Every week we talk to frustrated car owners who are trying to save money on car keys. In the last ten years the cost of new car keys has slowly crept up. We’ve given quotes for keys with some hitting the £450 mark. This is crazy money, especially when the cars are only worth between £500-£1000!

Click Here for a few examples of crazy prices….

The normal main dealer answer to the problem of a broken car key would be to sell you a new key and then booking the car in for key programming.  However, when we talk to car owners, many can’t justify the expense.

So with this in mind, here are four ideas on how to keep your car key working and car running and get a spare without breaking the bank.

Save Money on car keys – Our top Four ideas

Idea One – Get your car key repaired.

Although the main dealerships can’t offer this service, independent Auto-Locksmiths specialise in taking the faulty key you have and replacing the just the parts you need, rather than the whole key. We understand the problem you have, what has caused the key to stop working and how to put it right.

Sometimes, they are beyond repair, but take a look at just a few of the keys that we rescued, so the owners could save money on car keys.

save money on car keys

save money on car keys


In Lincoln, we fix keys that have broken key blades, faulty buttons, broken cases and most problems. There are good quality parts available now and they will save you money if you can find a Local Auto Locksmith to help you. Click Here to find out HOW TO find someone.

Idea Two – Get a key without buttons

What do you need a spare key for? Over half of our local customers want a spare key just in case. A lot of the time it will just sit in a drawer for that day when the main car keys have vanished!

So a key without buttons will let you get to work, or get the kids to school until you get can have a proper look at home. We guess that 80% of car keys turn up eventually, so a key without buttons may be the answer.

This key will definitely help you save money on car keys. For example, a Peugeot 107 key with buttons normally costs around £150, however a basic key that will start the car can be as little as £70, over half price.

Can all cars have a key without buttons?

No, it depends on a number of things.

  1. Does the car have an alarm?  Most people think they have an alarm, but most cars don’t have one. If it does, there’s a good chance it can only be deactivated with the car key buttons.
  2. Is there a key hole on the drivers door? You would think it would be standard, however easy to use key holes on the drivers door are now in short supply! In some cases they are covered up.

On this Skoda Octavia car it’s hidden under a cap, click here to find out more. In other cases it is on the passenger side, such as Renault, Citroen and Peugeot models.

Lastly, does the door lock actually work anymore? Many of the cars we see have only one lock and it no longer works. Have you checked yours?

Idea three – Get an Aftermarket Key

What is an aftermarket key? Ok, so when you buy a key from the dealer, it’s like shopping at Waitrose or Marks and Spencer. Yes it costs a lot, but generally the stuff is good quality and you expect a good product.

Compare this to Lidl or Aldi. Now I think these shops are great, but the choice is a bit limited and the lower price can be taken as a lower quality product. This is the same as an aftermarket remote key.

Often the aftermarket keys are very cheap. Some cut and programme absolutely fine. Others are terrible quality and won’t programme up to the car. Have you heard of KeyDIY keys? These are fairly new and are an excellent example of good quality keys at a sensible price.

Idea Four – Use a local Auto Locksmith

When you visit the dealer you are paying for the free coffee, sky TV and people that sit around and look smart. We get on very well with the dealers and know they are good at what they do. However, the high car key prices all pay towards that luxury look.

An Auto Locksmith has lower overheads and we believe most pass that saving on to you, our customer. It’s good to shop locally and we hope you find someone who’s keen to help you.

All these ideas will help you save money on car keys and we hope it’s given you money saving advice. if you have any questions, please ask in the comments below





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