Every week, we hear about Ford Transit vans in Lincolnshire that are being broken into. It’s been happening for years with power tools as the target. However, since the value of scrap metal has dropped to nothing, it’s getting much worse.

The problem is not confined to Ford. Anyone driving a Peugeot, Citroen and Fiat should also be worried, but we’ll cover that another time. However the Ford Transit is now the number one target for thieves, and they are getting good at the thieving.


One of many tool theft victims, read his story here.


In the past, people have said I am ‘giving the game away’ by highlighting this problem. However, it has become so bad,  that I believe you should know how it really is.

There is equipment, on sale to anyone, that will unlock Ford Transit vans in just a few seconds, then it will lock the van back up afterwards.

In fact the first time most people know they’ve been robbed is when they get to work, and the back of the van is empty. Worse still, the thieves know you will buy new tools, so come back a few weeks later for a second helping.

This article is another example of the problem.


Transit Tool Theft What You Can Do

For a start,  accept there’s a problem and to take on board how much trouble it causes. It’s not just the value of the tools, which can be in the thousands of pounds. It’s also the disruption it will cause. Letting customers down, may cause far more problems than the cost of tools. Then there is the cost of your insurance and not to mention your mental health as you lie in bed, wondering if tonight’s the night.

Those in denial will say ‘If they want to get in, they will, no matter what you do’. If that’s how you treat security, you may as well just put the tools out on the roadside with a sign saying ‘help yourself’. There are many options that will decrease your chance of being a victim, including alarms, additional physical security and security lighting. The average cost of addition security locks equal the cost of one power tool.

So now you know. Tool theft is on the increase, your fleet, or van is at risk, but you can do something about it. If you need advice on the locks we recommend, just message us and we’ll point you in the right direction.