Good news! You can re-use second hand keys

Ford Fiesta chips are re-programmable. This means that if you need a spare key for your car, you can re-use second hand keys. You should check you can find someone who’s prepared to programme a used key. Some companies won’t do this and will insist on supplying a brand new key.

How do I know if I have the correct Ford Fiesta key?

The only problem you may have when trying to re-use second hand keys is that there are three different types of chip inside this remote.  From the outside, all three remotes look the same. You must check to see if you have the correct chip because trying to programme the wrong one is bad for your car. The simple way to check if you have the correct Fiesta keyfob is to open it up and have a look.

Follow the link below to watch our simple explanation

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You’ve got the correct key!

Now you need to make it work your car.

Step One to re-use second hand keys

You need to separate the blade from the remote control. Throw the old blade away and get a replacement blade cut. You can normally get this done either at Ford, at a key cutting shop, or on-line.

There are sellers on ebay that will send you a new blade if you send them a photo of your working car key!

Step Two

Now you have two jobs to do. Firstly, the easiest thing is to programme the central locking.

Step Three

Now the bad news. There are two separate functions inside the key which are the buttons and the immobiliser chip.

Ford Fiesta Chip

Programming introduces the chip to the car and can only be done using diagnostics. This can be at Ford, or an independent. If you’re looking for someone to programme it, just Google ‘car key programming’ or  you can contact the companies that make equipment and they usually have a list of people in your area. The three leading suppliers of aftermarket programming equipment are :-

Step Four

Very simply, get the chip programmed. This should cost anywhere between £30 – £90 depending on who you use. The normal price for a spare remote key is £130 so there is a chance here to save money. Good luck!