How to avoid feeling stupid – Don’t use the car key boot button

This will stop you from doing what our other customers do when they are locked out.  It’s easy to prevent so read on. The most common reason for getting locked out is because of the car key boot button.

Most car keys have buttons these days. They make life easy for us by unlocking the car from a distance, especially helpful with kids or when our arms are full.  These buttons also help prevent broken keys in door locks, which is great. So what’s bad about having buttons on keys? Well, quite a lot. They’re the main cause of people getting locked out of cars.

Every week, in our job as Auto Locksmiths, we unlock the latest high-security cars. We’re called when the keys are inside the car and, on closing the door, the car is locked. So how can this happen? When we take the call, our customers often say ‘I can’t believe I’ve been so stupid’, however we see many normal, clever, sensible people, so we think there’s another reason for this.

Most keys have a function that allows the user to press the ‘boot’ button and it will unlock the boot only, leaving the rest of the car locked. The car key boot button will leave you in BIG trouble.


Car Key Boot Button






Are you trying to tell me that the manufacturers have paid all this money out to develop a button I’m not allowed to use? Well yes, if you want to save yourself being one of the  ‘I’ve been so stupid’ people.

It’s obvious when you think about it. A typical situation is this.

Locked out Scenario One

Car Key Boot Button


You’re at the supermarket and have a few too many things in your hands. It’s raining and as you approach the car, you press the boot button, which pops the boot up. Great so far, but here comes the problem. Because you have your hands full, you put the keys into your handbag, or into the shopping. Then once you’ve put the shopping into the boot, you slam it shut. Now you have the keys inside the car and the car is locked (and it’s raining!)

Locked out Scenario Two

locked out









You’ve been playing golf, or at the gym and once again you’ve finished and you unlock the boot. On this occasion you’ve had a jacket on but it’s got warmer so you want to take it off before going back into the clubhouse for a pint. This time you put the car keys into your jacket pocket, put the jacket into the boot and hey presto, you’re locked out!

It’s not your fault. It would be so much better if the whole car unlocked when you press the boot button. That way, when you do the unthinkable, and realise the keys are inside, you are able to get back into the car quickly to get the keys. None of the manufacturers offer this as an option yet.

So please, take advantage of our experience. The next time you feel tempted to press the boot button, make sure you unlock the rest of the car as well !

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