Toyota cars are high quality. We’ve had two. One was a 1987 Corolla, the other a 1995 Carina. We ran them til the should have dropped, but they wouldn’t give up. This makes the following really hard for me to say, because we loved those cars. Toyota have a car key problem. Toyota remote key problems let down this epic brand. Read our earlier article here

Toyota remote key

It seems like it’s just a loose screw at first, because the battery case cover becomes loose and the blade wobbly. Fast forward and the case will need replacing. They come into us taped up and in a really shabby state. The one below is particlarly impressive!

So when you have a Toyota remote key problem, sort it out earlier, rather than later. If the key falls apart and the insides get lost, your car will not start, so don’t leave it too late.

However, if your key is in good condition and you just want to change the key battery, then read on.

Toyota Remote key – How to change key battery

Below is the transcript of our YT video. The video is at the foot of the page . We hope it helps you.

Okay. So today we’re gonna show you how to change the key battery on a Toyota key. This one’s obviously brand new, we’ve not cut this but we thought we’d show you while we had it in stock. Okay, really simple let’s change this to be fair.

You got one little screw, this screw is so small that if you don’t get the right screw driver, you can damage it. So, just be careful you don’t strip the head out. They’re really easy to damage and then it becomes a bit of a problem.

So, that should be all done. Then, we need to take the cover off. When you pull it, it feels like you’re gonna break it sometimes, but you won’t and that’s because of this tab here.

But, okay put that to one side. Okay, then that leaves us with the back cover off. So we need to get this part out, so just push it from this side, pop the key out the way. Okay, so there’s two types.

Toyota Remote key tiny screws!

This one has got some screws, one screw there, and one screw there. So this is one of the types. We’ll show you the other one when we can find one with it. Okay, so it’s really important that you get the correct size screw driver for these screws, otherwise again,  you’ll round out the screws.

This is quite a long one, but it fits in so I favor it, see? If you just push it in nice and easy. That’s one and, the other one just nice and slow, lots of pressure on the screw so you don’t round it off. That’s both screws undone.

Toyota remote key  battery change

And this cover comes off. You’ve got a little rubber gasket there as well that needs to go back. Keep the water out. And, you have a CR1616. Just pop that out by, it comes out there. Come out, there we go. And it leaves you with that.

Okay, so we’re gonna put it back together, slide it underneath. Next is to get the gasket on there properly to keep the water out. And then the cover. Okay, just make sure that fits down properly. Then we need some screws, nice and easy, that’s it, that’s one.

Then, we need a little bit more. One screw. Okay, oh that’s so small, look. Look how small there. Could you make these any smaller Toyota, please. They are annoying.

And so, you shouldn’t have too much of a gap around here, otherwise it won’t go back in. There we go, that’s all good. Put the back on, and this little screw again, just be careful when you do that so you don’t round off. And there you go. So with a two button Toyota key, you’re good to go.


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