How do I change the key battery on my Ford Focus ?

These keys are excellent quality, but eventually, they’ll be a time when you need to change your Ford Focus key battery. When you have to press the key buttons more than once, then it’s time to swap the battery over.

Ford Focus key battery

Ford have made it very simple, you just need a small screwdriver. Watch this video and see how to change the battery. Then follow the five steps below.



Five steps to replace Ford Focus key battery

Step One

It’s important to buy a good Ford Focus key battery. Most problems are caused by cheap batteries from the pound shop or the market. It’s crazy to us that anyone would drive a £15,000 car, with a £250 key, and put a 99p battery inside it! Spend a few pounds and get a good one. Brands such as Maxell, Duracell, Panasonic and all good.

Step Two

Separate the key blade from the rest of the key. It’s very easy to do, just put a flat blade screwdriver into the gap and give it a twist. The blade should pop off.

Step Three

Time to open up the remote control and replace the Ford Focus key battery. The two halves are held together by plastic tabs. Put the same screwdriver into where the tabs are and gently twist, then the remote will pop open.

Step Four

As we show in the video, the important thing is to refit the new Ford Focus key battery the correct way up. You need to be able to read the writing on the battery when fitted.

Step Five

Close the remote, and refit the blade. It should just work, however if it doesn’t, just follow this link.

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If the remote doesn’t work after you fit the battery and you’ve tried to reprogramme it, then something else is wrong. It may well be the electronic switches. To fix the the video below

Can my Ford Remote be repaired ?

Yes. If the problem is with the switches, that have become loose, this video will help you.

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