Do you need to change the key battery on your Peugeot 108 smart key? We’ve written this to help you understand how the key comes apart and which type of battery you need.

We’ve only seen a few of these keys and know little about how reliable they are.

Peugeot 108 Smart Key How TO change the key battery

Today we have a Peugeot 108 smart key, it will be the same as the Citroen C1 and the Toyota Aygo. It’s got two buttons, and it’s a smart key, one you can just have it in your pocket, to open the car, start the car.

There’s an emergency blade you’ll need if the car battery goes flat, or the key stops working. To get the blade out, slide the catch across. You can take that out or leave it in to change the battery, it doesn’t matter.

To open the key is quite straightforward. This is what you’re after. It’s the slot that you put the screwdriver into.

Peugeot 108 Smart Key

This is already worn, so maybe the batteries wear down quite quick. So you just want a decent size screwdriver in there, otherwise you’ll end up chewing up the slot more. If you put in a small screwdriver, you damage the slot. So a nice big screwdriver that matched the size of the slot.

Peugeot 108 Smart Key

Twist the screwdriver and case will open up, then pull both halves apart. The key battery is behind the rubber seal here, to stop the water getting in.

Peugeot 108 Smart Key

So just pull that off, and we have a CR2032 battery.


Peugeot 108 Smart Key

High Quality Peugeot 108 Smart Key Battery Needed

When you buy a key battery, don’t go cheap. Poor quality car key batteries are the biggest cause of problems we see. It seems crazy to us that anyone would buy a £10,000 car, then but put an unbranded battery that you picked up from the market.


Buy these CR2032 Batteries on Amazon

To get the battery out, just put something thin into the small groove. Stick your new  CR2032 battery in and push it down, and then don’t forget to put your rubber seal back on.

Then clip it all back together. Check the red light comes on.

To pop your key back in, just slide it back in, it clips in place.


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