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Ford Keyless Emergency start HOW TO?

Thank goodness Ford did something right with keys. We’ve written at length about floppy key blades, dodgy transponder chips and keyless keys not detected. The great news is that by using the Ford keyless emergency start method, you can still get home! With tiny electronics crammed into your Ford keyless key, once it’s been dropped […]

Skoda Octavia Hidden Lock 2013

Hello there. Have you seen where your Skoda Octavia hidden Lock is? Most owners don’t know they have a door lock, let alone where it is! We’ve taken calls from all around the country, from people who are locked out because the key battery is flat. Today’s post is all about your Skoda Octavia hidden […]

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Vauxhall Flip key Upgrade

We’ve written about how often Vauxhall keys break, they’re the most common key we fix at our shop in Lincoln. Now we’ve found a new type of case that we wanted to tell you about. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a Vauxhall Flip key upgrade. The new style case has smooth curved lines and […]

How Can you programme your car key?

Look at eBay and Amazon and you’ll see there are plenty of new and second-hand car keys for sale. The question is, can you programme your car key yourself? This is the most common question we’re asked, so after answering lots of emails, here’s everything we know. Programme your car key 101 The first thing […]

Buying Peugeot Car Keys Online

Buying car keys on-line can save you lots of money. Buying the wrong car key on-line will waste your money, and cause you to waste time. There’s a problem with buying Peugeot car keys online and we want to tell you about it. It should be easy. If you have a Peugeot 207, it should […]