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If you’re looking for a Car Keys Lincolnshire company that can supply a key for you, the good news is there are several in Lincolnshire. Ideally you would choose us, with over 3000, happy customers every year. However, we know that you want to shop about, compare prices and maybe there are times that we’re not available.

Therefore, before getting ripped off by a large national company, one that will take a big deposit off you for nothing, check out our list of Lincolnshire companies and how they’ve been reviewed.


Timpsons are a national company, but they have lots of local shops. They have three key cutting stores in Lincoln and we know all three of the people that will serve you. All three are nice guys. Timpson have really been pushing into the car key market over the last five years and they have modern key machines and key programming equipment.

Can they do all keys?

We don’t think even the best UK car key company can do all keys. Timpsons do an average selection of keys and will normally have an offer that displays ‘Half Price Car Keys’. If you decide to use them, they will sometimes need to order the key in stock and may ask you to pay for it up front.

Timpsons Testimonials

We’ve looked on Google and as of Nov 2017 the High street store has nine reviews and gets a three-star rating. Some of these reviews are not for car keys so you should check out them all to put the poor ones into context.

Timpsons Tesco Lincoln Wragby Road does not have any reviews at the moment.

Timpsons in Sainsbury on Tritton Road has two reviews and again three stars.

Unfortunately, Timpsons don’t offer any callout service in Lincolnshire, so if you’re stuck somewhere we don’t think they can help you.

Bee Secure Grimsby


Grimsby has two Auto Locksmith companies and we’ll start with Brian from Bee Secure. From his website Brian covers both domestic and car keys. He has some pricing on his site and his number is easy to find. His is van based and so can do spare keys and lost keys where ever you are.

We’ve spoken to Brian a few times and have passed him emergency work in Grimsby and Immingham, simply because we prefer to stay closer to Lincoln. We’re told he sounds a bit grumpy on the phone, but when you meet him he’s a nice bloke! So I think that as we found in the past, trying to answer the phone and help a customer when driving is very difficult, which is why we no longer do this. This company covers a very large area, as well as doing Car Keys Lincolnshire, frequently travelling into South Yorkshire and so may be able to help you when other companies can’t.

Bee Secure Testimonials

There are several testimonials on his website.

The company do not have any Google reviews, instead choosing to use the Facebook review system. They have over thirty-five star reviews and so have plenty of happy customers.

Red Locksmiths Grimsby

The second Auto Locksmith company in Grimsby is Red Locksmiths. From their website, they also cover domestic and vehicle. We’ve never spoken to them, so don’t have any personal experience with them.

Red Locksmith Grimsby Testimonials

There are a few basic reviews on their website and they have on review on their Facebook page, which doesn’t seem to have much activity. We can’t really say much more about this company.

GT Autos Brigg

Gary from Gt Autos in Brigg sounds like a nice chap. We’ve spoken to him a few times and he always sounds helpful. He covers a wide area and as far as we know just offers a mobile service. Gary used to be a mechanic and so has other knowledge of cars should you need it.

GT Autos Brigg Testimonials

Lots of good stuff here. His website has all his reviews uploaded from Facebook and Yell so it’s easy to see. His Facebook page is active, and he has plenty of good reviews.

Please remember that we’d love your business, but these are other companies that can help you, if you are stuck, or closer to them. We hope this helps.

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