How do I change the key battery on my Ford Mondeo?

Ford keys are excellent quality, and the key they used for this model, is the standard Ford three button key. However, they’ll be a time when you need to change your Ford Mondeo key battery. If the key takes several presses to work, it’s time to change it, which is a really simple job.

Ford Mondeo Key battery


The only tool you need is a small, flat-blade screwdriver. Follow these steps, then watch the video if needed.

Five steps to replace Ford Mondeo key battery

Step One

First of all, this is where most people get it wrong, right at the start before they even open the key. Buy a good quality key battery. Most of the problems we see in our shop are because a cheap and nasty Ford Mondeo key battery has been fitted!

Spend some money and get a good one, we always fit Maxell, but Panasonic, Duracell and Sony are all good. Therefore, don’t use one that you got from a pound shop, with ten in a pack, please. We find it amazing that after spending thousands on a car, hundreds on a key, the most important thing is skimped on. Anyway, that’s what you need.

Step Two

You need to separate the key blade away from the remote-control part. This is easy to do. Just pop the screwdriver into the gap and give it a twist, it should just pop off.

Step Three

Time to open the remote control and replace the Ford Mondeo key battery. Plastic tabs hold the two halves of the key together. Put the screwdriver into where the tabs are and gently twist.  The remote should open up easily.

Step Four

This is the only other place where it can go wrong. As we say in the video, you should be able to see the writing on the battery. This is the positive terminal of the battery. When you fit the new battery, just make sure you can read it still. We see lots of ‘dead’ Ford Mondeo key battery problems where it is just upside down!

Step Five

Close the remote, and refit the blade. It should just work, however if it doesn’t, follow this link.


How do I programme the buttons on my Ford Key? Click Here

If the remote doesn’t work after you fit the battery and you’ve tried to reprogramme it, then something else is wrong. The first this to check is whether the central locking works when you put the key into the driver’s door.

If the central locking works ok, then the key is normally at fault. It may well be the electronic switches inside the key. To fix them look at the video below.

Can my Ford Remote be repaired?

Yes. If the problem is with the switches, that have become loose, this video will help you.

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