Looking to buy a Ford Transit Custom? Or starting to find out about Ford Transit Custom key and locks problems?

You don’t have to look far because there are plenty problems with these vans.

We believe that you need to allow £1000 to sort these problems out. Likewise, if you’re on the lookout for a new van, you need to keep back £1000 this on top of the sale price.

In this article we’ll give an overview of what we’re seeing every day in our business and how to correct Ford Transit Custom key and lock problems.

Top 5 Ford Transit Custom Key Problems

Faulty Keys

What can we say about these other than the terrible design, shoddy manufacture and short life-span? They are the worst keys we see and Ford should be ashamed that so many owners are frustrated and angry.

Tradesmen and women all over the UK, locked out, stranded and paying out extra money because of a broken key.

Ford Transit Custom Key

The faults include

  1. Broken Flip mechanism
  2. Faulty chip signal
  3. Broken rechargeable battery
  4. Lock and unlock buttons not working

At £150 per key as a starting price, that’s the first £300 you’ll need for a pair of new keys.

Ford Transit Custom Key Budget so far – £300.

Ford Transit Custom Key and Ignition Problems

The ignition locks  are made from cheese. That’s the answer we give when we’re asked ‘why a 2016 van needs a brand new ignition lock fitted to it?’

Ford Transit Custom Key

It’s unbelievable that a three year old van is so worn out that it can’t be used by the owner to earn a living. This is the reality on some of the vans we’re seeing and you need to know about it.

Are you just about to buy a van that will need a now ignition lock fitted to it? You’ll need to allow around £150 which will cover the parts and labour. Plus there’s another issue you’ll need to overcome with Ford Transit Custom key and locks.

Ford Transit Custom Key Budget so far – £300 for keys and £150 for an ignition = £450

Ford Transit Custom Key Problem – The dreaded door lock problem

They made one door lock on the van.

Ford Transit Custom Key

The idiot who designed it took fifteen years of lock design and threw it out of the window. This new design of lock is so bad, it should have been recalled. It’s been the cause of thousands of vans getting broken into all over the UK.

Search Twitter, Facebook or Google for ‘Transit Custom van broken into and you’ll get a picture of just how angry owners are.



If the door lock is attacked, then the starting bill to replace it is £200.

Ford Transit Custom Key

This allows the extra labour you’ll need to pay to get the lock removed. Getting them out when they have been attacked can be a nightmare. If the door latch, (the thing that sits behind the door lock) is broken, add on another £300.

Ford Transit Custom Key Budget so far – £300 for keys and £150 for an ignition plus £200 for a new door lock = £650

Ford Transit Custom Key Problem – Security Locks.

There are two issues here.

  1. Replacement Security Door Locks
  2. Additional Security Locks for the rest of the van

If you don’t have security locks, and you haven’t had the Ford security update, then in our opinion, you may as well leave your van unlocked at night time.  Security Locks are an absolute must.

Ford Transit Custom Key

You should allow £500 for a replacement door lock plus security deadlocks on the load area, or just £300 for the rear load area.

Ford Transit Custom Key Budget so far – £300 for keys and £150 for an ignition plus £150 for a new door lock and £300 for security locks = £950

Ford Transit Custom Key ignition Ring

This is a new problem we’ve discovered, and fortunately is a bargain compared to the others. If you don’t know about it, check out our short one minute video about the problem.

The ignition rings are only about £40 and fitting shouldn’t cost a lot, so get it sorted sooner rather than later to avoid recovery charges. You will pay a big bill getting you’re van on the back of a truck, compared to the cost of a ring.

Ford Transit Custom Key Budget so far – £300 for keys and £150 for an ignition plus £150 for a new door lock and £300 for security locks, oh and the ignition ring makes it £1000.

So that’s your £1000, spent in the few months after owning the van, so keep this in mind when buying your new Ford Custom, or Transit.

Then there’s the new problem of them being stolen, but that is another post completely! Click Here to read more about that problem.









6 replies
  1. stephen beck
    stephen beck says:

    I have a custom trend. In short I could not turn the key on the ignition. Steering was locked. I now have a bill of almost £1200. It needed a new steering column and lock set. Can this be right?
    Thankyou steve

  2. Ian McDougall
    Ian McDougall says:

    Hi I’m thinking of buying a 15 plate high mileage ford custom transit is there a chance lock problem will have been sorted out ?an what else should l look fore

    • Steve Bulleyment
      Steve Bulleyment says:

      Hi Ian, we regularly replace ignition locks of 16 and 17 plate vans, plus the keys. Make sure you check the door lock works ok!


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