There’s a new Hyundai Flip key. It was the chance for the boys and girls at Hyundai to correct eight years of terrible car key design.  The older style of Hyundai Flip key has been causing problems all around the world. In fact, it’s our most watched YouTube video, with over 400,000 views to date, viewed in over 150 countries!

Unfortunately, the design team missed an opportunity to put things right. The new Hyundai Flip key is already in trouble, and needing repair after just a few years.

To read about the old style of key and watch the video, click here

So we found a good repair case and got on with fixing it. There’s a YouTube video at the end if you’d rather watch, instead of read this. Here’s the transcript, and we hope it helps.

New Hyundai Flip Key – HOW TO repair key

New Hyundai Flip Key

Okay, so we’re going to fix this New Hyundai Flip key today. This is from an i20, the only thing wrong with this key, is the button pads have gone through. Sometimes the blade is really wobbly, this one isn’t too bad and sometimes the flip has broken altogether and it won’t flip out.

So, we’re going to show you how to replace the case on this key. You’ve probably seen these before, they are circlip pliers.

New Hyundai Flip Key

Give them a squeeze and the jaw opens up.

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You want to place the jaws of the pliers inside here where the blade goes in the hole, stick it in, give it a squeeze, and the key comes opens easily.

New Hyundai Flip Key

That’s the key open, pretty straightforward. Okay, the next thing is to take this board out of the old key and you just need to gently lever it up, just push it out. That’s just falling out there. As you can see, the key’s in pretty good condition, to be fair.  There’s nothing wrong with that at all. Stick that to one side for a minute. And, inside the old case, under here, is the chip.

New Hyundai Flip Key

Removing the chip on the New Hyundai Flip Key

To get the chip holder out, you want to just pop that out, just gently. So, that’s that. Now, the last thing is, here’s the chip. This is what makes your car start, and you need that into the new key shell. Now, the best way we’ve found to get these out, is just to tap the key face down on the bench, they’re not normally glued.

New Hyundai Flip Key

Oh, see that? It came out easier than we thought. So, there’s the chip, we’re going to put this into the new case. Okay, so this is the new case, it comes with a blade, but it’s not attached. We’ll have a go at getting the old blade, and putting it into the new key.

First of all, though, we’ve got to open the new case. It’s the same deal with this, so pop the circlip pliers in there, just gently, it will just pop open. There you go. So, try not to let the bits go everywhere. They’re all going to fall out, that’s no problem. Okay, so we’ve got two halves. We’ve also got this little chrome trim.

So, the first thing we’re going to do is to put the chip into the new key. There’s only one way this goes in, due to the shape.  Just get it in the right place and then push it down in. With the replacement key case, you get a chip cover,  just give that a push down too. Okay, the chip’s not  going anywhere now, so that’s a good thing.

Swapping the blade  on the New Hyundai Flip Key

The next thing, pop the board into the new key, it fits nice. Okay, so you’ve seen this before, this is our tool we use to get key blades out. This is the old blade, and this is what it gets held in, the key hinge. There’s a pin we need to knock through, so we use this, like a little vice. You’ll need to find something to keep the blade still.

New Hyundai Flip Key

We’re going to just knock out the pin, that went through nice and easy. Take the old blade out. Okay, we don’t need this part anymore it’s off the old broken key. We’re hoping this blade is going to fit into the new blade holder they’ve supplied, but it doesn’t. So, this is a problem you’re going to get.

New Hyundai Flip Key

So, we’re going to put the new blade in and pop a pin to keep it in one place, and then we’re going to cut this blade. Now, you could take this and file it down and make it fit. That’s going to make it easy for you, you’re not going to need to get this cut.

Building the new Hyundai Flip key

We cut keys all the time, so we’re going to take the easy option. So, that’s a choice up to you, okay?  We’re going to pop this into here and put the blade in. Okay, so, we’ve got the blade fixed into this blade holder using the pin. That’s fairly straightforward and now we’re going to build it up so we can put the case back together, so just pop this into here. There’s only one way around that goes, so eventually it will drop through so that the bit comes out the back, then find the spring, the spring pops into there.

New Hyundai Flip Key

So, remember you want it to spring, you want it to flick out clockwise, like that. So you have to wind it the other way.  Just wind it round, probably a couple of times will do it. There you go. So, that’s wound around now.

The Chrome Strip

Now, mustn’t forget to put in the chrome strip, we’ve got it here, and it finishes the key off. This piece here, this is the chrome piece, and it comes away in the new case and it needs to be fitted back in, so you’ve got some tabs here. You’ve got one tab there and you got one there and you got one there. Three tabs, and they have to locate into this key. One. Two. Three.  So, the last thing we need to do, now that we’ve got that there, is pull it together and it’s going to be a bit fiddly because this chrome strip just falls off, there you go, it just fell off!

Let’s have a go at putting it like that, and putting the other half of the key over the top and then popping it together, there we go, it sprung out. Oh look at that! I think we’ve done it.

New Hyundai Flip Key

So, now we’ve got the blade that flips open, we’ve got the buttons to click. The only thing we haven’t shown you is that what we would put a bit of superglue all the way around, just to stop that from coming open.

So, we’re nearly there.

Stick a brand new battery in. It is a 2032. We use Maxell. Pop the cover on. That should light up. There we go. You see that light up there. There you go, so all we’ve got to do is get the blade cut and with a three button Hyundai i20 key, you are good to go.

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  1. javier
    javier says:

    hi,thank you
    I have a problem, I replace all the pieces into a new shell but the engine can not start, if I use the replacement key the engine starts wothout problems
    any idea??

    • Steve Bulleyment
      Steve Bulleyment says:

      Yes this happens because the remote control function is controlled by the green electronics, but the immobiliser in controlled by the transponder chip.


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