Car Key Lost or Damaged?
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Our first piece of FREE advice is how to choose which company you ask to supply a key for you

Key for Life...Battery for Life

Our warranty is fantastic. If we supply and code a key and it goes faulty, we’ll look at the problem as soon as possible at no charge.

This is an enhanced warranty that we give for free. It covers any non button key that we supply and if at any time it breaks we will replace it. Who else will do this?

We are accountable. By having a premises, we are always available for the customer to come and see us should they have any problems in the future with keys.

lost car keys
"Our advice is free."

Fast service when you need it

We're proud of our speed of service. If a customer loses a key for their business van, they could be waiting up to two weeks for a key from the dealer. That’s two weeks of hiring a replacement van, or losing out on work. We aim to have you up and running within 24 hours if possible.
That saves the person or business a lot of money, hassle and stress of having to get it to the dealers.