Buying car keys on-line can save you lots of money. Buying the wrong car key on-line will waste your money, and cause you to waste time. There’s a problem with buying Peugeot car keys online and we want to tell you about it.

It should be easy. If you have a Peugeot 207, it should be a case of looking for a Peugeot 207 key on eBay or Amazon. Simple.

If you do this search, you’ll find thousands of keys that are available. Buying Peugeot car keys online is a lottery, and the odds are not in your favour.

In order for you to get the key to be programmed successfully, the following must be correct about the key.

Buying Peugeot car keys problem 1 – The correct part number

Peugeot 107 /207 / 208 / 307 / 308 / 407. These are different type of cars, with different computers and systems fitted. The keys have a different number of buttons. They also have a different style of lock and hence, a different key blade.

Unfortunately, these five models have over 15 different type of Peugeot flip keys between them. Of these fifteen models, only the correct one will programme to both start the car and operate the remote central locking.

This means that you have 1/15 chance of getting the correct part for your car.


buying peugeot car keys

In this example of an eBay listing, it claims to cover several models including 207,307,308 and 407.  It’s just not possible, so this would be a complete waste of money.

Buying Peugeot car keys problem 2 – The key must be brand new

Peugeot keys can only be programmed to your car if they’re brand new, we call them ‘virgin’ keys. This is a big problem because we see our customers buy Peugeot car keys online, and then want us to cut and programme them.

A virgin key, never programmed before, has a blank space on the chip. When the key is coded, the car writes information to the key.

Simultaneously, the unique key information is written into the car memory and then after that, the car will start.

buying peugeot car keys


The problem with buying a used car key off eBay, or a scrapyard, is that when the car tries to write the information to the key, it can’t do it. This is because it’s already been written to before, when it was programmed to the last car. So again, any money spent is wasted.

Buying Peugeot car keys problem 3 – It’s a case, not a key

Careful when you’re getting a bargain. As well selling car keys on eBay and Amazon, there are many replacement cases available. These are really useful when trying to fix your car key.

Sellers will normally state clearly that you are buying just a case, but we see customers every week that think they have bought a complete key.

This key case is selling for nearly £12, so it feels like you are paying a reasonable amount. This key case is probably very good, and perfect for a repair. It does state clearly, ‘Key Shell Case’. However, it’s easy to make a mistake.

How can eBay sellers get away with selling Peugeot car keys online?

Well eBay is a market, and there will always be buyers who want a bargain.

They get away with it in two ways.

  1. They normally put in a disclaimer which will say, ‘buyers must check that the key is compatible’
  2. It’s possible they don’t know. If it was working on their car, it’s reasonable to believe it can be made to work another car.

So how can you get a good deal when shopping online for car keys?

It’s tricky. There are some good sellers, who sell genuine unused keys with the correct part number. If you can find a good seller, you may save some money.

Another way is to find a seller that can supply aftermarket keys. These have been made compatible with particular models and can be a lot cheaper. It’s the equivalent of buying a Halfords oil filter instead of a genuine Peugeot filter. These work well and we cut and code these regularly for our customers.

However, it’s common for them to have been sent the wrong type of key. When this happens, the key starts the car, but the buttons won’t work. Again, a disappointed eBay customer.

Good Luck. It’s a bit of a minefield out there and so much money is wasted buying second-hand car keys. Please feel free to leave questions and comments below and we hope this has helped you.










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