Hello there. Have you seen where your Skoda Octavia hidden Lock is?

Most owners don’t know they have a door lock, let alone where it is! We’ve taken calls from all around the country, from people who are locked out because the key battery is flat.

Today’s post is all about your Skoda Octavia hidden lock. This is about a 2013 car but we believe it will apply to similar ages and models.

Skoda Octavia hidden lock

Once you know where it is and how to uncover it, you’ll never be locked out again.

Why have they designed a Skoda Octavia hidden lock?

For years there’s been three locks, drivers door, passenger door and boot. From 2008 things started to change. We believe they scrimped on spending out on new parts, and stopped putting a boot and passenger lock on new models.

Bad move, simply because when your only lock stops working, or it’s vandalised, you’re in big trouble. Anyway, that’s another blog post, lets get back on track.

So in the last five years they’ve decided to hide the door lock on certain cars. We presume it’s to make them look a bit more bling. It’s a bad idea, no-one shows you where your Skoda Octavia hidden lock is, or how to use it when you first buy the car. So we’ve decided to show you, because sooner or later, you’ll need it.

Where is my Skoda Octavia Hidden Lock?

If you’ll look on the drivers side, where the lock normally is, you’ll just see a face cap. Underneath this cover is the lock.

Uncovering your Skoda Octavia hidden lock.

If you look under the face cap, you should find a small slot.

Skoda Octavia hidden lock

This is the same size as your car key blade. The idea is that you put the blade into the door lock and pull it towards you.

Skoda Octavia hidden lock

However, we’ve found a problem with this. When we took these photos, it was a cold and icy day. These are the weather conditions when your car battery may be flat and the key buttons stop working. When we tried to loosen the cap with the key, it was too tight and we were worried that the key would break.

Have you heard about the problem with these keys breaking easily? Take a look at our post all about these keys snapping after just a few years.

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Best way to uncover your Skoda Octavia hidden lock safely

So to save the car key from snapping, we used a screwdriver. This meant that it was stronger and we had a bit more leverage. Lever the bottom of the cap away and it will then lift off away from the lock. Careful that it doesn’t fall onto the road and get scratched.

Skoda Octavia hidden lock

But my Skoda Octavia hidden lock won’t work!

If you put the key in the lock, but it won’t turn, we think we know why!

When we tried to unlock the car in this photo shoot, the car wouldn’t unlock. It was because the key will not work unless it is put in the correct way.

Skoda Octavia hidden lock

The design of the key means that it’s fatter on one edge. The key body hits the handle, so it won’t go all the way in,  and stops the lock turning.

Skoda Octavia hidden lock

Turn the key over so you can see the Skoda logo and it will turn the lock clockwise a full 90 degrees and unlock the car!

Once you’re in the car, get a new key battery fitted and then refit the lock cap.

We hope this helps.





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