Hello, if you’re reading this then we’re really pleased. Hopefully you’ve bought a Vauxhall flip key repair kit from our Amazon site and are reading this before you start the repair. Or, maybe you’re just trying to find out the best way to fix your key. Whichever you are, we hope this helps.

*** News**** 

From September 2020 We have made it even easier for. When you receive your key shell, the blade will already be removed (but supplied in the bag in case you need it). This is so you don’t have to remove the pin yourself!

We hope this helps you.


We sell two different cases which cover these two different types of case

Available from our shop  or from Amazon

Available from our shop  or from Amazon

The repair technique is the same for either key, but you must ensure you have the correct type of case before you start.

We’ve sold these for nine months and have some great reviews, however occasionally the kit is returned when buyers can’t figure out how to use it. Reading this will give you all the information you need to complete your repair.

When you open the box you’ll see that inside the is a plastic bag.

Check the contents before you start, which should be.

  1. Vauxhall Flip Key Repair Case
  2. Small fixing screw
  3. High quality steel pin punch

We personally check each pack before boxing up, so all three parts should be there.

Last Check before you start

Before you do anything to the new case, flick out the new blade and fold it back a few times. When it leaves us it works perfectly (we check every one). You should have confidence that the key you have bought is working, it’s time to begin the repair.

Vauxhall Flip Key Repair – Stage One

It’s tempting to start opening the keys up. However, the most important thing is to get the new case working in your car ignition. The plan is very simple!

You are going to swap the blade from your old key into the new case. Use the pin punch and knock out the pin out of the new repair case.

Vauxhall Flip Key Repair

This may feel a bit fiddly but the secret is to keep the case still and the blade extended, while you gently tap the pin out. You shouldn’t need to hit it too hard. Once this is done, put the new blade to one side, you shouldn’t need this anymore.

Next, you need to do the same with your old key. Once your old blade is out, put the rest of the old key to one side for now. The old blade will fit into the new case, however as we said in the listing, you may need to alter the groove slightly to allow the pin to slide back in.



Put the old blade into the new case and have a look to see if the groove lines up. If it doesn’t exactly, take out the old blade and use a needle file to slightly widen the groove.

Don’t file away too much, otherwise the pin will not stay in place. Once you’ve done this you have the fiddly job of putting the pin back into the new case! Be patient, you can do it. If you have the basic Vauxhall flip key repair kit, then you’ll need to use blue tack, or small pliers to keep the pin upright. If you have the upgraded repair kit, use the pin kit provided.

Vauxhall Flip Key Repair

It may help to place a piece of wood, or something similar into the case as shown. This will help you keep the blade out in the open position while you swap the pin.

Vauxhall Flip Key Repair

Either use a hammer to knock the pin back in, or you may find pliers are easier.

Vauxhall Flip Key Repair

All done? fantastic. This is the most difficult part done. Before you open up the new case, check that the flip blade works correctly with your old blade. It should flick out and then fold down easily. If it doesn’t, please do not continue. Contact us on the number provided inside the kit please.

Very Important Information

We are sometimes asked the following question.

‘Can I take all the flip assembly from my old key and put them into the new case’.

No, you cannot do this. The flip parts from the new case are made to match the new case and so you MUST use the new parts. If you re-use the parts from your old key inside the new case, it will not work correctly.

Vauxhall Flip Key Repair – Stage Two

Next, you need to open the old broken or worn key. This must be done using a pair of external circlip pliers like the ones below

As you squeeze the handles, the jaws open and the pressure will open your old case easily. DO NOT try to saw, cut or Dremel the old case open. This will end up in disaster because you will most likely damage the electronics, or cut yourself.

Where can I buy some External Circlip pliers?

We don’t sell them, however there are plenty of sellers on Amazon and they should only cost £4-6 in total, money well spent. Click here to buy these on Amazon

Insert the tips of the pliers into the gap as shown below

Vauxhall Flip Key Repair

Squeeze the handle of the pliers and the jaws will open, and the case will split in two.

Vauxhall Flip Key Repair

Once the old key case is apart you need to carefully both halves apart and carefully remove the green electronics.

Vauxhall Flip Key Repair

Well done, this frustrates and causes lots of comments on internet forums and our YouTube videos. However, it is an really simple way to open up most broken keys.

Vauxhall Flip Key Repair – Stage Three

The next job is to open up the new case. You do this with the circlip pliers as before, but it will open very easily so be gentle.

This may feel like a Chinese puzzle but honestly, you just need a little patience. It probably won’t go right at first and this is normal with a new skill. So just follow our instructions and I’m sure your Vauxhall flip key repair will be done in no time.

First thing is to put the pin through the blade holder. There are three ways it can go, but only one is correct. When the silver button drops through the blade holder you have it correct. We’ll call this the blade assembly from now on.

Next, you need to put the blade assembly into the new case. Remember, you must use the new parts, not the ones from your old key. The spring locates on a plastic spigot, which you’ll see on the new case.

Line them up.

The next thing is important. You need to wind the blade assembly anti-clockwise one complete revolution. You may find that it does not spring out fast enough once the case is together, if so wind it twice instead.

Almost there!

Once you’ve done this hold the blade assembly in place, well done.

Next, carefully place the green circuit board into the new case.

Next, line up the new cover.

It should snap shut, but this can be a bit fiddly. We normally squeeze the key ring holder end first and once this is closed, then the rest will follow. Before inserting the screw, check it flips out correctly.

As we said, if the blade is a bit slow coming out, then open it back up and give it a second wind in the anti-clockwise direction.

Last thing, tighten the screw, but not too much, it’s just plastic and if you over-tighten anything in plastic, it may strip the thread. You should feel it when it’s correct.

Last thing is the key battery. Insert your CR2032 key battery and you are ready to test the key.

Vauxhall Flip Key Repair – Stage Four – Test the key.

Firstly, it should flip out and fold correctly. If it doesn’t work, then take it apart and start again. We do this every day, and sometimes we have to do it twice, so don’t worry. There’s quite a lot to get in the correct place. The spring leg may not be located correctly, or you may have wound it in the wrong direction. Just try it again.

Next, test that it starts the car and the buttons work. There’s no reason the electronics shouldn’t work and they do not need reprogramming. The car does not know you have swapped over the case and will treat it just the same as your old key.

That’s it, but here’s a video that will show you how we do it

Having problems with you Vauxhall Flip Key Repair?

Inside the box is a phone number. Please feel free to call or text us. We won’t always answer immediately, but we always try and call back within 24 hours. We want your repair to be a success.






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22 replies
  1. Ian Currie
    Ian Currie says:

    As you say ‘fiddley’, but i got there in the end. getting the pin back in was nigh on impossible but i compromised using a fine drill bit and using a pair of pliers I was able to snap the protruding ends off flush. The flip device ultimately worked perfectly.

  2. G
    G says:

    My old key is over 10 years old and when trying to split it with the circlip pliers the cover is breaking up on one side (due to the amount of it breaking the old blade holder and spring are now out of the fob) resulting in minimal area to lever it open. Have you any advice how to open it ?

  3. Baian Biri
    Baian Biri says:

    I bought first time from other place, I wasted my time the key was lose my car stop working sometimes turns out key was sometimes loss and Engin will not start for security reason,

    Then I bought from you guys , Key is very good and instruction very well done , really good job

    Thanks 🙏🏻

  4. Ged Doyle
    Ged Doyle says:

    Ordered replacement fob,arrived 2 days later,I followed the well detailed instructions on the web link and I took my time, it worked perfectly,I saved £90 plus replacing my key this way, I would highly recommend anyone to do this just follow instructions as it says 👍👍

  5. Tom Howell
    Tom Howell says:

    Ordered the kit Sunday pm and after following the excellent blog, written instructions and video I now have a repaired key fob by Tuesday pm. Great service and the key works well.

  6. Peter Asquith
    Peter Asquith says:

    Hi, I have managed to follow all of the instructions, which were simple to follow and relatively simple to do. The only issue I have is that the key is only partially flipping out and is sticking. I can easily free it, but it won’t come out in one smooth motion. Any tips or ideas to help?


  7. James Smith
    James Smith says:

    Hello, Question

    I own a 2008 corsa, will the key with the picture of the padlock on be a suitable replacement, ie. will it work for my type of key?

    Thank You

  8. Pete McCann
    Pete McCann says:

    Bought the new fob from amazon, the instructions were very easy to follow. I used the new blade supplied to keep the blade assembly open, then used a pair of needle nosed pliers to hold the pin in place.
    I found that keeping light pressure on the end of the key, to ensure it butted up to the blade assembly helped, and the pin went in with only a few taps of a hammer. I used the pliers to ensure the pin was flush with the assembly.
    I fortunately managed to open the new key and keep the blade assembly in place, so didn’t need to faff with that.
    I just need to get the vauxhall insignia off now!
    This has saved a load of money, thanks very much. I might enev do the spare key as well now! 😎

  9. Yaz Patel
    Yaz Patel says:

    Thankyou for the detailed video. Ordered my key replacement from amazon but didnt get a pair of circlip pliers (big mistake!) Biggest struggle was opening my old key which i ended up butchering with some pliers and screwdriver – war marks to go with it! Absolutely recommend the circlip pliers if you want to avoid holes in your hands!! Managed to put it all together and it works a treat.. thank you so much for the kit and video to do the replacement.

    • Steve Bulleyment
      Steve Bulleyment says:

      Thanks for this feedback, yes I also have had those marks in the past, one day I tried the pliers and I’ve never looked back !

  10. Abel
    Abel says:

    Hi Steve, my Astra key fob has just begun to drop the lock/unlock buttons; is it not possible.to only change new fob cover?


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