When you’re locked out, and the car battery is flat, you need to find your hidden car door lock.

You probably don’t think about it, let’s face it, you’ve no reason to. However, if you have the car long enough, either your car key will stop working, or the car battery will go flat. When this happens, you need to know where the lock is.

‘But I don’t have a car door lock’.

There are three reasons , we hear this every week from people locked out of the car.

1.    The worst thing could be that a box-racer has ‘de-locked’ the car or van. We see this occasionally where the lock has been taken out and the hole filled in and sprayed. It’s done to make the car look better. However, we think it’s bonkers. Read this article showing how to professionally remove the lock!


Thankfully it’s rare, so we’ll move on.

2.   The car door lock is on the passenger side! This is common on French vehicles sold in the UK, such as Renault, Peugeot and Citroen. We don’t know why they didn’t put the lock on the driver’s side. Just  look around the car for a lock and get into that car.

car door lock

3.   The car door lock is hidden away under a cap. This is becoming very common on new cars. The good news is that the manufacturers sometimes leave a clue to show you where the car lock is. The lock is usually under a cap. Look for a key symbol on the plastic, embossed into it. The Range Rover door handle below is a good example.

Hidden car door lock examples

car door lock


How do I uncover my hidden car door lock?

The car manufacturers usually keep this simple, because when you are locked out, you won’t have a toolkit! Firstly the cap that covers the lock needs to be removed. At the bottom of the cap there is usually a slot to insert your key blade.

Next it’s a case of pulling the lock cover towards you. If it’s never been removed before, it may be very tight. Use a screwdiver if you think the key is going to break.






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