This article is all about the Ford Focus Locked out problems, we’re seeing with the Ford Focus 2011-2016.

There are two types of remote key for this model, we’re looking at the smart key version. The problem concerns cars that have not been driven for 4-6 weeks. You may find that, although the car battery is fine, nothing happens when you press the key unlock button. This means that now you have a Ford Focus Locked out problem.

Last week, our customer had a car he was waiting to sell and a buyer visiting to view it. However, when they tried to open it, they were locked out. The car didn’t respond to the key.

Likewise, one of our garage customers had a Focus laid up for a few weeks waiting for parts. When the parts arrived, it wouldn’t unlock.

Ford Focus Locked out  What’s happening?

Well for a start, the car battery was fine on both vehicles. When we got into the car using the emergency key, it started first time. It seems that the cars simply went to sleep!

We’ve also been told that if the car battery drops below a certain level, all non- essential services stop working. This includes unlocking the car when the key button is pressed! This seems strange, but explains our two recent problems of the Ford Focus Locked out.

Key Battery Change?

This would seem the obvious thing to check first. These batteries are easy to change if you know how. However, you do need to be careful with  the delicate electronics.

Click here to find out how to change the key battery.

When we changed the batteries on the cars we looked at, it made no difference.

Ford Focus Locked out  how to get back into the car.

Inside the key is an emergency key blade.

Ford Focus Locked out

Ford Focus Locked out

Hopefully, when you bought the car, you were shown this. However, if you didn’t, here’s a video to help you.

This video covers the Ford Fiesta, but applies to all Fords that use this type of key.

So this video will help you get back in.