Vauxhall Insignia Car Key Problems and Prices

Vauxhall Insignia car key problems are the most common broken car key we see. Maybe the design and manufacturing team, signed this off at the Christmas party, because it’s the most shockingly bad car key on the market. So, with that totally unbiased introduction, let’s have a look why there are so many Insignia car key problems and how the key scores in our review.

Insignia car key problems

Vauxhall Insignia


When the Insignia was introduced to the market, they brought with it a new type of key. The key is based on the older Astra H and Zafira models, however there are several design and manufacturing flaws that let Vauxhall down. As a result, owners are left stranded because the key flip breaks, and the blade drops out and gets lost. Or, another problem is the buttons wear through, becoming unusable.Read about the problems in detail by clicking here.

Fortunately, the one good thing is that Insignia keys can be fairly cheap, depending on where you buy them. From the dealer, expect to pay £170, plus you may need to pay for the code at an extra £30. However, from an Auto Locksmith, they should cost around £130-£150. This is average for modern car keys and so earns three stars.

Changing the key battery, need help?

We’ve seen broken Insignia keys that are only two years old. This is the heart for so many Insignia car key problems.

Insignia Car Key problems

Broken Insignia Key

In our opinion, even a new key feel below standard, the design feels flawed, and yet unchanged in eight years. Therefore they score just one star.

If codes are needed to cut and programme the key, there are a few hoops to jump through to get them from the dealer. This is the same throughout all the Vauxhall range.

Insignia Car Key Problems

Insignia car key problems

To get the codes from the dealer, you’ll need the V5 (logbook), driving licence and a utility bill. All three documents must have the same name and address. The codes need to be paid for in advance, at around £30, and you’ll normally be waiting 24 hours. Remember, a good Auto Locksmith won’t need these codes, making the job much quicker.

Again, this can go two ways. If the codes are available, then it’s a nice easy job. However, if there are no codes, and the Auto Locksmith you choose has little experience, then they’ll need to wait for the codes. You may be waiting a couple of days overall. Therefore, we give it three stars.

How difficult are lost keys, you ask?

There are two problems to overcome when dealing with the problem of Vauxhall Insignia lost keys. Firstly, the door locks can be difficult to pick and decode, according to experience of the locksmith you choose. This means it can be difficult for an Auto Locksmith to make a key that turns the locks, unless the codes are available. Likewise, the dealers simply cannot order a key without the codes. However, if you ask the question before you ask for a call-out then, you’ll find a company that can.

Next, you need the security code to programme the key. Again, there is specialist equipment that will extract the code from the car memory, however it’s expensive. Therefore, you need to ask the question before choosing who helps you with Insignia lost keys. If you choose correctly, replacing lost keys is tricky, but achievable, without codes. The dealer will not be able to programme a new key without this security code.

Therefore, we give the Insignia three stars, simply because there are several obstacles that stand in your way of replacing your car keys when all are lost.

Now for the bad news

Good for us, but terrible for you, the Insignia owner. If you are looking to buy an Insignia, or are already an owner, just allow some money in the budget for new keys, or key repairs. The good news is these keys can be repaired easily, this will extend the life of the key by a few years.

If you already have an Insignia, keep an eye out for small cracks in the hinge, where the key is attached with a small roll-pin. If you see these small cracks appearing, the blade is ready to fall out and get lost, so you should look to get it fixed, before it becomes a drama.

Read about the problems Insignia and Astra owners are having in this Vauxhall owners forum.

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You can now get your Vauxhall Insignia car key repaired by post

You can now get your Vauxhall Insignia car key repaired by post