If you have a Renault or Vauxhall van, there is a good chance that your key has two buttons and look like this.


These keys are very good. Bearing in mind that they’re used for work, they are one of the most reliable keys we’ve seen. However they have a few basic problems that can easily be fixed and we’d like to show you how we do this.

Worn Rubber Buttons

Over the years, eventually, the rubber becomes worn and a hole appears, leaving the key looking like this.



The good news is that if caught early enough, the case can be replaced which fixes the problem.

Broken Switches

So if the key is used after the rubbers have broken, as well as the dirt and water that gets in,  pressing down on the micro switch directly causes the switch to break and stop working. Again, the good news is on these Renault and Vauxhall van keys, the broken switches can be replaced with new ones.

Watch our video to show how we bring these keys back to life.

Immobiliser Problems

Sometimes, if the keys get really old, the chip becomes damaged and this will stop the van from starting. The symptoms are the same as the Renault Clio which is shown in following video.

The important thing here is that Renault Traffic and Master, as well as Vauxhall Movano and Vivaro suffer from various immobiliser problems. Most commonly, the computer that controls the immobiliser is underneath the coffee cup holder. Of course, over time, coffee and tea, or worse still sugary drinks, spill out and stop the computer working properly.  These have nothing to do with the key, instead they are problems that can only be cured by replacing the computer.

Early Action Saves Money

The important thing with these keys is that if they are fixed early, then the bill is small, however if they are left too long, a new key is needed. Don’t leave it too long!