So every week, there’s a motorist out there, just like you, that makes a small mistake but ends up in big trouble, leaving their car keys in the boot.

Typically it will be a shopper who has popped back to the car to drop some stuff off half way through the day. We’ve all done it.

boot 3

The mistake, is that instead of opening the whole car, you just press the boot button and open up the boot or the hatch. Then you shut the boot, accidently leaving the keys in the boot of the car.

Now it’s a design fault and we’ve talked about this before in a previous blog, but you should be aware of the problem. If you are aware, then there’s a chance that this blog may save just one person from locking themselves out of the car.


So it’s time to ‘Boot the ‘Button’ Simply put, DO NOT USE THE BOOT BUTTON’ just open up the whole car. If you do this then it shouldn’t be possible to accidentally lock yourself out..

Look out for our campaign over the next few months and please, spread the word!



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