If you’re reading this, and have a broken car key, you’re not alone. Broken car keys are a big problem, and having a broken Vauxhall key fob is really common these days.

The problem is the whole flip key thing. We all love a flip key, having a blade that folds away is so important to some people. We get that they look smart and it’s nice to have the blade tucked away.

However, folding keys are the number one reason for having a broken Vauxhall key fob. We fix and replace hundreds of these every year in our shop and by post all around the UK.

What can I do about my broken Vauxhall Key Fob?

If your broken Vauxhall key fob looks like the photo above, then you’re in luck, you have a number of options. You don’t have to have a brand new dealer key.


Do you have both parts of the key? Are you using the blade and the fob separately? Putting the blade in and then turning the blade with the broken fob?

That will work until you lose the blade (we see this a lot). Keep the blade safe and get your broken Vauxhall key fob fixed while you still have it, (otherwise it gets expensive!).

Broken Vauxhall Key Fob – Option One

The cheapest and riskiest option? Do nothing. We meet people that use the key and the blade separately for years! How they get away with it is amazing, but they have a system for keeping the blade in the penny slot. When they need to drive, they unlock the car with the fob and the blade is always in the car!

This is fine all the time the fob works, however, if the key battery goes flat, or worse still, the car battery, trouble begins!

Being locked out of a car, when the key blade is inside is an expensive mistake to be paying for. Most Auto Locksmiths will charge between £90 – £150 to get into your car.

Broken Vauxhall Key Fob – Option Two

Fixing your own flip key could be for you. We’re great believers that as car owners, we are all being punished for poor design and manufacture. Read all about this here in our blog.

So we’ve made it our mission over the last two years to show you how to fix your own broken key. Our YouTube channel has over 160 videos showing simple repairs and key battery changes.

We have two videos that will help you.

Click here take you to the broken Vauxhall key fob video for you. It covers the following type of car.

Broken Vauxhall Key Fob

Vauxhall Insignia

Broken Vauxhall Key Fob

Vauxhall Astra J

Fancy a Flip key Upgrade?

If you already have a broken Vauxhall key Fob, why not change it over to the newer style of key?

Click to buy the case on Amazon

The internals fit perfectly into this new type of case and it’s simply a case of getting the blade cut, or swapping the blade. Here’s a video we made to show you what’s involved.

Broken Vauxhall Key Fob – Option Three

If you want a brand new key, then again you have a few options. The first and most expensive is to order the key from the dealer and get them to code it in. For that, you’ll need the Security Car pass below.

These passes have important security information that your dealer will need to order and programme the key.

However, you don’t have to get the key from the dealer. If you find a local Auto Locksmith, we expect it will be cheaper and easier. They can offer either a genuine Vauxhall key, or an aftermarket key that may be cheaper.

Whichever you choose, the beauty of choosing an Auto Locksmith is that they won’t need the security car pass. These normally cost £30 from Vauxhall, however, your local expert will most likely just give you these numbers. If they don’t mention them, make sure you ask for them.

So that’s it. There are a range of options to suit your budget. Vauxhall flip keys are pretty poor to be honest, so don’t be surprised when they snap and the blade becomes loose.

We hope this helps






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