Ford keyless emergency start position is BEFORE you have a problem.

I found it! What next?

The key must be held close to the sensor on the car so it will read the transponder chip.

Next, keeping the key still, press the button on the dashboard as you normally do and press the clutch in on newer models. When the key is in the correct place, the car will start.

Do I need a new key battery inside the key?

No. The whole point of the Ford keyless emergency start system is that it doesn’t matter if the key battery is flat or even missing!

That’s it! You car should be running even though you’d normally have the message ‘Key not detected’. We recommend finding someone to change the key battery for you, or take a look at our video if you want too do it yourself.


Locked out! Where’s my hidden car door lock?

When you’re locked out, and the car battery is flat, you need to find your hidden car door lock.

You probably don’t think about your hidden car door lock. Let’s face it, you’ve no reason to. However, if you have the car long enough, either your car key will stop working, or the car battery will go flat. When this happens, you need to know where the lock is.

‘But I don’t have a car door lock’.

There are three reasons , we hear this every week from people locked out of the car.

1.    The worst thing could be that a box-racer has ‘de-locked’ the car or van. We see this occasionally where the car door lock has been taken out and the hole filled in and sprayed. It’s done to make the car look better. We think it’s bonkers. Read this article showing how to professionally remove the lock!

Thankfully it’s rare, so we’ll move on.

2.   The car door lock is on the passenger side! This is common on French vehicles sold in the UK, such as Renault, Peugeot and Citroen. We don’t know why they didn’t put the car door lock on the driver’s side, sorry. So look around the car for a lock and get into that car.

car door lock

3.   The car door lock is hidden away under a cap. This is becoming very common on new cars. The good news is that the manufacturers sometimes leave a clue to show you where the car lock is. The lock is usually under a cap. Look for a key symbol on the plastic, embossed into it. The Range Rover door handle below is a good example.

Hidden car door lock examples

car door lock


How do I uncover my hidden car door lock?

The car manufacturers usually keep this simple, because when you are locked out, you won’t have a toolkit! The cap that covers the lock needs to be removed. At the bottom of the cap there is usually a slot to insert your key blade.

Then it will be case of pulling the lock towards you. If it’s never been removed before, it may be very tight. Use a screwdiver if you think the key is going to break.






Top 5 Ford Transit Custom Key Problems

Looking to buy a Ford Transit Custom? Or starting to find out about Ford Transit Custom key and locks problems?

You don’t have to look far because there are plenty problems with these vans.

We believe that you need to allow £1000 to sort these problems out. Likewise, if you’re on the lookout for a new van, you need to keep back £1000 this on top of the sale price.

In this article we’ll give an overview of what we’re seeing every day in our business and how to correct Ford Transit Custom key and lock problems.

Top 5 Ford Transit Custom Key Problems

Faulty Keys

What can we say about these other than the terrible design, shoddy manufacture and short life-span? They are the worst keys we see and Ford should be ashamed that so many owners are frustrated and angry.

Tradesmen and women all over the UK, locked out, stranded and paying out extra money because of a broken key.

Ford Transit Custom Key

The faults include

  1. Broken Flip mechanism
  2. Faulty chip signal
  3. Broken rechargeable battery
  4. Lock and unlock buttons not working

At £150 per key as a starting price, that’s the first £300 you’ll need for a pair of new keys.

Ford Transit Custom Key Budget so far – £300.

Ford Transit Custom Key and Ignition Problems

The ignition locks  are made from cheese. That’s the answer we give when we’re asked ‘why a 2016 van needs a brand new ignition lock fitted to it?’

Ford Transit Custom Key

It’s unbelievable that a three year old van is so worn out that it can’t be used by the owner to earn a living. This is the reality on some of the vans we’re seeing and you need to know about it.

Are you just about to buy a van that will need a now ignition lock fitted to it? You’ll need to allow around £150 which will cover the parts and labour. Plus there’s another issue you’ll need to overcome with Ford Transit Custom key and locks.

Ford Transit Custom Key Budget so far – £300 for keys and £150 for an ignition = £450

Ford Transit Custom Key Problem – The dreaded door lock problem

They made one door lock on the van.

Ford Transit Custom Key

The idiot who designed it took fifteen years of lock design and threw it out of the window. This new design of lock is so bad, it should have been recalled. It’s been the cause of thousands of vans getting broken into all over the UK.

Search Twitter, Facebook or Google for ‘Transit Custom van broken into and you’ll get a picture of just how angry owners are.



If the door lock is attacked, then the starting bill to replace it is £200.

Ford Transit Custom Key

This allows the extra labour you’ll need to pay to get the lock removed. Getting them out when they have been attacked can be a nightmare. If the door latch, (the thing that sits behind the door lock) is broken, add on another £300.

Ford Transit Custom Key Budget so far – £300 for keys and £150 for an ignition plus £200 for a new door lock = £650

Ford Transit Custom Key Problem – Security Locks.

There are two issues here.

  1. Replacement Security Door Locks
  2. Additional Security Locks for the rest of the van

If you don’t have security locks, and you haven’t had the Ford security update, then in our opinion, you may as well leave your van unlocked at night time.  Security Locks are an absolute must.

Ford Transit Custom Key

You should allow £500 for a replacement door lock plus security deadlocks on the load area, or just £300 for the rear load area.

Ford Transit Custom Key Budget so far – £300 for keys and £150 for an ignition plus £150 for a new door lock and £300 for security locks = £950

Ford Transit Custom Key ignition Ring

This is a new problem we’ve discovered, and fortunately is a bargain compared to the others. If you don’t know about it, check out our short one minute video about the problem.

The ignition rings are only about £40 and fitting shouldn’t cost a lot, so get it sorted sooner rather than later to avoid recovery charges. You will pay a big bill getting you’re van on the back of a truck, compared to the cost of a ring.

Ford Transit Custom Key Budget so far – £300 for keys and £150 for an ignition plus £150 for a new door lock and £300 for security locks, oh and the ignition ring makes it £1000.

So that’s your £1000, spent in the few months after owning the van, so keep this in mind when buying your new Ford Custom, or Transit.

Then there’s the new problem of them being stolen, but that is another post completely! Click Here to read more about that problem.









Broken VW Key ? Reuse old key electronics to save money

My guess is you have a flip key, for a VW Transporter or Caddy, and the blade has snapped away from the rest of the key. The problem of the broken VW key also affects Skoda and Seat Keys. It’s a bad problem that’s getting worse.

Broken VW Key


This week we fixed a key from a three year old VW Transporter, one of four keys fixed in as many days. How is it possible that a vehicle just a few years old, you end up with a broken VW Key?

This article explains why they read, and we’ll show you how to fix your own broken VW key.  Follow the instructions to get some more life out of the old electronics, rather than pay for a whole new key.

Broken VW Key

We think they should be replaced through a recall, as they have done with the newer type Seat key. However this is only happening in certain dealerships. Read more about how the new style key is already breaking.

Broken VW Key Why are they breaking to soon?

There are four problems that have met to make the perfect storm for owners, leaning a trail of broken VW Key problems behind.

Broken VW Key Problem One

The ignition locks feel very stiff to turn. This is especially true on VW Transporter and Caddy vans. We think it’s ok up to the point where the ignition lights come on. However when you turn the lock the last part to crank the engine, it feels very heavy.

Broken VW Key Problem Two

The ignition lock is held in place by a lock housing. The steering lock and electrical switch are part of the housing and unfortunately, we believe they are faulty.

It’s common for us to see 5-6 year old cars with lock housings that have failed, jamming up. The extra pressure put on the key weakens it, causing a broken VW Key. Read all about the problem here.

Broken VW Key Problem Three

The key blade is held into the key by a pin, held inside the blade holder. This blade holder is too weak and a fracture occurs around the place where the pin passes through.

This is an example of inferior component design, and we see this throughout the range of new keys and locks.

Broken VW Key Problem Four

Both the VW Transporter and VW Caddy models are used by businesses that do a lot of stop/start work such as delivery drivers. This constant on/off with the ignition lock brings forward the problem by years.

The VW transporter above had a mileage of 98,000 after three years, whereas the average family would probably take 5-6 years to get to this amount of miles.

We can see the problems that regular drivers will experience in a few years time.

Broken VW Key

So How can you fix your Broken VW Key ?

These are fairly simple to fix, but there are a couple of WARNINGS I need to let you know about

Warning Number One. These keys are different to Ford or Vauxhall keys. With these other makes we can take a ‘virgin’ key off the shelf, cut it and code it to your car.

However, VW, Seat and Skoda keys are different.

The chip that is fitted to your Broken VW Key has been specially formatted by the VW dealer, and if you break the chip, or it fails, replacing this key is more complicated.

Warning Number Two. If you open the broken key incorrectly, you will break the chip. This is not good. So read to the end and watch the video first please.


What do I need to fix my Broken VW Key?

Only a few things really.

  1. A new repair case. You cannot reuse the old case, sorry.
  2. Some Circlip pliers.
  3. The YouTube video below. It’s ten minutes long and will show you in great detail how to carefully open the key, remove the electronics and then rebuild the key.

That’s about it.





Skoda Octavia Hidden Lock 2013

Hello there. Have you seen where your Skoda Octavia hidden Lock is?

Most owners don’t know they have a door lock, let alone where it is! We’ve taken calls from all around the country, from people who are locked out because the key battery is flat.

Today’s post is all about your Skoda Octavia hidden lock. This is about a 2013 car but we believe it will apply to similar ages and models.

Skoda Octavia hidden lock

Once you know where it is and how to uncover it, you’ll never be locked out again.

Why have they designed a Skoda Octavia hidden lock?

For years there’s been three locks, drivers door, passenger door and boot. From 2008 things started to change. We believe they scrimped on spending out on new parts, and stopped putting a boot and passenger lock on new models.

Bad move, simply because when your only lock stops working, or it’s vandalised, you’re in big trouble. Anyway, that’s another blog post, lets get back on track.

So in the last five years they’ve decided to hide the door lock on certain cars. We presume it’s to make them look a bit more bling. It’s a bad idea, no-one shows you where your Skoda Octavia hidden lock is, or how to use it when you first buy the car. So we’ve decided to show you, because sooner or later, you’ll need it.

Where is my Skoda Octavia Hidden Lock?

If you’ll look on the drivers side, where the lock normally is, you’ll just see a face cap. Underneath this cover is the lock.

Uncovering your Skoda Octavia hidden lock.

If you look under the face cap, you should find a small slot.

Skoda Octavia hidden lock

This is the same size as your car key blade. The idea is that you put the blade into the door lock and pull it towards you.

Skoda Octavia hidden lock

However, we’ve found a problem with this. When we took these photos, it was a cold and icy day. These are the weather conditions when your car battery may be flat and the key buttons stop working. When we tried to loosen the cap with the key, it was too tight and we were worried that the key would break.

Have you heard about the problem with these keys breaking easily? Take a look at our post all about these keys snapping after just a few years.

Click here to read about Broken VW, Seat and Skoda Keys

Best way to uncover your Skoda Octavia hidden lock safely

So to save the car key from snapping, we used a screwdriver. This meant that it was stronger and we had a bit more leverage. Lever the bottom of the cap away and it will then lift off away from the lock. Careful that it doesn’t fall onto the road and get scratched.

Skoda Octavia hidden lock

But my Skoda Octavia hidden lock won’t work!

If you put the key in the lock, but it won’t turn, we think we know why!

When we tried to unlock the car in this photo shoot, the car wouldn’t unlock. It was because the key will not work unless it is put in the correct way.

Skoda Octavia hidden lock

The design of the key means that it’s fatter on one edge. The key body hits the handle, so it won’t go all the way in,  and stops the lock turning.

Skoda Octavia hidden lock

Turn the key over so you can see the Skoda logo and it will turn the lock clockwise a full 90 degrees and unlock the car!

Once you’re in the car, get a new key battery fitted and then refit the lock cap.

We hope this helps.





Vauxhall Flip key Upgrade

We’ve written about how often Vauxhall keys break, they’re the most common key we fix at our shop in Lincoln. Now we’ve found a new type of case that we wanted to tell you about. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a Vauxhall Flip key upgrade.

The new style case has smooth curved lines and hard wearing buttons that won’t perish like the older style cases. Based on the new range of Vauxhall keys, we believe this Vauxhall Flip key upgrade is worth a look.

What do I need for my Vauxhall Flip Key Upgrade ?

Not much, it’s really simple. Firstly you need one of the new style cases. They come in either 2 or 3 buttons, just like the genuine key.

There are only three things that are tricky and we have full instructions below. Here’s a video, plus there are instructions below.

Vauxhall Flip Key upgrade – Stage One – Get the new key cut

Once you have a case, you need to get the blade cut to suit your car. This should be the first job, as you must make sure you have a new key case that turns the locks, before you break open the old key.

Who can cut my key blade?

There are some issues with getting keys cut. Some of the major key cutting chains refuse to cut keys they haven’t supplied. Our local Timpsons stores in Lincoln won’t entertain any key that’s not come from them, and won’t cut the Vauxhall Flip Key upgrade case.

So look for an independent shop, or an Auto Locksmith.

Need to find a good Auto Locksmith? Click here for our advice, wherever you are in the UK.

When we cut eBay or Amazon keys in our shop, we charge £10 and we believe this is reasonable.

Why can’t I swap the key blade on my Vauxhall Flip Key Upgrade?

It’s possible but not straight forward. The key blade is held in to the key body, by a pin. Often, the original key blade from the old case will not fit into the new case. If you want to do this you’ll need to modify the old key blade and this is possible, as the video shows.


However, we think it’s easier just to get the key cut.

Vauxhall Flip Key upgrade – Stage Two – Open the old key.

************* Disclaimer *********

We open up old Vauxhall flip keys all day long at our shop without any problem. However, it’s possible that when the case is opened, the circuit board gets damaged, or the chip fails. When this happens, there’s a chance the car won’t start.

We see Vauxhall flip keys fail even without upgrading or repairing them and have written at length about the problem and the symptoms. So we recommend that you have a spare key, before you decide to carry out your Vauxhall Flip key upgrade.


Ok, back to business. This is really easy if you have a set of Circlip pliers.

Vauxhall Flip Key Upgrade

These pliers are unusual because the jaws open when you squeeze the handle. They’re perfect to open keys because you can control what you are doing, instead of forcing the case open with a screwdriver etc.


Vauxhall Flip Key Upgrade

Place the tips of the jaw in the gap by the flip.

Vauxhall Flip Key Upgrade

Give the handles a squeeze and the case will snap open.

Vauxhall Flip Key Upgrade

You’ll need to pull the case apart and carefully remove the green circuit board. That’s it! You’ve done the tricky part. Next is a putting together your Vauxhall Flip key upgrade.

Vauxhall Flip Key upgrade – Stage Three – Build the new key.

This may take a few attempts. You may feel you need an extra hand! But just be patient and you’ll manage this no problem. Open the case using the Circlip pliers again. Don’t worry if the key all falls apart, we’re going to show you what to do.

Vauxhall Flip Key Upgrade

Firstly, put the circuit board into the half of the new case that has the buttons. there are small rubber noggins that locate in the holes. Now put this half of the case down now for a minute.

Fit the pin into the blade holder, (it will only fit one way).

Vauxhall Flip Key Upgrade

Next the spring needs to go into the blade holder

Vauxhall Flip Key Upgrade

Locate the plastic spigot in the case and place the spring over it.

Vauxhall Flip Key Upgrade

Wind the spring counter-clockwise, we recommend two full turns. Then hold the blade shut.

Vauxhall Flip Key Upgrade

Now put both pieces of the case together, locating the silver pin first and then lining up the two halves.

Vauxhall Flip Key Upgrade

Once it’s all lined up, give it a squeeze and it should close up nicely. If there is any resistance, it’s because something isn’t lined up. Just open it up again and check it out.

Then when the case is shut, try the flip-out to make sure that your Vauxhall Flip key upgrade has been a success. Then join the case using the two screws.

Vauxhall Flip Key Upgrade

Lastly, don’t forget the battery.

Vauxhall Flip Key Upgrade

Just pop off the battery cover and we recommend a fresh, good quality CR2032. Don’t go cheap.

Vauxhall Flip Key upgrade Conclusion

Well done, you should have a new flip key case that looks good and works perfectly!






How Can you programme your car key?

Look at eBay and Amazon and you’ll see there are plenty of new and second-hand car keys for sale. The question is, can you programme your car key yourself?

This is the most common question we’re asked, so after answering lots of emails, here’s everything we know.

Programme your car key 101

The first thing you need to know is how the car key works. There are two parts of the key, the first parts is the transponder chip.

programme your car key

Various chips

The chip is important because the car checks it out when the ignition is turned on. It happens in the blink of an eye, and when the car recognises the chip, the car starts. You’ll only notice this happening when you have a car key problem.


Before the car will recognise the chip, it needs to be programmed to the car. This is just a simple introduction, telling the car to accept the chip in future.

Can you programme your car key chip?

The bad news is since 2001, most transponder chips can only be programmed in using a diagnostic computer. The exceptions to this rule are certain Toyota and Lexus cars, early Fords and a few City Rover cars.

I’m not sure you’ll want to admit having a City Rover, let alone need to programme your own car key to one. So we’ll leave it alone

As a general rule, if you buy your own car key from eBay or Amazon, you’ll not be able to programme it to start your car. The programming equipment is expensive and it can be tricky to use. You’ll need to find a local Auto Locksmith, or key cutting shop, or the dealer.

How to find a good Auto Locksmith

So are eBay sellers lying?

No not necessarily. The second part of the key that needs coding is the remote control buttons. In the olden days, most of the time, there was a simple manual method to programme the key.

Watch our  video playlist showing how to programme car keys yourself, your key may be covered.

So if you have a Ford, Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Mazda and early Nissan, then there’s a good chance you’ll be able to programme your car key buttons yourself. This is what eBay sellers are referring to when they suggest you can programme the key they sell.

The problem is the buttons code in easily, but the car still won’t start.

Comments from our YouTube Channel

Here’s a recent comment on our YouTube channel from someone who bought an eBay key.

‘Hi. Thanks for the useful trick to lock and unlock with a spare key. However, when attempting to start the engine with the second key, the red light in the middle of the dashboard blinks quickly leaving me with no other response.

Basically the lock/unlock system is now working for the second key, but the same cannot be said when trying to start the engine. I have this problem on a late-2007 Ford Focus for which I bought a second key.’

Here’s another comment which shows the problems with trying to programme your car key yourself

‘The new fob opens the locks etc remotely using the method in the video but it will not start the car in my case. The ignition lights come on but turn the key to start, and nothing happens. The PATS light flashes. When original remote key fob is used, it works fine.’

This is a common problem we see. Our advice is simple. Before you spend money on eBay or Amazon, contact a local expert, to see if they can code it in. Otherwise you’ll be wasting your money.

We hope this has helped you. Please ask any questions in the comments below.









Buying Peugeot Car Keys Online

Buying car keys on-line can save you lots of money. Buying the wrong car key on-line will waste your money, and cause you to waste time. There’s a problem with buying Peugeot car keys online and we want to tell you about it.

It should be easy. If you have a Peugeot 207, it should be a case of looking for a Peugeot 207 key on eBay or Amazon. Simple.

If you do this search, you’ll find thousands of keys that are available. Buying Peugeot car keys online is a lottery, and the odds are not in your favour.

In order for you to get the key to be programmed successfully, the following must be correct about the key.

Buying Peugeot car keys problem 1 – The correct part number

Peugeot 107 /207 / 208 / 307 / 308 / 407. These are different type of cars, with different computers and systems fitted. The keys have a different number of buttons. They also have a different style of lock and hence, a different key blade.

Unfortunately, these five models have over 15 different type of Peugeot flip keys between them. Of these fifteen models, only the correct one will programme to both start the car and operate the remote central locking.

This means that you have 1/15 chance of getting the correct part for your car.


buying peugeot car keys

In this example of an eBay listing, it claims to cover several models including 207,307,308 and 407.  It’s just not possible, so this would be a complete waste of money.

Buying Peugeot car keys problem 2 – The key must be brand new

Peugeot keys can only be programmed to your car if they’re brand new, we call them ‘virgin’ keys. This is a big problem because we see our customers buy Peugeot car keys online, and then want us to cut and programme them.

A virgin key, never programmed before, has a blank space on the chip. When the key is coded, the car writes information to the key.

Simultaneously, the unique key information is written into the car memory and then after that, the car will start.

buying peugeot car keys


The problem with buying a used car key off eBay, or a scrapyard, is that when the car tries to write the information to the key, it can’t do it. This is because it’s already been written to before, when it was programmed to the last car. So again, any money spent is wasted.

Buying Peugeot car keys problem 3 – It’s a case, not a key

Careful when you’re getting a bargain. As well selling car keys on eBay and Amazon, there are many replacement cases available. These are really useful when trying to fix your car key.

Sellers will normally state clearly that you are buying just a case, but we see customers every week that think they have bought a complete key.

This key case is selling for nearly £12, so it feels like you are paying a reasonable amount. This key case is probably very good, and perfect for a repair. It does state clearly, ‘Key Shell Case’. However, it’s easy to make a mistake.

How can eBay sellers get away with selling Peugeot car keys online?

Well eBay is a market, and there will always be buyers who want a bargain.

They get away with it in two ways.

  1. They normally put in a disclaimer which will say, ‘buyers must check that the key is compatible’
  2. It’s possible they don’t know. If it was working on their car, it’s reasonable to believe it can be made to work another car.

So how can you get a good deal when shopping online for car keys?

It’s tricky. There are some good sellers, who sell genuine unused keys with the correct part number. If you can find a good seller, you may save some money.

Another way is to find a seller that can supply aftermarket keys. These have been made compatible with particular models and can be a lot cheaper. It’s the equivalent of buying a Halfords oil filter instead of a genuine Peugeot filter. These work well and we cut and code these regularly for our customers.

However, it’s common for them to have been sent the wrong type of key. When this happens, the key starts the car, but the buttons won’t work. Again, a disappointed eBay customer.

Good Luck. It’s a bit of a minefield out there and so much money is wasted buying second-hand car keys. Please feel free to leave questions and comments below and we hope this has helped you.