At last, they have made it easier. Audi cars have always been a bit of a nightmare for us and all independent Auto Locksmiths. One of the first ever Audi cars we plugged into, back in 2010,  already had a faulty dash but we didn’t know about it. By plugging into it, we managed to make the dash corrupt (and ended up with a £900 bill from the dealer ). This was just from just plugging into a new car we hadn’t tried before and trying to programme a key! So as you can imagine, we’ve been reluctant to plug into the newer models.

A common problem

What happened to us is very common we’re told when trying to do key programming on Audi cars. Therefore alot of research has been going on, behind the scenes, to allow independents like ourselves, to be able to supply and programme this type of key with confidence to look after our customers.

Also what hasn’t helped, is that a new key usually has to come from the main dealer, otherwise it won’t programme. This makes a spare key very expensive.


Now things have changed. New equipment allows us to supply and code new remote keys, safely, without the risk of upsetting the car. This new equipment also makes the key much more affordable for you, the customer.

We were so pleased with the result, here it is!