Volkswagen Crafter Key

Volkswagen Crafter KeyDo you own a new shape Volkswagen Crafter ? The model we’re looking at today was introduced in 2017 and are now everywhere you look! They are popular with multi-drop delivery drivers. However, the Volkswagen Crafter Key has caught our attention.

Whilst they are good vehicles, there’s a big problem we’re starting to see with the keys. Over the last three months, we’ve seen four keys where the key blade has snapped, leaving the delivery driver stranded until the spare key arrived.

Of course, multi-drop delivery drivers use the key in the ignition between 100-150 times every day. However, we find that problems we see early on in multi-drop start to be a problem for regular domestic users 4-5 year on. 

This is the reason we want to look at this problem and how you need to prepare for it happening to you.

What causes the Volkswagen Crafter key to break?

Normally when a key breaks, it’s because it has become weak and the lock is stiff to turn. However, these keys break for a different reason. 

A few millimetres from the main remote key there is a thin section of the blade. This is a safety feature designed to protect the driver in case of an accident. With the new shape Volkswagen Crafter key, the arrow above shows where the key breaks. However it’s happening in normal use, not in an accident.

Are you at risk from this problem?

The new shape Volkswagen Crafter key is the most obvious problem vehicle. However,  many of the new models of Volkswagen, Seat and Skoda vehicles have the same design of key.

The easiest way to check is to compare your car key to the photos in this article. If it looks the same, you have a problem. 

What do I do if my key breaks?

The simple answer is to have a spare key. If you depend on your vehicle for work, especially if it’s a van, then you must get a spare. In the olden days it was easy to get a replacement key. However, if you get your new key through the Volkswagen dealership, you’ll be waiting 7-10 days while your key arrives from Germany. Not many Auto Locksmiths are supplying aftermarket keys for these at present, so the dealer may be your only option.

Can I buy just a Volkswagen Crafter Blade?

Yes, but you’ll need to hunt around for a good Auto Locksmith. If you look at your key blade it’s cut on all four sides, which is a new design. This means that they are very difficult to copy, unless you cut them on an expensive, accurate, computerised key cutting machine. 

When we first saw this problem, we really struggled to cut a key that worked and went through 40-50 key blades trying to work the problem out. 

Now we can cut these no problem, so find someone in your area and hopefully they’ll be able to help you. 

Remember, get yourself a spare, even if it’s just the blade. It will save you so much heartache, because all the time your only key has snapped in two, you’re not earning money! 

We hope this helps. 

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