Transit Custom Hykee Lock problem

We all know that the Hykee door Locks are a good way of protecting your tools on a new shape Ford Transit or Custom van. Having seen hundreds of new shape Ford Transit and Ford Custom vans over the last few years, we’ve written extensively about van security. Click Here to find out how bad the problem is. But have you heard about the Hykee Lock problem?

As Auto-Locksmiths, we’re frontline when you lose your van keys and yesterday we had a glimpse into both your future, and ours. This article will explain about the Hykee Lock Problem.

Ford Custom

This week, we met our first customer stranded with the Hykee Lock problem. A normal tradesman, with his newly bought 2014 Ford Custom, he was locked out because his remote key finally gave up working.

Ford Custom Key buttons not working

When he pressed the buttons, nothing happened. Now this shouldn’t be a problem, it happens every day with every type of car key, all around the world. Our YouTube channel has over one million views from Alabama to Zaire.

Car keys just play up. However, this time, as well as a van key problem the owner had a Hykee Lock Problem.

new shape ford transit

Now we know how important a secure new shape Ford Transit van is, and everyone is raving on about how fantastic the new Hykee locks are, and without doubt, they are effective.

However, we also know how easy it is to lose your van keys, or have problems with them. Having Hykee door locks fitted presents a brand-new problem for you as owners, and us as Auto-Locksmiths. If you have a new shape Ford Transit or Ford Custom, or are thinking about thinking about buying one, read on.

Hykee Lock problem

Typical Hykee Lock

Why is there a New Shape Ford Transit and Ford Custom Hykee Lock Problem?

Let’s run through a few scenarios that we’re seeing every day. If we see them, eventually you will experience the same thing.

1. Your Ford Transit Custom key buttons stop working.

The key they’ve supplied as standard with the Ford Custom and new shape Ford Transit is pretty poor quality in our opinion, Click Here to read our review. However, it’s what we’re stuck with, so let’s be realistic about what problems are ahead of you.

Hykee Lock Problem

Ford Transit & Custom Key

Imagine, you go out one morning, and when you press the unlock button on the key nothing happens. The signal that normally comes out of your key has stopped. There’s only one door lock on the van and it’s the driver’s door lock.

If the door lock was still a standard fit, you’d put your ignition key into the door, unlock it and start the van. Hopefully then you’d book the van in to get a new key, or at least get it looked at.

However, the ignition key you have doesn’t fit the door lock. Fortunately, before you bought the van, the previous owner had a special door lock fitted to make it more secure. Unfortunately, the key is missing. Now you have a Hykee lock problem.

2.  You have a flat van battery

We’ve all done it. You’ve sat in your van for a while at the end of the day, lights on and but engine off. When you locked up the key worked fine.

Next morning you go out to the van and the key won’t unlock it. Imagine it’s winter, the van battery was low anyway, but now it’s just about flat. You need to get into the cab, so you can charge the battery up, but your ignition key doesn’t fit the door. This is the Hykee lock problem.

3.  You’ve lost your van keys.

Happens every day. How often have your lost you phone, or keys and then eventually found them? Well let’s presume you don’t find them. This Hykee Lock problem just got a lot worse for you and us. Normally you’d be up and running the same day, however, if your ignition key is different to the door, you have a Hykee lock problem. It means that getting new van keys is going to be difficult, messy, and delayed. Click here to find out why we think this is so bad.

4.  Your Hykee door lock stops working

Let’s presume that your main remote key has been playing up a bit, and it no longer unlocks the van. So, for now, you’ve been using the Hykee key in the lock and that’s saved you buying a new remote key. This time you’ve come out to the van and the key doesn’t work in the door lock anymore.  Now, this isn’t a problem just on new shape Ford Transit and Custom vans. We see faulty door locks on every make and model of car and van. We know you’re busy and by using the key in the door, you’re getting away with it. But with Ford Custom and Transit vans, you can’t get away with it. If your special Hykee key no longer works, you have a Hykee lock problem.

Too many Hykee Lock problems, what’s the answer?

We probably sound dramatic. We’re not trying to worry you, but we do want you to think. We have an obligation to do the best possible job in giving you the facts so that you can decide what to do. So here is a checklist to help you decide how to prevent a Hykee Lock problem happening.

Buying a Ford Custom or Ford Transit?

  1. Does the ignition key fit the door lock? If it does, excellent. If it doesn’t where is the Hykee key?
  2. Do you have more than one Hykee keys?
  3. Is there a number etched or stamped into the Hykee key? If so, make a note of it

If you answer ‘No’ to any of these questions, then you have a potential problem. You need to contact a van security specialist. To someone who knows about van security keys, this is a simple problem. However, please don’t ignore this problem. You could be off the road for a long time.

I’m locked out with a Hykee Lock problem What do I do?

If you are locked out, with any of the problems above you have a few options.

  1. Call a local Auto-Locksmith. They may be able to access the van without damage.
  2. If you have a Hykee key number, order a spare door key. This may take a few days to arrive.
  3. Break a window. Sometimes you may just need to get into the van. Before you smash any glass, talk to your local Auto glazing firm, and find out the easiest and cheapest window to replace. Often the smallest windows are the most expensive.
  4. Once the problem is over, get yourself some spare keys, and a new van battery if needed.

Should I have a Hykee Lock fitted?

As we said, we think they are a good idea and we’ve fitted lots of them. If you’re thinking about it and trying to find an installer we recommend the following.

  1. If you decide to have a Hykee lock fitted, insist on getting the ignition key number and the door lock that is taken out. Remember that if all your keys are lost, you’ll need either a key number, or a lock to make you a new ignition key. A good Auto Locksmith will be able to decode your door lock to get you a key number. Also, a good Auto-Locksmith will be able to look at your van key and decode the key to get you a key number. Have you heard about Photokey?
  2. When you have the Hykee lock fitted, make sure you take a record of the Hykee key number. It will be etched or stamped on the key. Again, take a photo of the key and code.
  3. There is a new software update out from Ford. This software removes the need for a Hykee lock to be fitted as it disables access to the rear of the van. Click Here to find out more.
  4. Look after all your locks. Regular lubrication will help extend the life.
  5. Don’t use you Hykee lock as a regular lock. They’re not intended to be used long term, so if you have a problem with your central locking, get it sorted out.

So should I have a Hykee Lock?

There’s no correct answer to whether you should have a Hykee lock fitted to your new shape Ford Transit or Ford custom, it’s a personal choice. The important thing is to have all the information and put things in place so that if disaster strikes, you can sort it out.

Good Luck!

We are really impressed with the team at Sussex Installations. Click here for some excellent information on van security

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