Citroen car won’t start – Is it a Citroen Car key problem?

If you’re reading this, you probably know about Citroen car keys. The design office for Citroen car keys should be ashamed, like a dog that sits there and looks at you, after chewing the place up. Yes, it’s all your fault. You designed, and made, a very bad thing. Citroen car owners all over the world are asking why their car keys just fell apart? Someone in the design office messed up. Ok, rant over.  If you have a Citroen car key problem, this will help you. Every week, we help people with a car that won’t start and a Citroen car key problem. Read on to find out more.

Citroen car keys used to be good quality. Until 2006, when flip keys came out,  keys had the old fashioned type of transponder chip, therefore these older style keys were very good quality.

Citroen Car key problem

Old style transponder chip

eBay key Repair problem

We’ve never seen a Citroen Car key problem with the old style of chip. They never go wrong. The worst thing that happens is when you have a key that looks like this. A key with holes instead of buttons will still start the car. The microchip matters, not the buttons.

Citroen car key problem


My Car won’t start after changing the case

If you have a key that looks like this, did you buy a key case from eBay and try to swap all the parts over ? If you forget to transfer the small chip, (thinking that the green circuit board is the important thing), you have a problem. The circuit board isn’t important, nat as far as the car starting. Throwing away the chip with the old case means the car won’t start. But unless this has happened, there’s no reason to think that there’s anything wrong with your car key. Take it to your local car key man and ask them to read it in the car key machine for free.  They’ll tell you if the chip is still reading ok. If it is, there’s nothing wrong with the key, there’s something else stopping the car from starting.

My car has forgotten the key

No it hasn’t. They never forget the keys. Reprogramming the keys is a waste of time and money. Take it to a garage and get an expert on the job.

New style Citroen car keys

Citroen Car key problem

Typical worn citroen key

If you’ve one of the newer style keys, you’re in one of three stages of Citroen car key ownership.

  1. You’ve just had a brand new car key, everything is great thank you.
  2. You’re frustrated that the keys are worn out, because the car doesn’t start sometimes.
  3. You’re stranded somewhere because you have a serious Citroen car key problem.

The good thing is, you’re in a big club, it’s not just happening to you. In fact, just like a Blue Peter badge, you should have an ‘Anti-theft’ badge so that other Citroen owners know you’ve also been stuck in some Asda car park for hours on end, trying to get the car to start.

The problem is world wide and our video has been watch from Albania to Zambia, it seems that if you have a Citroen, at some point, you’ll have a Citroen car key problem.

Info Anti Theft

If you’re getting this message, read on.

The flip key does not have a separate transponder ( unless it’s an early 1007, but this is an exception). The chip is what we call a ‘virtual chip’. Delicate components work together, to generate a chip signal. Unfortunately, if a butterfly flaps it’s wings on the other side of the world, it’s enough to make the Citroen car key problem happen wherever you are. A dropped, squeezed, thrown, opened and mis-treated car key, eventually won’t start the car.

It starts as an intermittent problem. Initially, the car won’t start every now and then. It gets worse, until you are crossing fingers everytime you try and start it. Ignore this problem and you’ll be stuck somewhere, at night, in the dark, in the rain. The breakdown man will ask ‘Has it done it before?’

Citroen car key problem

If you’re getting this ‘anti-theft’ message, the key is probably faulty. It won’t help to have the key reprogrammed. Compare it to tyres worn on one side. They’re worn out. It won’t help to have the tracking or balancing done. They’re worn out, just like your car key.

Don’t waste your time and money getting the key reprogrammed.

Getting a new Citroen Car key

There are three things you need.

  1. A brand new key. (don’t waste money on a second hand eBay key)
  2. The security or ‘Transponder’ Code
  3. Someone to cut and programme it.

A good Auto Locksmith will have special equipment that will extract the security code from the car. This means they won’t need the code. The dealer cannot do this.

We hope this helps. When you have a problem, sort it out early so the breakdown man’s not asking ‘Has it been like this for a while?’

How does your key compare to other makes? Take a look at out Review page and see if your model features yet.

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  1. Roger Tebbutt
    Roger Tebbutt says:

    Hi.. my 12 year old Citroen is now showing its age and started exhibiting the anti theft alarm fault and not starting, here is my solution…
    One key opens the doors remotely, but will not start the engine …The other key that went faulty a couple of years ago and won’t open the doors (and has since had the battery removed)…WILL start the engine!
    Both keys will operate manually in the door key holes fine…
    So I carry two keys!!


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