Nissan Proximity Key damage from changing key battery

Imagine it’s Christmas Day. You’ve done it all right. There are batteries for every present, you just need to put the batteries in! What could go wrong? Next, you open up the battery compartment and in doing so break it, so it can’t be used.  You’d be upset, your child would be mad at you and the shops would be shut. Basically you’d be screwed. Welcome to the world of the Nissan Proximity key damage. If you have one and are thinking about changing the key battery, read on.

Nissan Proximity Key damage

This week in our shop we had our first Nissan casualty due to Inferior component design. The customer had a warning on the dashboard that the key battery was low, so decided to change it (how hard can it be?). It turns out, harder than he expected and as he opened up the Nissan Proximity key, he wrecked it.

Nissan Proximity Key damage caused by bad battery change

If you watch the video below, you’ll see how the damage happened and how you can prevent it. We believe that the Nissan Proximity key damage has been caused by poor design (Inferior component design). Over thirty years ago, I worked at IBM Computers in Havant UK, making Flexi Circuits for computers. The delicate chips were protected against damage, being covered in a liquid resin material. When it dried, it protected the delicate components from damage and was important to the life of the product.

Nissan Proximity Key damage

This photo shows the encapsulation process, with the resin poured over and then cured in an oven. In our opinion, this is what they needed to do with the Nissan proximity key.

Nissan Proximity Key damage

To open the key, a screwdriver is inserted into a small gap and the case can be opened up. However, if too much force is applied and the screwdriver slips, it can scrape along the electronic circuit board. This photo shows the comparison between before and after.

Nissan Proximity Key damage

Had it been encapsulated, as the circuits were at IBM were,  the key would have survived. Instead, this expensive, poorly designed key was wrecked. Our customer was able, clever and should have been very capable of changing the key battery, so take care when you change yours. We hope this video helps.


Nissan Qashqai Testimonial

Here is a testimonial from from another happy customer. He’d noticed the Nissan key problem getting worse and found us on-line. After driving a few hours on a saturday morning we quickly fixed the ignition, curing the problem.

So because he was so pleased, we asked him to put it on film..


Nissan Qashqai – Removing the Ignition

If you’ve read our blog previously, you’ll know that we’ve spotted a problem with Nissan Qashqai, Note and Micra ignition locks. Over a year ago, we looked at our first Qashqai problem.  We had the car in our workshop for a spare key, and couldn’t remove the customer’s key from the ignition! We had to take off the ignition and strip it down while the customer waited in our reception area. This gave us an insight into the problems garages must have. Imagine they have a Qashqai in for a service or unrelated repair and then can’t get the key out of the ignition! So we dug a bit deeper into the problem, and found a solution which is detailed here

However, many people who have this problem with their Qashqai live far from us, but would like to have the ignition repaired. Obviously, we’ll never get to everyone.  At the request of a few of our customers, we’ve put down a few pointers for anyone wanting to have a go at removing their own ignition, instead of having to take it to a garage. In this world of DIY, we know that there are a percentage of you out there that are happy to take this on. We’ve also made this video that will show you clearly what you need to do.

Here is a testimonial from one of our customers who watched the video and saved themselves time and money..

Here is a link to that video

Once you have the ignition removed, we can fix it for you.

Vist our shop to find out more our repair service

Is Nissan Qashqai DIY for you?

If you don’t like tools, or don’t have the confidence to have a go at removing the faulty ignition lock, we understand. Hopefully, this will help you understand the problem, and give you some confidence when talking to your repair garage.

For those of you that do fancy having a go, have no fear. Of all the cars we look at, the way that the ignition is secured to the car is pretty basic. Forget the cars look really nice, they’re basically just screws and bolts to undo, no magic tricks like on other models.

Tools needed

Again, the tools you need are really basic, just a hammer, dot punch and phillips screwdriver. We’ve included a photo of what you need in the video above.

The important thing to remember here is that when you are swinging a hammer and chisel around inside a car, you need to be careful! There are lots of nice looking things that the hammer can hit, like a dashboard, instrument cluster, windscreen, oh and of course you. However, what you must remember is that when you take your car to Nissan, or your local garage,  these are the tools that they’ll be using, just the same. They’ll also be swinging a hammer around in the car, just the same, there are no magic tricks here.

Why do I need a Hammer?

Well the bolts that hold on the ignition are called ‘Shear Head’ bolts. Have a quick look at this short video we found so you understand how they work.

The biggest problem here is having the confidence to hit one of the security bolts with a hammer and punch. Because the head of the bolt is removed when it’s tightened, the only way to undo it,  is to knock it around with a sharp dot punch and hammer. With the Nissan cars, normally a few controlled hits with a hammer and punch are all that’s needed.  Just remember to turn the bolt anti-clockwise, otherwise you’ll be tightening them up!

So if you fancy having a go at getting the ignition off, take a look at our video we made. It’s about ten minutes long, but we’ve tried our best to show you as much detail as possible.

If you do decide to use our Nissan Qashqai ignition repair service, you can either purchase it online following this link

Or call us and we can answer any questions you have.

We hope this has helped. Call us if you need help, that’s why we’re in business.