Ford Custom Door Locks – made of Chocolate?

When I say chocolate, I’m being kind.  Chocolate is delicious, it makes us happy. Whereas, the poor design quality of the latest Ford Custom door locks are leaving a bad taste for many owners. They’re such bad quality, a child with a screwdriver can overcome them, easily.

Ford Custom Door Locks

They crumble like chocolate

If you’ve a Toyota or a Honda, you’ll be familiar with recalls. Honda have replaced so many airbags,  they must have spent millions.

They’ve replaced them because there’s a very small chance that the safety of the driver or passenger is at risk. However, the problem that Ford have is different.

Ford Custom Door locks do not affect safety, they don’t stop the van being used, so there’s no threat to the safety of the driver.

Is a Recall Justified?

This depends who you are. Over the last few months, Ford owners have taken to Twitter and vented anger at the poor quality of the latest Ford vans. #

There are stories everyday about vans being broken into and tools cleared out, but Ford have been silent. Ford, just like so many of the large companies, have a Twitter account, but either don’t monitor it, or ignore the mounting anger.

Terms such as ‘unfit for purpose’, are becoming common place, but will Ford follow the excellent example of Honda and replace these locks with a higher quality version? After all, the safety of the owners livelihood is at stake here?

If you own a van, then obviously the answer is yes, a replacement lock is desperately needed. However, if Ford don’t even have the manners to answer a few Tweets, the likelihood of knowing about this problem is remote.

Is it possible for Ford to make good?

There’s been a influx on the market of replacement door locks for Ford Customs and Transits. These are companies that have seen an opportunity and designed a high security lock to replace the standard lock.

They’ve had is made so it’s strong and far more difficult to overcome. these locks are selling in high quantities so there’s clearly a need for them. So my question is simple. Why don’t Ford simply do this?

There is a simple answer to the problem, Ford need to recall the latest Custom and Transit and replace the door lock. Will it happen? It depends on how much pressure is brought to bear, by the owners that are being robbed every day. Can van owners make enough noise so Ford take notice and do something positive for thier customers?

Let’s wait and see..

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You can now get your Ford Custom Transit key repaired by post

You can now get your Ford Custom Transit key repaired by post