Our blog today is about Suzuki Swift proximity car keys.


We’re seeing a trend in Lincoln. Owners of Suzuki Swift cars are buying them, not knowing what type of key they are supposed to have. When they come to us, they are being driven on the small emergency key, that is only supposed to be used occasionally, instead of having a proximity key.

The blade has a transponder chip inside it and it’s this chip that allows the car to start up and run. When it’s cut to fit the car, it can be used to open the doors and then put into the ignition. However there is a problem with this. The small plastic loop is not very strong and if it has a bunch of keys attached to it, and twists in the lock too often, it breaks. When that happens it is easy to lose.

Suzuki prox key blade

What is a proximity Key?

So what you should have is a proximity key. This key is clever. It doesn’t look like a key, but the car can sense that it’s present. So the idea is that you just leave it in your pocket, or your handbag. The emergency key is slid inside the proximity key, just in case one day it doesn’t work one day, or the battery runs out. This saves the wear and tear on the emergency blade.

swift smart key

To use it is very easy, you don’t need to touch the key. You simply press and hold the rubber button on the door handle. If it senses the proximity key, it will unlock the car. Next sit in the car and twist the ignition. This is a funny looking arrangement, but it’s nice and big and allows weaker hands to turn it and seems to work well.


So it’s important, before buying one of these cars, that they are selling the car with a proximity key. Many are being advertised with just the emergency blade and buyers know no different. These proximity keys are quite expensive, so you don’t want that expense after buying the car.

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