Ford Transit 2006-2013 Van Key Factfile

Looking for information about Ford Transit van keys? If you have Transit, odds on you’re going to need a new key. Here is our Ford Transit Van Keys Factfile. It’s our honest opinion on the Ford Transit 2006-2013 keys. We cover quality, price and how easy they are to replace when lost, so you can make a good decision on what to do if you have problems.

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Ford Transit 2006-2013

Ford Transit MK7


Ford Transit 2006-2013 Basic Information

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The Transit uses two types of van key. For some strange reason, Ford changed from using the reliable, proven, standard remote Ford key and they introduced a new Blue Ford Remote key.

Ford Transit Key

Ford Transit key

This key is let down by the quality of the battery inside. The problems are as follows.

The key has a rechargeable battery. Although they should be commended for going ‘green’, the principle doesn’t really work with this van. The battery inside lasts an average of 4-5 years. Now this is fine for an iPhone, but not much good for a second-hand van key. When new, it charges up as the van drives along. Unfortunately, once the battery is past it’s best, it needs to be changed.

The battery is inside a sealed key. When the key’s made, it’s molded inside. This means that it doesn’t open.

The electric switches that they chose, are not as good quality as the traditional Ford switch and they fail quicker. This means they won’t work when pressed. We think this is because when the battery gets worn out, the button gets pressed harder and harder to get it to work. This causes extra wear and damage.

The key ring loop looks like it has been added as an afterthought. It breaks, and then some people drill a hole through the remote. You shouldn’t really do this because it will damage the key and the van might not start. There isn’t room.

The Spare Key

The second type of key is the non-remote type that has the transponder chip inside. They’ve left this type of key alone thank goodness and the standard Ford problems include.

  1. They wear out quickly, especially if the locks become stiff to turn.
  2. The locks are easy to pick using an Amazon lock pick, available for around £20. Thousands of vans are being robbed of all power tools without any damage.


Typical Ford key

Standard Ford Transit spare key

Ford Transit 2006-2013 Van Keys Scores


Prices of spare Ford Transit are dependent on whether you want a genuine Ford part, or an aftermarket one. This is much like choosing between a Ford or a Halfords oil filter. Expect to pay around £150 for genuine remote key using Ford parts. If you go for the aftermarket version, then you may save £20-30.  The non-remote key, averages around £55-£75. The good news is that the remote keys can be re-used from other vans! So, if you had a Transit and you no longer have the van, the blue part of the remote can be recoded to another van.

Three stars for quality


Ford remote car keys are normally the highest quality. However on this occasion, they messed up. The keys last 5-6 years which earns just three stars.

Five stars for Lost keys


The style of lock used on the Ford Transit 2006-2013 is very basic. Most Auto Locksmiths should be able to make keys with their eyes closed. Therefore, most Auto Locksmiths will be able to do this job. This should bring the price down as everyone wants this easy job.

Also, they’re quick to programme when compared to other vehicles. You should expect to pay somewhere between £170-£220 for two keys, one of which will have buttons. This should include the cost of someone coming out to you in a van, which will save you the cost of recovering the car to the dealer.


One star for lost keys


There is an exception to this 5 star rating. If the van has an alarm, then it’s very difficult to programme a new key. It’s a stupid idea. A new key cannot be programmed if the alarm is sounding, however you cannot stop the alarm if you haven’t got a programmed key. Like we said, a stupid design. If this happens, Ford will want to change the computer that the keys are programmed into. If you find an independent, they can reset the computer. However whichever you choose, it’s going to be expensive. The good news is that very few vans have alarms.

Five stars for codes


Most Auto Locksmiths won’t need codes to programme the Mondeo, making it nice and simple.

Five stars for speed


Again, because this job is usually simple and most Auto Locksmiths will keep the parts in stock, you shouldn’t have to wait long to get new keys. Waiting more than one working day is a long time.

They score very high because they are relatively cheap and easy. Unfortunately the quality lets them down. Van security is also a really big concern, caused by the simple design of the door lock. To read more click here

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29 replies
  1. Muhammad Shakeel
    Muhammad Shakeel says:

    Hi I have a Ford Transit I have a normal key that starts the van and you can open the run with the key I need another key that can open the doors with the remote and the alarm can be activated mw10nsy this is the registration number of a vehicle if you can kindly contact me back thank you

    • Steve Bulleyment
      Steve Bulleyment says:

      Hi Muhammed. Any good Auto Locksmith will be able to do this. They’ll need to cut the key and then plug a diagnostic machine into your van to make it work. Are you near us in Lincoln?

    • Steve Bulleyment
      Steve Bulleyment says:

      Hi Lee, whoever does this for you needs to be local to you. They need to decode the door lock to get the shape of your key ( the key number ) and then plug in a computer to programme the chips to the immobiliser. Do you need help finding a Car key Man in your area?

  2. daw
    daw says:

    Hi I bought van transit 2008 with no key the locksmith don 4 deferent pregaming machines and does not have any respond from the van.

  3. Mark Cheeseman
    Mark Cheeseman says:

    Hi I have just shattered the inside of my transit blue key remote were can I get this done near Crawley and how much
    Many thanks

  4. Tasha Hoffman
    Tasha Hoffman says:

    Hello I lost the key for my 2011 Ford transit it’s sitting at the Ford place right now I didn’t buy it there and they said that they got the key but it won’t start any ideas why??

  5. colin firmager
    colin firmager says:

    hi i would like a replacment key and seperate fob for my ford connect 2007 1.8 do you know how much it would cost please i live in sleaford lincs

    • Steve Bulleyment
      Steve Bulleyment says:

      Hi Colin, the better job is a Ford Focus style key. The reason we say this is simply because the plastic loop ob the old square remotes breaks easily, whereas the Ford Focus key is really strong. The price for a remote key cut and coded is £130. Hope this helps you

  6. Daniel Simpson
    Daniel Simpson says:

    I only have one key (blue fob) for my 08 Transit. The key has been slowly getting worse at opening the central locking etc over the past year or so. I’m now having problems starting the van and wondering if the key battery is dead would it prevent the van from starting? Any idea of the cost for a replacement key including having it programmed by ford?
    Many thanks

    • Steve Bulleyment
      Steve Bulleyment says:

      Hi Daniel.
      The key battery controls the central locking, and the chip inside the key controls the starting of the van. They work independently, which means sometimes you get a key where the chip is ok and the buttons don’t work. Other times, the buttons work and the van won’t start.
      So you may have both problems. I’d find a local Auto Locksmith to check the key out before spending any money.Here’s a link to find a good one

  7. mark jessop
    mark jessop says:

    hi guys wonder if you could help had my van stolen a few months ago insurance would not pay out due to a few things i need a new set of barrels and keys i threw my other key away so i have nothing any idea on a price for something like this fitted its a t350

    • Steve Bulleyment
      Steve Bulleyment says:

      Hi Mark, the locks are the same price from Ford as anywhere to be honest. You just need a local Auto Locksmith or mechanic to fit and code them up. Did they drill the locks?

  8. Ken
    Ken says:

    My van key ( remote) provide enough power to turn engine a little, but does not start. The spare key does start the van. Is it time for a new remote key. This happened after key got wet. Now dry and clean, but will not turn engine


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