How do I Programme Ford Fiesta the buttons to work?

Sometimes when you change the car key battery on your Ford Fiesta, you’ll find the buttons no longer unlock or lock the car.  Or you may have just bought the car and you’ve never had the buttons to work. It’s easy to programme Ford Fiesta key buttons.

The really good news about Ford Fiesta keys, along with any Ford model that uses an identical remote key, is that they’re very easy to re-programme. On top of that, you have no danger of messing up your car! so have a go and you’ll be fine.

Standard Ford Remote Key

So lets assume that you’ve just bought the car and the buttons don’t work. Firstly, a few simple checks.

Check One

Does the key need a new battery? It’s very easy to change the key battery, just follow this link.

Once you have changed the battery, check the remote. It may just come back to life.

Check Two.

Do the buttons ‘click’ ? Underneath  the plastic cover, there are three electronic switches. When you press the black button, it then presses down on the electronic switch. There is a simple check to see if the switches are working. Press each button in turn and listen out and feel for a ‘click’. With the Ford Fiesta keys, you should be able to feel something. Quite often one of the switches is tired and doesn’t click anymore. You should be able to feel or hear this.

If this is the case, continue to see if it will programme, then get the switch replaced. For how to change a switch, look out for the link below.


Programming the central locking buttons

Here is a video on how to programme the central locking. It’s very easy and you can’t mess it up! Below are the steps if you need to look at them too.

Step One

Sit inside the car, shut all the doors.

Step Two

Put the key into the ignition.

Step Three

Turn the ignition on so that the lights come on the dashboard, but do not try and start the car. Turn the ignition off.

Step Four

Repeat this three times, so in total you should turn the ignition on and off four times and it should take about one second for each ‘on/off’. Sometimes it takes more than four times.

Step Five

The car should make a noise. It may be a chime, a bong or a beep, but listen out for something. At this point the car ignition should be off and the key out of the ignition. When you hear the car make the noise, it means the car is in programming mode and is listening out for a new remote to be coded in. Sometimes you won’t hear a noise after four times. This is common.  Just turn the ignition on and off until you hear a noise! This may be twenty times..You can’t mess anything up so don’t worry.

Step Six

When you hear the noise, press any of the buttons on the remote. If the remote is working, and the car hears the remote, the car will make a second chime, bong or beep, the same as the first. This means the car has heard the remote and the remote is programmed.

If you have two remotes, take the second key and press one of the buttons and listen out for the sound.

Make sure that any remote you want to work the central locking gets pressed, otherwise it will not work anymore.

Step Seven

Turn the ignition on and off one more time. This ends the programming sequence.

Step Eight

Test the remote buttons.

Problems…It doesn’t work

Ok, so this happens. There are several things that may cause this.

  1. The key doesn’t send a signal. So basically if it’s had a new battery and it still won’t programme, then it may just be worn out. You may need a new key.
  2. The car won’t go into programming mode. This happens if there is a problem with the car or sometimes the car doesn’t have this function.


Remember this. These instructions simply programme the central locking. They do not programme the immobiliser chip. So if you have bought a remote from ebay, or have one off an old car, you need to get the chip programmed to the car.

Good luck!

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