At the last count, 550,000 had watched our YouTube video on ‘how to fix a broken Hyundai Key’. It’s our most watched video so this shows around the world there’s a problem. So here are step-by-step instructions on how you can fix your own broken Hyundai key.

The problem is a hole.

Broken Hyundai Key


The key blade holder has a hole, where the locking pin slides in and out.

This design has been used  since the mid 90’s without any problem. However the latest batch of car keys are just not strong enough. Poor design means there’s not enough metal around the pin hole. After a while, the hole cracks, opening up and letting the pin fall away.

This is when the key blade wobbles, the key blade holder cracks and you’re left with a broken Hyundai key.

The good news is they can be fixed!

Four Stages in fixing Broken Hyundai key

There are four stages when fixing your key.

  • Getting the new blade ready to turn the locks
  • Opening the old key case up
  • Removing the transponder chip and electronics
  • Rebuilding the new case

Before you start to open the old case, you want to get the new case ready. This means you need to sort the new Key Blade out.

Stage 1 – Getting a blade to turn the locks

We believe that you always need to think ‘what if?’

So, if you only have one broken Hyundai key, you’re working with the only programmed  key you have. This is why you need to get the blade turning in the locks, before you start breaking open your old key.

However, if you have two keys, happy days. You have the luxury of a back-up which is great, so you can fix the key in whatever order you like!

So let’s look at getting the blade sorted on your broken Hyundai key.

Option 1

Get the new key blade cut. This is the simplest option. It will save you messing around swapping the blade.

This is what we do, because we have the key machine already. A good Auto Locksmith or key-cutting shop should charge about £10 to cut the key blade. However, you may find that other shops won’t cut it because they haven’t sold it to you.

Option 2

Is to swap the key blade over from your broken Hyundai key into the new key.

There are a couple of things to take notice of.

Removing the pin and uncut blade from the new key


Before you start taking the new blade out of the blade holder.

Broken Hyundai key

You may need to modify the old key blade to fit onto the new blade holder. This is usual, and is because the factory that make the new blade and case have it slightly differently to the original broken Hyundai key blade.

First things First – Broken Hyundai Key

If you’re going to swap the blades, this is what you need to do.

Open the new repair case and remove the blade and blade holder.

Next you need to remove the pin that holds the blade. Sometimes it will only come out one way.


Choose a work surface that can get marked or damaged. When you knock the pin through, it will need to come out the other side and will mark the work surface. So, don’t choose the best kitchen side, or dining room table! Find somewhere, uncluttered and can get marked when working on your broken Hyundai key.

Broken Hyundai Key

You also need some room for the pin to pop out on the other side. When you knock it through it can feel very tight but it will come out.  Also, keep an eye on where the pin goes, don’t lose it!

Once the pin is out of the new blade holder, then you need to remove the original blade from your broken Hyundai key.

Need a new case and pin removal tool? Click the link below

Fitting the old original blade into the new case

It may need some modification.

Sometimes the tang is slightly oversized, so you’ll need a small needle file to dress it off. Try it first, it shouldn’t need a lot. Once you have the old blade sliding in and out of the new holder, then have a look at the hole and slot.

Do the holes line up?

Broken Hyundai Key

If they don’t, then you’ll need to enlarge the slot in the blade so that the pin can be put into the key.

It may need widening out as shown.

Broken Hyundai Key

Here is a guide to show you how much the slot needs to be opened

Broken Hyundai Key

Just take it easy until you can see daylight and have room to replace the pin, don’t make it too wide, otherwise the pin will not stay in!

Getting the pin back in!

This can really test your patience. It does us up here in Lincoln if we ever need to swap the blade.

The problem you have is that somehow you need to hold the pin upright and knock it back into the blade holder. We’ve tried all sorts of ways and now use two methods.

Method 1

Blu tack is useful. To keep the pin upright, put a blob of Blu tack around the hole and stand the pin upright. This means that you don’t have to try and hold the pin.

Or, you can find some very thin pliers or tweezers and hold it upright while you knock the pin back in.

Method 2

The Blu tack still comes in handy, but this time, instead of knocking the pin in with a small hammer, you can squeeze it into the hole using pliers.

It’s fiddly either way.

This is why we recommend getting the new blade cut when sorting out your broken Hyundai key. However, if you don’t have that option, then this is the next best method.

Once you have the old blade in the new blade holder, well done!

You need to make sure it’s held firm and then you can move onto stage two.

Stage 2 – Opening the broken Hyundai key case up

These old cases are usually lightly glued shut. We’ve found the best way of opening them is to use a pair of circlip pliers.

These work opposite to a normal pair of pliers

When you squeeze the handles of the pliers, the jaws open instead of shut, and they put pressure on the case. They’re perfect to open up old keys and we use them every day in our Auto Locksmith business.

Place the jaws in the hole near the flip blade.

Broken Hyundai Key

Broken Hyundai Key

When you open it, the spring, blade and button may shoot off somewhere, but don’t worry, this is normal. Other ways to open your broken Hyundai key up is with side cutters, or a hacksaw.

Just take it slowly and be very careful not to damage the electronics inside, this includes the transponder chip.


Stage 3 – Removing the transponder chip and electronics from broken Hyundai key

Once the key is apart, you need to look out for two important things.

Broken Hyundai Key


1   The green circuit board. This is obvious, and just needs gently taking out and putting to one side. Don’t put it into the new case yet.

2   The transponder chip. This is not so obvious. It can also be a bit tricky to get out.

It is hidden underneath a black or white cover as shown below.

Broken Hyundai Key

The chip looks like this.

**** VERY IMPORTANT take care. If you damage this chip, the car will not start. ****

It’s brittle and you need to be careful when removing it. Sometimes it just falls out of the key, like on our video. However, a lot of the time it’s glued in, and needs carefully removing.

We’ve found the best way is to gently heat the plastic around it and we use a soldering iron for that.

Broken Hyundai Key

However, if you don’t have one, you can just cut away at the plastic with side cutters, or a hacksaw

You just need to be careful and not force it out, or saw into it! Don’t heat it up in an oven or microwave, otherwise you’ll see fireworks! And the key chip will stop working.

In summary, just take your time. It takes a while to carefully get it out, and it’s important you don’t rush.

Stage 4 Rebuilding the new case

This can feel tricky at first, simply because you haven’t done it before. However, don’t worry, you can do it!

Glue the chip into the new case so it doesn’t move about, or use some Blu tack

Broken Hyundai Key

Broken Hyundai Key

Place the chip into the new case

Broken Hyundai Key

Place the circuit board into the new case

Now the fiddly bit in for you Broken Hyundai Key

Fit the metal button into the blade holder ( it will only go one way) until it drops through to the other side as shown. Then fit the spring

Broken Hyundai Key

The next bit can be fun! You have to place the spring end, over the plastic spigot and then wind the spring around twice anti-clockwise. If it all falls apart, don’t worry, this is common! Just start again

Broken Hyundai Key

After two winds, then hold the blade in place

Broken Hyundai Key

Place the cover over the metal button and snap the case shut

Then it should stay together, so you can test the flip works.

Replace the battery

Broken Hyundai Key

Lastly, when you are happy, screw the case shut

Here’s the video


You should have a fully working key now! Just test and make sure it works.

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