How do I change my Ford Fiesta key battery?

Eventually, you’ll notice that the range of your Ford Fiesta car key gets less and less. In the end you may need to be standing right next to the car for it to work. If you have this problem, it can be sorted out easily, just by changing your Fiesta key battery. Ford have made this fairly simple and you’ll just need a small screwdriver. Watch this video to see how to change the battery, and the five steps are listed below


Step One

The most important thing is to buy a good key battery. Alot of the problems we see are caused by cheap batteries that just don’t have the power they say they have. It seems mad to us that anyone would drive a £14,000 Ford Fiesta, with a £140 key, but put a 99p battery inside it! So spend a few pounds and get a good one.

Panasonic, Duracell, Maxell or any good brand, but please not an unbranded battery. They cause so much trouble

Step Two

The two parts of the key separate.  The flip blade part comes away from the remote part of the key. There’s a simple way to do this. As we show on the video above,  flip out the blade. Then look for a small hole in the part of the key where the blade retracts into. Put a small screwdriver into the hole and give it a push. When you do this, it releases the two parts of the key and you can pull them apart.

Step Three

Put the flip blade aside, now you need to open up the remote control. Again, Ford have designed this very well so it’s easy to open. The remote splits into two halves, you just need to find a gap for a small flat blade screwdriver. Place the screwdriver in the gap and twist. This will separate the two halves. Now your remote is open.

Step Four

As we show in the video above, the important thing is to remove the battery and then put the new one in the correct way up. There are only two ways the battery can go in. When the battery is the correct way up, you cannot read the writing on it.

Step Five

Close the remote, and snap the two parts of the key together. If the remote is in good condition, then it should just work, you shouldn’t need to reprogramme it. However if you do, just follow this link.

How do I programme the buttons on my Ford Fiesta Key?

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