Ford Transit Custom won’t start

It's the last thing you need. With a full day ahead of you and money to earn, your Ford Transit Custom won't start. Although there are hundreds of possibilities that require expert diagnostic help, we do know about one simple reason that is…

New Car Keys just got Cheaper

If you're after a new car key but don't want to pay the crazy dealer prices, this is for you. A company has developed a new type of car key that can be configured to suit many of the latest cars. This means that at long last, new car keys are…
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Cheaper Car Keys now available

If you've had a quote for an electronic car key, and it's made you mad, then this is for you. In recent months, a new range of cheaper car keys have come on the market, saving everyone money. When we first saw these keys we were cautious.…
Ford Connect non start
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Ford Connect No Key Detected

Having trouble starting your new Ford Connect van? This week we're looking at a brand new problem, all about the 'Ford Connect No Key Detected' warning message. It's such a simple design issue but is causing big problems already. We've…

Broken Ford Connect Key 2018 HOW TO Fix loose blade

Just when you think car and van keys can't get any worse, we have a new contender for 'crap car key of the year'. Earlier this week we looked at out first broken Ford Connect key and the van is only 18 months old! If you have a van that looks…
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