Ford Custom Door Lock is Damaged-What next?

Firstly, if you been broken into and tools stolen, then we’re sorry to hear this. It’s a real problem for any Ford Custom owner at the moment, and tools go missing in seconds. That aside, if you notice your Ford Custom door lock is damaged, you really need to get it sorted out.

Ford Custom Door Lock Damage

Ford Custom door lock

The lock should look like this. The key-way runs vertically.

Ford Custom Door Lock

Whereas in these two photos, you can clearly see how the lock has been twisted.

Ford Custom Door Lock

Once you look around, it’s shocking how many owners are buying these vans with locks already damaged. Thieves have got so good at breaking in there’s not alot of obvious damage to the Ford Custom door lock.

How come it’s twisted so easily?

When you look at the design of the standard Ford lock, it’s no wonder that they are so easy to twist open.

Ford Custom door lock

The plunger is used to keep the door lock in the correct orientation. However, thieves worked out within weeks of the release that the Ford Custom door lock was easy to break.

The other lock in the photo is a high security lock and the plunger is made from steel and screwed in place to stop the the lock being twisted.

Do I need to change my Ford Custom door lock?

Yes. If your lock has been attacked, you’re vulnerable from another easy break-in and your key will probably won’t work anymore in the lock.

Imagine in the winter when the battery goes flat on the van, you’ll need a door lock that works, otherwise you’ll be locked out of the van! If the battery is flat on the van, then it won’t open off the key!

You must sort it out to prevent these problems ruining your day.

Changing the Ford Custom Door Lock

Before these locks are attacked, they are very simple to change.

1.    Remove the door card.

2.  Remove the ‘C’ Clip that keeps the door lock in place

3.  Turn the lock 90 degrees so the lock plunger can be pressed in.

4.  Once the plunger is pressed in, twist the lock in the opposite direction and pull it out of the door.

It can be quite fiddly to push the plunger in!

Changing the Ford door lock when it’s damaged

This can be tricky.

The problem you have is the the back of the lock has been damaged. On top of this, the lock body may be mis-shapen and this causes two problem

1     The lock cannot be turned to the correct position, so that the plunger can be pressed in. The key may turn in the door, but because the Ford Custom door lock is damaged.

It’s like the lock turns in fresh air!

2   The plunger is broken, as well as the lock body, which means it cannot be pushed in.

3   The lock body it stuck and won’t come out of the van.

When this happens, there’s no simple answer. It’s simply a case of trying to force the lock to turn. It will help if you can remove any part of the lock that’s broken.

Ford Custom Door Lock


Or it may be a case of chopping the face of the lock off to remove and replace the door latch. This is when it gets an expensive repair.

Should I get a high security lock?

Yes. The standard Ford Custom door lock is a joke, whereas the replacement locks are now good quality and don’t require the lock to be modified. This may be important if it’s a hire van.

If your door lock is twisted, sort it out before it becomes a major problem for you.




Broken Car Key Blade

‘I looked on the floor and saw my car key blade!’

‘I heard a noise, thank goodness, if I’d been on the grass, it would be lost for good’

Sound familiar?

There’s a new problem that’s starting to feed through into our everyday cars. It leaves us stranded, even with a car key!

Every week we get emails from frustrated readers and hear about the problem they have with a wobbly or broken car key blade. So, we wanted to warn you about the most troublesome keys to watch out for, and what can be done about it.

But before that, why are car key blades just dropping out of keys? Let’s have a look at how they’re held into the main button part of the key.

Car Key Blade Fitting – How most Car Keys are Made

The blade has a groove in it, which is held in key using a small roll pin

car key blade

A hole is needed in the key blade holder, so the pin can be inserted and removed. This is a problem.

car key blade

The hole is to blame. I’ve never blamed a hole before, but this is the problem for sure. There simply isn’t enough metal all around the hole, to keep it from cracking.

car key blade


Or, the blade holder cracks, which opens up the slot where the blade should sit tight

car key blade

Then, when it cracks, it opens up slightly, and the pin drops out


you hear the blade drop to the floor, hopefully.

Flip keys are cool

A Flip key is cool, but trouble.

We all like a flip key. Let’s face it, you press a button, the blade flicks out and we feel like we’re James Bond with this special gadget. In fact, it’s got so popular, that they sell kits to change a normal ‘boring’ key into a flip key.

We don’t recommend this click here to find out why.

The real problem with a car key blade that flicks out, is that they’re not made strong enough. Our customers complain it’s deliberate, that the dealers planned it, so they must buy a new key!

It’s just that these days, we believe they’re just badly designed and produced.

Before we name and shame the worst offenders, this will help.

Top Car Key Blade Tip

If it’s looking wobbly, or is already broken, keep the blade safe. Your bill and your pain will be much higher if you lose the blade. So, keep it safe. Don’t lose it, please.

Let’s have a look at the worst car key blade problems, and what can be done about them.

The Top 3 Broken Car Key Blades

Troublesome Car Key Blade Problems – Top Award – Vauxhall

Vauxhall Astra J, Insignia, Mokka, Corsa E, they’re all the same. If your car key looks like this, you need to keep an eye on the car key blade

vauxhall key

The hole cracks and then the hinge fractures as we’ve shown. We fix about three a week, plus the ones we fix by postSo, it’s a big problem and getting worse as these cars become mainstream.

The good news is you can fix your own Vauxhall key, with a little help from us. Oh look! a handy video

This is a good repair and should give your key a few more years of life. We don’t think the repair cases last quite as long as the original. They have the same problem with cracked holes. However, it will solve your problem cheaply, and is a good fix.

Troublesome Car Key Blade Problems- Second Place – Kia and Hyundai

Oh my, there must be so many owners Hyundai and Kia owners with a broken car key blade problems. Our video has nearly 400,000 views and is our most popular ‘How To’ lesson we have on-line.

Again, the hole cracks, the pin drops out and the blade is lost.

car key blade

Now this repair is a bit trickier, but we’ve tried to explain it in much more detail here. Our advice is go slowly. Be like a mouse, nibble, and nibble and remove the plastic about the chip without being in a rush. If you don’t feel up to it, we can fix it by post.

It helps of course if you have a spare key, the pressure is right off. Take your time, melt the plastic around the chip until it pops out.

Good luck with this repair, and here’s that most viewed, in over 200 countries!

Car Key Blade Third Place Award – VW, Seat, Skoda and Audi

This is a real surprise, simply because VW started the whole flip key thing and they used to be amazingly strong. In fact, we’ve seen the original keys last fifteen years, without any problems.

Alas, those days have gone. In 2010, (a bad year for car keys), the design of the key changed. Blades drop like leaves in Autumn, especially once the ignition locks and housing become stiff. This is another bad problem, for you.

So now we have VW, Seat, Skoda and Audi keys with a car key blade problem. The worst thing is that they changed the design of the key in 2014, and the new keys are even worse! The new style of key is causing quite a drama, with some customers having them replaced under warranty.


This is the most difficult key to fix out of the three, simply because when you open the key, here’s a chance the chip will break. That’s bad, you’ll be stranded. Have a read to get more of an idea whether you should attempt this.

When we fix these by post, we always wait for a quiet time before fixing them, so we can concentrate. So, take care with your key.

Car Key Blade News- Is it getting better?

There are now more cars getting made with proximity, or Keyless keys. So, with these keys, there isn’t a car key blade to cause problems, or an ignition to break.

There are new problems with these keys, and we cover them here. In the meantime, we don’t think anyone is sitting down and planning an ultra-strong car key. So, we believe the problem is here to stay.

Watch out for news from us, but more importantly, keep an eye out for your car key blade!






Hyundai ix35 Locked out with Keyless Car Key

It’s ‘Tech Tuesday’ , when we publish our weekly technical guide. This week we’re looking at problems with ‘Keyless cars’. If you have your Hyundai ix35 long enough, there’s a chance you’ll be locked out with Keyless Car Key problems.

Lets talk about why this might happen.

There are a few reasons why you may find yourself locked out with Keyless Car Key problems, so lets have a look.

Flat Battery on the Car leaves you Locked out with Keyless Car Key

Remember the olden days when the ice was thick on the windscreen?  A chorus of  cars struggling to start would fill the neighbourhood. This doesn’t happen these days. The cars won’t turnover once the battery drops to a certain level, they just sit and won’t even crank.

However there are still plenty of cars with flat batteries, leaving owners locked out with Keyless Car Key problems.

In normal use, the car detects you walking up to the car, then unlocks automatically.

However, if the car battery is dead, it won’t unlock. The car is asleep, deaf to you and your keyless car key.

So when this happens, you’ll need to know how to unlock the car using the emergency key blade.

Flat Keyless Car Key Battery

This is obvious, but it needs thinking about.

You get a warning on your dashboard when the key battery is low. We know everyone is busy and you may not have time to get it changed. Did you know you can do it yourself?

Click here to find out how to change a car key battery.

However, if you leave it too long before you change the key battery, you’ll be locked out with keyless car key drama, so you’ll need to know how to use the emergency key blade. Click here for instructions on how to use the blade.

Faulty Keyless Car Key

So you may be to blame for a low battery ( don’t be too hard on yourself) but you can’t help it when the key goes wrong. This still leaves you locked out with Keyless Car Key.

Faulty car keys are leading to owners getting locked with keyless car key problems. When the key stops giving off the special keyless signal, then the car won’t recognise it.

This could be because of several reasons such as the key being dropped and damaged, or getting wet. Water and electronics don’t mix well. Here’s advice if the key gets wet.

Opening the Car with the Emergency Blade

When you find yourself locked out with Keyless Car Key, you need to remove the emergency key blade from the remote. Just press the small silver button.

Locked out with Keyless Car Key

Next, pull the blade away from the remote

Locked out with Keyless Car Key

Place the blade into the door lock

Locked out with Keyless Car Key

Then turn to the rear of the car, anti-clockwise.

Locked out with Keyless Car Key

Then the door will open, don’t worry if there is a bit of noise from the alarm!

You can still start the car if you have these problems, just click here for our guide

We hope this has been helpful




Vauxhall Movano Key Prices Problems 2003-2010

Based on The Renault Master, If you have a Movano Key, you have one of the best van keys on the market. They just got it right. No folding flips, or tiny little buttons.

The key comes in two parts. The remote has two buttons, open and close, or occasionally three buttons on some models. The extra button allows the load area to be unlocked independently.

The rubber buttons do wear through on the Movano key, but the switches underneath are big and strong and so can withstand the rough handling. Even when the electronic switches are damaged, they can be replaced easily.

Spare Keys


You’ll find a big difference between the price of a key from the dealer and if you buy one from an independent. The dealers charge over £240 for a spare Movano Key, however, we think this is excessive. Expect to pay £120 – £140 for a new, two button remote key from an independent Auto Locksmith or key cutting shop. This gains five stars.


They’re just really good quality. Hard wearing and robust, even when they look a bit tired. Again, the Movano Key earns five stars.

Movano key

This type of wear and tear can easily be repaired, to save you needing a new key.


There’s lots of equipment on the market now that will code you a Movano key without any need for the security code. It’s a bit embarrassing that the dealers still need the code to be honest. So again nice and easy and five stars.


There have been a few problems getting hold of these genuine keys. This has led to some delays when doing spare keys or lost. We keep a good supply in because we don’t want to use the aftermarket version which are much poorer quality. Any decent Auto Locksmith will keep a Movano key in stock, so there shouldn’t be any delay.

Lost Keys

Lots of good news for you here. The locks can be decoded  and give us the key number so we can cut a key.  As we’ve already mentioned, a good Auto-Locksmith will not need codes.

However, if for some reason you do need a dealer code, the good news is that unlike Ford, the records kept by Vauxhall are very good. They key the key number and immobiliser code for every Vauxhall Movano key in a central database and is issued as a ‘Car Pass’.

Movano keyVivaro Key

To obtain the car pass there are a few hoops to jump through. You’ll need the logbook, a utility bill, and some photo identification. It all needs to be in the same name and address.

Then once this is done, you may have to wait up to three days.

Like we said, try to avoid this if you can.

The car pass will cost around £30 depending on what the dealer charges in your area. Although this seems to be a pain, at least they are available, with a Ford van, then it it’s a different story.

Losing your Vauxhall Movano key shouldn’t be stressful. A good Auto Locksmith will be very happy to get your phone call. How do you find a good Auto Locksmith?

As a guide price, you should expect to pay £180-£240 for someone to replace a lost Vauxhall Movano key. The price range is this large depending on location and competition. If you’re waiting for more than a day, you need to find a different Auto-Locksmith instead of the dealer.

We hope this helps.


Ford Cmax No Key Detected

Welcome to another look at the problems with keyless cars, especially those by Ford. Today we’re looking at the Ford C-Max ‘No Key Detected’ message.

We’re going to assume you’re inside the car. If you’re not, take a look at our article on how to unlock your keyless Ford, with the emergency key blade.

You’ll get the C-Max ‘no key detected’ message after you’ve pressed the button on the dash.

Cmax No Key Detected

This just means that the car isn’t seeing your key for some reason. It could be because the key battery has finally given up, in which case click here. (It’s very easy to change these batteries yourself, if you have a steady hand and know what to do.)

Or maybe the key, or car is faulty, however the main this is getting the car started so you can take it somewhere and get it looked at.

Thankfully, Ford have built in an emergency start procedure, so you can use the car even with a C-Max ‘no key detected’ message.

All you need is the emergency key blade from inside the key.

7 steps to overcome Ford C-Max ‘No Key Detected

1. Find the Keyless emergency start position. There are five different places on Ford cars. The 2014 Ford C-Max uses the most common position.

Cmax No key Detected

2. Use the key blade in the access hole and Gently prise away the cover.


Cmax No Key Detected

3. Offer the ‘fat’ end of the key to the slot.

Cmax No Key Detected



4. Push the key into the slot.

CMax No Key Detected

5. Put your foot on the clutch as usual, then press the button.

Cmax No Key Detected

6. The Ford C-Max no key detected message should disappear and the car should start as usual. Now you’re up and running.

7. Get the battery replaced in your car key

You can use this method every time you get the Ford C-Max ‘no key detected’ message. In fact, we see some cars the that re used daily with the key in the slot. However usually the key just needs a key battery. This will take care of your C-Max ‘no key detected’ message.

If you have the message but your emergency start position is missing, take a look at our handy Ford Emergency Keyless start guide

We hope this is useful. Please leave any questions you have below and look out for other articles looking at Keyless start issues.







Faulty Car Key Chip means you’re going nowhere!

Welcome to Day One of our series, explaining why a faulty car key will get you in trouble. Today we’re looking at the faulty car key chip problem.

They’ve made the immobiliser system so clever, that ‘hotwiring’ is a thing of the past. Unfortunately, it also means when your car key chip plays up, you end up stranded.

Every week we get emails from all around the world asking the same question.

‘My car won’t start, is my car key chip faulty?’

Unfortunately car keys get the blame when everything else has been ruled out. This is especially true when the keys already look tired and worn.

So here is our best advice on whether the car key chip is faulty, or not.

Clues that you have a faulty car key chip

There are no set rule with cars, to tell if the car key chip is playing up. Each manufacturer has different ways to immobilise the car.

For some it will cut the fuel off so the car turns over, but will not fire up.

With other types of car, it will sit there lifeless, as if the starter motor has died.

So here’s a rough guide on whether to blame the car key chip. We’ve broken it up by manufacturer and hope it helps.

Ford Car key chip fault is crystal clear.

When a Ford Car cannot see the correct car key chip for the car, it won’t crank. That means that you’ll turn the ignition on, and although the dash will light up, it won’t even try to start.

As well as this, somewhere on the dash, often near the speedo, there will be a red warning light. This light will flash very quickly.

Or if you have a more modern Ford with Keyless start, then you’ll get a message displayed.

So Ford cars are the easiest to diagnose, if it cranks, it’s not a key problem, don’t waste money on a new key.

Vauxhall car key chip is a tale of two tribes

If you’re in the old tribe, with cars made before about 2004, then you’ll have a tiny little car key chip in the key that you can actually see

Car Key Chip

Vauxhall Chip

These never give up, unless you microwave them by mistake, in which case yes, you’ll end up with a faulty car key chip.

Pic of keys in microwave

So with an older Vauxhall Car, if the car key chip is faulty or missing, the car will crank, but it won’t fire up. There will also be a flashing light in the dash.

Car Key Chip

Spanner Light

It’s yellow and we call it the ‘spanner light’. So a flashing light is car key chip trouble. Older cars that we’re talking about include the Astra G, Zafira A, Corsa C, and Vectra B. 

However, if you have a newer Vauxhall, the rules change, you’re in a different tribe. Newer Vauxhall keys are terrible quality on so many levels.

They use a different type of chip and it will go faulty if a butterfly flaps it’s wings across the world somewhere.

When this happens, your car will not crank. Just like the Ford, it will sit there dead as the Norwegian Blue Parrot, and will not start. It won’t even make the noise like it’s trying to start, There will also be a yellow padlock or key light on the dash.

Get you car key checked with a local Car Key Man Auto Locksmith before you spend any money. Most companies are happy to do a free test of the car key. Then they’ll know if your car key chip has given up.

Peugeot and Citroen, where do I start?

The good thing about Peugeot and Citroen Car Keys is ? They include a message on the dash display telling you, the car key chip is faulty.

Maybe the engineers could see into the future, so they included a message that lights up the display. When the key is faulty it reads

car key chip

‘Info Faulty Theft’, Which in human speak is, ‘Your key has had it’

When the Peugeot and Citroen car key chip starts to play up, it begins as an intermittent fault. Maybe it will cause you problems once a week and you’ll brush it off. Then it will be twice a week, twice a day, and eventually you’ll be stranded.

Car Key Man Top Tip

With Peugeot and Citroen car keys , there is a hack that will allow you to start the car a few times so you can get it home, or to a garage. Click here to find out more.

The car will still crank, unless it’s one of the very latest models. However for all the noise, it won’t start.

Our advice?

Get it looked at sooner rather than later. If you can drive it to a garage, great. If you have to put on the back of a recovery truck, it gets expensive!

car key chip

Renault Car keys pay the mortgage

Ask anyone in the motor trade what they think of Renault car keys and you better cover your ears. They’re just trouble. In our house, they are known as the ‘car that pays the mortgage’. Unfortunately for you, they’re bad.

Why would you take a whole lot of delicate electronics and put them into a thin credit card shaped key?

A thin card that can be bent when sat on or damaged when dropped.

Again, the kind engineers must have seen this coming, so they made a special display to tell us that the car key chip is faulty.

Get used to seeing this. Even if  you have a standard key, the electronics are dreadful.

If you put the card it and you get this message, you’re going nowhere, the car will not crank. It’s very seldom the card reader, so save your money.

Something that will catch you out!

It’s important to know that often, the key will often still lock and unlock the car as normal. This is because the buttons speak to a different part of the car that the car key chip does. So don’t be fooled.

A battery new car key battery won’t help things, so save your money.

If in doubt, look up your local Car Key Man Auto Locksmith and they will look at the key and give you the best free advice that’s available.

Thanks for reading, we hope it helps you !


Broken Car key buttons – Can they be saved?

Another day, another email asking for help about broken car key buttons.

This is such an annoying problem, the frustration felt by millions of motorists around the world, could have been avoided.

They spent tens of millions designing car locking systems, allowing you to unlock the car by pressing a button. But after all that investment, they spent pennies designing and manufacturing the keys that use this system. Madness, lazy and short sighted. 

However, it’s what we’re stuck with, so what can we do about it?

There are six reasons your car key buttons no longer work

  1. Your Key Battery needs changing.
  2. The rubber or plastic car key buttons are worn out or missing.
  3. The electronic switch underneath the rubber button is damaged or missing.
  4. The key has failed, because they’ve used delicate electronic components.
  5. The car key has got wet.
  6. The car has a problem with the central locking.

So, we’ll look at these problems with your car key buttons one by one.

Problem 1 – Your car key battery needs changing

Let’s hope it’s just this. Most key batteries are easy to change, and we explain everything in this post. You may find you have a rechargeable battery in your key, so it can’t be changed easily. This is a whole new problem but can be sorted out. Find out more here

Problem 2 – The rubber or plastic car key buttons have worn out or are missing

Most car keys suffer from this problem, some worse than others. Sometimes the rubber stretches, losing its form. Then the rubber tears a small hole as fingers press even harder to make the button work.

Or with other keys, the hard-plastic buttons fall out of the key, exposing the inside of the key.

How can I fix this problem?

To fix your rubber buttons, you need a new plastic case. By taking the important electronics out, and putting into a new key shell, the key can get new life. We do hundreds of these repairs every year, even by post.

These cases are readily available and can be fixed using a bit of simple key DIY. Others are more complicated and really need to be left to the experts.

Click here is a list of keys that we’d suggest you leave alone, telling you how hard the repair is, and whether you should attempt it yourself.

We see lots of keys damaged beyond repair when Key DIY takes place, here are just a few we’ve seen.

We also see plenty of occasions when important electronics are thrown away during the DIY process, leaving the car immobilised. Again, you can read all about it by clicking here.

But the good news is that if yours is an easy one to do, then it’s a very cheap way to give your car key new life and we recommend it.

Problem 3 – The electronic switch underneath the rubber car key buttons is damaged or missing.

When the rubber car key buttons wear through, it leaves the electronics exposed. Or, with some keys, even before a hole appears, the rubbers stretch, and it puts the switch underneath in danger of damage. This leads to a broken car key.

When the electronic switches get damaged, it can be fixed, depending on what type of car it is. Some keys have large chunky switches that are easy to remove and then re-solder. Or, others have the smallest of switches that even a brain surgeon would struggle with.

For our handy guide to whether your broken car key can be fixed, click here.

The outlook for the key can be very good, so it’s definitely worth finding out whether it can be fixed, or if you need a new car key.

Problem 4 – The key has failed, because they’ve used delicate electronic components

Some car keys are doomed to fail, simply because they’re packed with delicate electronics, better suited to an easier life. Put them in a Freeview box or build them into your Amazon Alexa maybe. But if you put them into a car key that is thrown, dropped, heated and frozen, there’s a shelf life.

This shelf life means that car key buttons stop doing what they are supposed to do. Electronics just get worn out

car key buttons

Delicate Electronic components

Car Keys are only example of life-expired electronics that come to mind. Phones and laptops go slow, cameras and camcorders suffer poor battery life, but not many items suffer this early component damage. This leads to a broken car key, with car key buttons no longer working.

There’s very little that can be done, unless an electronics expert can identify which part of the key is faulty. So, we’ll assume that’s not going to happen.

The only answer again, is a new key.

Problem 5 – The car key has got wet

Fatal for car keys. The curse of wet car keys. A key in a pint of beer is no longer very funny, because we don’t see many keys survive a dunking.

At first, your car key buttons may keep working if you dry it our correctly. Want to know how? Click here

However, it’s common for moisture to remain in the key even if it’s still working. The moisture leads to corrosion, and the keys fails, sometimes weeks later.

Can the key be saved?

Not often. This is why some keys including Ford, Land Rover and BMW have sealed units, to prevent the water getting to the electronics. this is good idea, until the key battery gives up and needs changing. Read what we think about it here.

Problem 5 – The car has a problem with the central locking

If the engine of your car is damaged, then getting it serviced with an oil change won’t make any difference. Just because you’ve used nice clean oil, it doesn’t change the fact that the pistons, or valves have been damaged.

In the same way, a new central locking key is not the answer, if the central locking system on the car is playing up on the car.

Lots of people will blame your broken car key buttons for the problem. Before you spend any money, do this simple test

If the central locking behaves itself during the test, then maybe it’s worth a new car key. However, if it fails the test, then you’ll be throwing good money away. Don’t buy a new car key, put the money into getting the central locking system looked out and repaired.

No amount of car key magic will fix a broken car central locking system, so think wisely before you spend money on a new car key.

We hope this helps and please leave any questions you have below

New Ford Transit vulnerable to theft

You won’t like reading this, because it should lead you to only one conclusion. If you have a new Ford Transit, you’re in danger of it being stolen, and without keys.

For the last few years, the older Mk7 Transit vans have been disappearing in the night, stolen by gangs that have easy pickings.

Normally the vans are stripped of the engine and gearbox then burnt out to destroy evidence. This has been happening in Lincolnshire as well as all over the UK.

The same technique is used on new Ford Transit van. It’s quick, simple and happening right now. How are they doing it? Simple.

New Ford Transit Stolen Step 1.

We all know how soft the door locks are for the new shape Ford Transit and Custom vans. We’ve written at length about this problem, amazed that the new and improved version of the Ford Custom still uses the identical lock. With a small screwdriver it can be forced unlocked and then the driver’s door can be opened.

New Ford Transit

Now if you’re seeing red that I’m publishing this information on-line, thinking I’m spilling the beans, you’re about 5 years behind. This has become such a bad problem that Ford introduced a Software update to address it. This was instead of improving the door lock in any way. By ignoring the pathetic door lock design, they have consigned owners to having their new Ford transit stolen.

Once the cab door is open, then out come the power tools.

Overcoming the Steering lock New Ford Transit

The average Auto locksmith dreads drilling out any type of lock. It’s a messy, tricky job that can lead to all sorts of problems. However, if a gang want your New Ford Transit stolen, they come with the tools they need. Unfortunately for you, these ignition locks may as well be made of Cheese.

So Ford have made this even easier because when they steal the new shape ford transit, they can be twice as quick as they only have the ignition lock to deal with, as seen here with this 2017 new Ford Transit.

New Ford Transit

If you worried about having your new Ford Transit stolen,(and you should be) you need to do something. Like kids in a sweet shop, there are so many vans to choose from, it’s easy pickings. How can you stop it you ask?

Do something. You have the choice of security locks, steering wheel locks, EOBD port protectors, wheel clamps, pedal boxes, to name a few. If you think it’s all a bit over the top, the transit thief will be rubbing his hands. You’ll need to spend money, or become a victim. A simple choice

Most of you will live miles away from us, you’re not our customers due to geography. But somewhere near you will be a van security specialist, and can help you.

It might not happen to you, but why take that chance?

We know this is bad news, but we think yourather know

Emergency Unlock Keyless Ford Key

If the key battery has stopped doing it’s job, you’re locked out with a key! This is becoming more common as technology creeps into our daily life. Don’t panic. Follow our guide on how to unlock Keyless Ford cars, whichever model you have.

We’re showing a Ford Fiesta, 2015  model, but every Ford that uses this type of key will be the same.

Emergency Unlock Keyless Ford Key

If changing the key battery hasn’t worked, then you must open the car is with the emergency key. This is hidden inside the car key and you may not even know that it’s inside!

Follow these instructions to unlock Keyless Ford get the key blade out.

To remove the blade, you need to remove the key blade cover from the key. Just squeeze the two pads near the key ring holder and the cover lifts.

Gently pull the cover away and you should see the blade. Once the cover is off, then remove the key blade. There’s a special way to use this tiny blade.

If you try to turn it with your fingers, you may not be able to, simply because there’s not much to grab hold of. First you need to slide it into the lock.

The  car key designers at Ford, put a slot into key fob, that fits over the key head.

The trick is to offer up the key fob over head of the key blade and use it as a lever.

Then, to unlock Keyless Ford cars, whichever model, turn anti-clockwise. This is to the rear of the car, and it will unlock.


This video will help if you’re struggling. As long as there’s a key blade inside, then you’re out of trouble.


Emergency Unlock Keyless Ford Key Problems

Unlock Keyless Ford problem 1

There isn’t a keyblade inside the key. This is a big problem we’re starting to see. When keys are made for these, coding the key is pretty easy. However, making the blade, and cutting the wavy line that makes the lock work, is hard. This is why when keys get lost, the electronics are replaced, but the blade is missing, which is a big problem if you have a Ford Keyless Key.

Unlock Keyless Ford problem 2

The blade doesn’t turn in the lock, which is odd. Either the lock has never been used, you have the wrong key blade inside the key, or the lock is faulty.

With either of these problems, you need the help of an Auto Locksmith. Find out out to find a good one by clicking here.

Emergency starting a Ford, using a Ford Keyless key.

So when you manage to get inside the car, well done, you’re halfway there. Don’t worry if the alarm is making alot of noise. Firstly, no-one takes any notice of car alarms anymore, but more importantly, it won’t start the car starting. As soon as the car recognises the car key, the alarm will stop making a noise.

Where do I put the Ford Keyless key?

There’s a special place inside the car that you need to put the car key so it will start. It won’t matter if the car key battery is flat.

Click Here to read our guide on the Ford emergency start system.









Locked out with Secret Ford Emergency key

Stranded because of a dodgy key battery? This story includes an embarrassed gent, a £40 Taxi, a flat key battery and a secret Ford emergency key.

Lincolnshire is a BIG county.

Taxis are expensive, simply because Lincolnshire is a big place.

Our customer was embarrassed, because he didn’t know, what he should have been told. If you have this type of key, and don’t know about your secret Ford emergency key, this is for you.


He was really pleased with his new Ford Cmax, recently bought the car from a local dealership. So, he was a bit surprised when he got back to the car and on pressing the key button nothing happened.

That’s odd!

When the buttons were pressed, the mirrors should have unfolded and the lights flash, but nothing.

So, there he was, stuck in the middle of Woodhall Spa, 15 miles from home. Eventually he got a taxi back home get for the spare fob key.

At this point, his Ford emergency key would have saved him.

Ford Emergency key

But he didn’t know…

Embarrasment, Frustration, and the Secret Ford Emergency Key

Three hours in a taxi and £40 later, (after a frantic search of the house) he returned to the car with the spare key. Nothing. Not a flash, not a sound, the car sat silent. The only sound was the Taxi driving away!

Feeling things were conspiring against him, he finally called his local garage who in turn called us. Fortunately, we were close by so dropped in to see what was happening.

By the time we arrived he was exhausted, frustrated, confused and about to be embarrassed. It all involves his Ford emergency key.

Why was he embarrassed?

For a start, the car had been telling him for a while ‘Key battery low’.

Ford Emergency Key

He didn’t know how to change the key battery.  Worse still, he’d never tried the spare key to see if it worked the car, the one he went home to collect. It didn’t even have a battery inside it, so it didn’t work. But it gets worse.

I asked him if he’d tried the key in the door lock…. nothing.

Ford Emergency Key

A blank expression, what Ford emergency key?

At this point I popped the blade out of the key and unlocked the car.

Ford emergency key

‘How did you do that?’

‘Unbelievable, I was never told about that!’

We can believe that. It’s a small detail that’s normally missed when handing over a £10,000 car to a customer.

Ford Emergency key gets us in the car!

So now we were in the car.

After showing him the emergency start procedure … (more astounded looks) for when the key battery runs out, and replacing his key batteries, he was on his way. Our charge? Considering the day this gent had been through, it was on the house.

Do you know how to unlock your car with the Ford emergency key? Or even the emergency start procedure?

Or are you missing your emergency key blade? If so, here’s how to find an Auto Locksmith to replace them.

Most people don’t do this, but we recommend you get them replaced, before you need it. It’s easier and cheaper to do it when the car is mobile, instead of when you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere like this gent.

We hope this has helped

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