How do I change my Ford Focus key battery?

When Ford changed the design of their Ford Focus flip key, an easy little job became a puzzle. We’ve seen several of these keys that have been forced open, searching for a way to get to the battery!

However opening the key is very simple when you know how.  You need a small flat bladed screwdriver and good eyes.

Step One

Please, buy a good battery. Most problems are due to a penny batteries put into the key of £15,000 cars. When his happens, the keys play up, cheap batteries just don’t have enough power. We recommend a well known brand, Duracell, Energiser or Panasonic are all good quality. Don’t go cheap unbranded.

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Step Two

The cover with the Ford logo hides the battery compartment. It’s only held in place by a small plastic tab.


The tab locates into a small hole on the key, to keep it in place.


Step Three

Take a small flat blade screwdriver and gently press the tab.


Don’t be rough with it because you may snap it. A gentle push and it will open the cover of the battery compartment.

Step Four

As we show in the video above, the important thing is putting the battery the correct way up. There are only two ways the battery can go in.


When the battery is the correct way up, you can read the writing on it.

Step Five

Look at the battery compartment cover, there are three tabs. One is in the side of the cover and this is the one that is pressed in to release it in step two.

The other two tabs, that are at either end just locate into the correct place. Pop the cover back on, and make sure the side tab goes into the hole last, after the rest of the cover is pressed shut. It should be an easy fit so don’t force it.






How do I re-programme the buttons on my Ford Focus Key?

With the new Focus key, the buttons work automatically when transponder chip is coded in. This means that if the key starts the engine, then it should also work the central locking.

If the remote doesn’t work after you fit the battery, something else is wrong. Find a good Auto Locksmith or key cutting shop and ask them to check to see if it’s transmitting.

Can my Ford Focus key be repaired ?

These keys are showing signs of wear fairly quickly. The blade becomes ‘floppy’ and doesn’t always flip out very well. There are now repair cases available that allow you to open up the old key, and transfer the circuit board into the new case. Check out the link below to see how this is done.

How to repair a Ford Focus Flip Key






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