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Broken Transporter Key Snapped in Lock

This weeks car key review was easy to choose. When our customer arrived with his 2017 VW van, we couldn’t believe our eyes! With a broken Transporter key, he needed help. German engineering? It used to stand for something. The old VW cars and vans would run forever. The keys from 2003 era vehicles are […]

Broken Car Key Top 5 Problems

If you read our blog, you’ll know we’ve tried to spread the word about car key problems, and get you ready for a broken car key. We get daily emails from around the world, and they all have a similar question. How can I fix my broken car key ? So here’s our list of […]

Broken Vauxhall Key Problem

Every week we talk to customers who are pulling their hair out, with a broken Vauxhall key. Good news – they are easy to fix. Here’s all you need to fix your broken Vauxhall Key Broken Vauxhall Key  – What you’ll need to fix it. Most Importantly. Both parts of the key! If your blade […]

Car Key Battery Failure Problem

‘Why can’t I just change my car key battery?’ Welcome to another blog post, today we’re looking at rechargeable car keys. This problem is getting worse. When your car key buttons stop working, you just want to change the battery. We get it. Unfortunately you can’t, at least not easily. There are several type of […]

New Ford Key Battery Change

Need to change your Ford key battery? then this is for you. Today we’re looking at the newest type Ford proximity key that is used on many vehicles, including the new Mondeo. The key will be similar to this one. If you’re in America, you may have additional buttons according to the model, but they […]

Worn Car Key won’t turn lock

If your car key won’t turn in the lock, this is for you. We see this every week. Customers stranded because although they can get into the car, the key is rock solid in the ignition.  Whatever you do, your car key won’t turn. To be honest, there’s normally a bit a of a warning […]

Fix Broken Hyundai Key Loose Blade

At the last count, 400,000 had watched our YouTube video on ‘how to fix a broken Hyundai Key’. It’s our most watched video so this shows around the world there’s a problem. So here are step-by-step instructions on how you can fix your own broken Hyundai key. The problem is a hole.   The key […]