Just when you think car and van keys can’t get any worse, we have a new contender for ‘crap car key of the year’. Earlier this week we looked at out first broken Ford Connect key and the van is only 18 months old! If you have a van that looks like this, read on.

We’ve written at length about problems with the Ford Transit and Ford Custom keys, and expected better from Ford, however these keys look like they are big trouble. The key blade is held in the flip key holder by a roll pin. Unfortunately, the metal is too weak for the daily use from van owners all over the UK. The blade holder cracks and breaks and you’re left with a broken Ford Connect key.


broken ford connect key

It may that these keys are covered under warranty, so if you have a broken key, check with your local dealer. If not, there is a simple fix that is very easy compared with other car key repairs. You need the following

  1. A good quality repair case
  2. A pin removal punch
  3. A needle file

How To Repair you Broken Ford Connect Key

Firstly get yourself a good repair case. These are available online, and come in various quality. We’ve tested a few and found that these are good standard. They fit well and feel like the original. You can buy this case buy clicking the link below.

Here’s a link to our shop that has the repair kits you need. 

Get your new case turning the locks

We always stress that you don’t want to open up your old key, before the new case is ready.

You have two choices.

  1. Get the supplied blade cut to match your van.
  2. Or the really good thing about these cases is that they accept the original Ford blade with just a little modification. You’ll need a pin removal punch to help knock out the blade that comes with the new case.

Open the Old Case

Now it’s time to open up the old key. Remove the key battery cover by inserting a screwdriver into the opening as shown. Then gently lever up the cover to show the key battery.

broken ford connect key

There is only one screw that is holding the case together. Undo this screw and then try and pull the case apart.

Sometimes these are very tight and Circlip pliers will help. If you’ve never seen these before, they are amazing.

We use them all day long and the jaws separate when the handles are squeezed. Insert the jaws into the case and squeeze to open the case.

Next, carefully remove the board from the old case. There are two plastic lugs that locate into the circuit board and these can make it slightly tricky for the board to come out. We recommend a very thin blade and gently lever the board out.


Watch out for the grey rectangular component on the green circuit board.

broken ford connect key

This is part of the immobiliser and if it’s damaged you will end up with a broken Ford Connect key that no longer starts the van!

Open New Case

Fortunately, when this style of case is opened, bits don’t fly everywhere! Pull the case apart and the spring and blade assembly are self contained and stay in one piece, unlike other Ford cases,

Insert the electronics into the new case, close up both halves, making sure they are lined up, and then screw both parts together. Test the flip to make sure it works smoothly.

Last thing is to replace the key battery, check it opens the van with the buttons and of course, starts the van.

If you prefer to watch a video, here’s our HOW TO for you.

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